30 September 2009

*Form Isn't Everything...

Lately, there has been a lot of talk on the internet about whether or not one must use perfect form to achieve maximum muscular growth. Additionally, there's been a lot of blathering about "cheating", done particularly by people who'd struggle moving a paperweight. Hilarious statements like this were made:
"Ronnie was able to get away with sloppy ego lifting with the help of wonderful supplement called GH. Until he messed up his back and had to retire.

Anyone who can only afford regular androgens and not GH would have ripped every tendon in his body training like he."

"Sloppy ego lifting" as it were, allows one to use more weight. more weight = greater recruitment of muscle fibers. Greater recruitment of muscle fibers= more muscular growth.

People love to jock Pendlay Rows, of late, named after Glenn Pendlay. Pendlay's an Olympic weightlifting coach who has done strict barbell rows with 425. These are the rows after which he was named. The 135 lb festivals of nothingness you see people yammering about on Bodyspace have nothing whatsoever to do with Pendlay's idea of strict rows, any more than a pebble on the beach is related to the rock of Gibraltar. He's a strength coach, not a whiny internet pussy coach. The fucking guy literally has a sticker on his truck that reads "Don't Be A Pussy." Thus, the myriad douchebags on the internet should be ignored- they are forsaking the man's name.
Dexter wud be HYOOGE if he did tha Pendlay Rowz!

I am now up to a bodyweight of 190, a mere 4 months out of surgery, and have got my BTN press back to 325 and my Close grip Bench to 345 being just 3 months out of a cast, and a month and a half after the time during which I was supposed to be in a brace. It wasn't by playing pattycake with the fucking weights, either.

Chaos and PAIN- It's Ugly, But It Works.

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