16 September 2009

*My MP3 Player is my Lifting Partner

House had to put a pussy pad on the bar... because he forgot his MP3 player.

And I will not lift without him. He is my strength and my hope, my bosom companion. It is, without question, impossible to lift nearly anywhere without one, for the following reasons:
  1. The music in most gyms blows donkey dick. I actually heard "Boom Boom Pow" in Sc Barbell today. I am not making that up. For those of you who don't know, that gym is owned by a WPO world record holder in the squat. It has three female members of whom I know.
  2. People will invariably ask you stupid questions while you lift, no matter how terrifying you may appear, unless you're wearing headphones. And yes, even that fails to deter the occasional retard.
  3. I am more focused while listing to it.
As I've gotten a number of questions regarding the songs I have in my vids, I thought I'd fill you in on them, and then give you the basics of my playlist, as I cannot cut and paste the playlist out of Windows Media. Fuck iTunes, and fuck Apple. I rock a Phillips MP3 player and love the shit out of it.
Video Songs:
Gods of War- Sworn Vengeance (Hate vid)
Bloodsplattered Satisfaction- Waking the Cadaver (Squat Vid)
13- Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza (Cleans Vid)
Get Sick- Throwdown (Cahos and Pain Intro Vid)

Other than that, I'm rocking the following bands on my mp3 player:
25 ta Life- NYC Hardcore
Acacia Strain- Sludgy Deathcore
American Me- NYC style hardcore, similar to hatebreed
Annotations of an Autopsy- Brutal gore/deathcore
Austrian Death Machine - Songs about arnold movies!
Belay My Last- Deathcore
Biohazard- NCY rapcore legends. Their disc Kill or Be Killed was BRUTAL.
Blood of Our Enemies- Deathcore/ Death Metal
Bloodsport- Moshcore
Bring Me the Horizon- Fashioncore/Deathcore
Bury Your Dead- Moshcore
Carnifex- Death/moshcore. Lots of grooves.
CDC- Toughguy hardcore. Great song called Ghetto ain't hard, about how kids from the suburbs can fuck up your average street thug.
Dead By Wednesday- very cool rapcore. Think Twista meets RATM meets Hatebreed.
Deathblow- Moshcore
Diskreet- Very moshy deathcore. Tons of breakdowns.
Elysia- Their first cd was good deathcore. New one is a Botch/Deadguy ripoff.
Get the Ammo- Super toughguy hardcore. The song Suckerpunch rules.
Hatebreed- You have to know this band.
Hoods- Sacto hardcore. Awesome dual vocals, toughguy lyrics... awesome.
How It Ends- 1st cd was mosh-a-riffic. 2nd was a shitty Crowbar ripoff.
I Declare War- Sick vocals. Crazy brutal deathcore.
I shot the Sherriff- Very moshy deathcore. Badass.
Iwrestledabearonce- Sickest chick vox of all time. Bjork meets Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Killwhitneydead- You have to hear them to understand. Awesome.
Knuckledust- English NYC hardcore. 1st cd is their best.
Liferuiner- Deathcore/moshcore. Straightedge.
Misericordiam- Beatdown Deathcore
Nasty- German Beatdown
Oceano- Moshy death metal
One Step Too Many- Super Toughguy hardcore
Repercussion- Sealed with a Fist is one of the toughest songs of all time
Shattered Realm- Deathy moshcore
Suffer The Living- The reincarnation of Shattered Realm
Sworn Vengeance- Metal/deathcore
Sworn Enemy- The 1st cd was super toughguy hardcore
Throwdown- Moshcore superstars
War From A Harlots Mouth- Jazz/death metalcore
xBarcadiax- Supertough hardcore
Years Spent Cold- Moshy deathcore

Check out some of those bands. They've definitely upped my game in the gym, and adding them to your mp3 player (fuck Apple) might raise the bar... literally. Kill it fuckers!!!
Sickest. Vocals. Ever.

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