20 October 2014

Stew-Roids: Arm-Wrasslin' Hillbilly Style

Though it's rare I'll take any cues in life from people 1) missing teeth, 2) wearing hunting camo, or 3) with NRA stickers on their car, there is something to be said for occasionally stealing a page from the hardy, uneducated weirdo one finds on and around mountains in the backwoods of any country.  I would venture to guess that exceptions exist, but at least in the United States (and possibly Canada), one can find all sorts of toothless, hard-drinking, foul-mouthed hardasses who will as soon eat roadkill as threaten a foreigner with a firearm, and who likely has more knowledge on surviving and thriving in conditions most of us would consider deplorable.

Such, apparently, is how life goes in the Ozarks, which are mountains located in the ass end of... actually, none of you should ever go there, so it doesn't matter where they are.  Let's just say they span states most Americans can't find on a map, and is squarely located in the banjo-music filled hell on Earth known as the American Bible Belt, so named because although they've never read the fucking book, the people there are happy to yell about it and Jesus until one of you stabs the other.  If you think I'm exaggerating, I'm not- the Beverly Hillbillies were based on Ozark culture, except that given that the Ozarks were a bastion of rough-and-tumble fighting, imagine the Hillbillies horribly disfigured, sporting filed teeth (all the better to chew off noses) and incredibly prone to random acts of mayhem (Wikipedia).

Though the modern people of the Ozarks mostly just seem to be content to yell about Jesus, speak in tongues, and shoot small animals rather than gouge out each others' eyes and chew off noses, they do have a thriving strength sports culture, and small, informal arm wrestling competitions are the norm in local bars.  That, then would provide both the historical background and modern day evidence one might want for perhaps investigating the local fare, which of course consists of a great deal of game meat and stew.  One of the most popular dishes in the area, and one about which celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain raved, stating it was probably the best drunk food he's ever eaten, is Ozark Chili, otherwise known as Spaghetti Red.

You can go two ways with this dish, as you're about to see.  If you just want hearty, meaty fare that's as keto as gnawing on your next door neighbor's arm and heavy enough in calories to fuel brutal workouts, skip the noodles.  If you want a recipe that's going to put meat on your bones, rescue you from the clutches of a hangover, or serve as a preworkout meal for some drunken armwrestling, add the noodles- just add a cup of cooked spaghetti for every pound of meat in the chili, mix it all together before plating it, and serve.  And although I have no idea why someone would add some of these things to chili (Anthony Bourdain was similarly horrified), Spaghetti Red is typically served with hot sauce, vinegar, ketchup, onions, pickles, shredded cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, and mustard.  Add those if and when you dare.

Ozark Mountain Chili

3 medium onions, chopped 
6 cloves garlic, minced 
1/2 lb bacon, cut into pieces 
2 0z Gebhardt's chili powder 
1/2 oz dark chili powder
3 lb chuck roast, cubed red pepper to taste 
1 can beef broth 
1 lb hot pork sausage 
1 can green chilies, minced 
1tbsp crushed red pepper
1/2 tsp dried habenero chilies 
1 tsp cumin 
1/2 tsp coriander 
1 can tomato sauce 
1 can Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies
1/2 cup oregano tea (1 tsp oregano steeped in hot water 30 minutes) 
1 tbs salt 
4 drops Tabasco sauce

  1. Fry bacon until crisp, then add onions, garlic, and both kinds of chili powder. Saute until onions are clear.  
  2. Brown beef in large skillet, a pound at a time, adding sprinkles of red pepper while browning. Add some broth to pan to keep meat from sticking.  Add each batch to crock pot after browning and stir. 
  3. Brown sausage with minced green chilies, then add habeneros when sausage is just about brown. 
  4. Add spices, tomato sauce, Rotel tomatoes, and remaining broth. Mix well and cook for 30 minutes in crock pot on high. 
  5. Add oregano tea and Tabasco. 
  6. Cook on low for 15 more minutes and serve.

Adding three cups of cooked spaghetti to this belly bomb will net you another 884 calories, 5.2g fat, 172g of carbs, and 32 grams of protein... making this one of the most brutal, well-balanced weight gaining recipes I've ever seen.

So, go get your hillybilly on and start packing on that mass... just try to avoid eye-gouging.

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15 October 2014

Your Fat Is Unequivocally Your Fault #5- George Romero Is A Modern Day Nostradamus

Every now and again, when I have that special little extra glow of hate in my heart, like I'm ET's evil cousin sent from hell to destroy the Earth, I mosey on over to a sad little corner of the internet called "Dances With Fat", wherein a shaved, tuskless walrus does its level best to convince the world that she is indeed human, and that being a disgusting fat body is perfectly ok.  And by "perfectly ok" I mean that everyone on planet Earth NEEDS to recognize that "fat is beautiful", "fat is healthy", and that some people just can't help being fat, and we should let them waddle amongst us as if they're real people with brains and souls.

She's a dancin' fool.

In one of her latest installments, the odobenus expert and adiposity apologist decided she would rail against the media's portrayal of Type II diabetes as a land whale related issue:

"An ABC news online report today lead with the line “Half of all American adults are destined to develop diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020 if they don’t slim down….” It goes on to talk about the “diabesity epidemic”
While I applaud the portmanteau, I have to come down against horrible, irresponsible, unprofessional reporting.
Being overweight doesn't cause diabetes. I know that because the American Diabetes Association says on their website:
Myth: If you are overweight or obese, you will eventually develop type 2 diabetes.
Fact:  Being overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk factors such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role. Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for diabetes and think that weight is the only risk factor for type 2 diabetes.  Most overweight people never develop type 2 diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or only moderately overweight.
Correlation is not causation. The fact that two things happen at the same time doesn’t mean that they cause each other.  It’s quite possible that both things are caused by a third factor, or that they are unrelated.  For example studies are starting to show that, in countries where there is no stigma on obesity, there aren’t negative health outcomes of obesity.  More studies are needed to determine if the constant shame, stigma and guilt faced by obese people in the other cultures causes the health issues, or if it’s something else, or if causality can actually be linked to weight" (Chastain).
That's really her, and I did not add the music myself.  This actually happened.  In real life.

Ah, how lovely it must be to rest one's fat ass on that favorite  adage of the lazy pseudointellectual, "correlation does not equal causation," and utilize it to justify a horrendous and pathetic lifestyle centered around claiming to love the cellulite on your face.  Apparently, our fat-bodied, troglodytic shit pile of an author ran out of rage and Twinkie fueled steam before she could type out "diabetes obesity correlation" into Pubmed, because science bends this fat bitch over and blindly searches for a hole before giving up in disgust and just rapes her face with a broken bottle dusted with cayenne pepper.

"In a nationally representative sample of US adults, the prevalence of diabetes increases with increasing weight classes. Nearly one fourth of adults with diabetes have poor glycemic control and nearly half of adult diabetics are considered obese suggesting that weight loss is an important intervention in an effort to reduce the impact of diabetes on the health care system" (Nguyen).  That statement would appear to definitively and decisively contradict, though it doesn't explain why the correlation exists.  Luckily, another study does- high levels of a molecule called retinol-binding protein 4 leads to insulin resistance, and those high levels are found in obese people (Moraes-Vieira PM).  The human body treats RBP4 like a foreign invader and wrecks havoc on the body's adaptive immune system, causing systemic inflammation, insulin resistance (which of course leads to more fatness), and eventually diabetes.  In short, getting obese can pretty much turn your body into a runaway train of sadness and fatness... and zombification.

Yes, zombification.  You see, the obese suffer from ailments of which most of us cannot conceive.  For instance, health care professionals often find random things hidden in the panniculi (the pocket underneath a fat fold) of obese patients.  I asked a nurse friend to ask her friends what they'd found in panniculi, and here was the list a few of them compiled (Facebook):

  • Half of a sandwich
  • Pill bottle-still full.
  • Pack of cigarettes
  • Cockroach
  • Remote control from home she'd been looking for "for over a month"
  • A whole, king-size Snicker
  • Furry green object that later determined to be a half eaten cheese sandwich
  • Bugs
  • Creamy yellow yeast build-up from candidiasis
  • Maggots
  • Hershey's chocolate bar with the foil packaging decaying and stuck to the skin, discovered when an unusual rectangular opacity showed up on chest X-ray
  • Teaspoon 
  • Teabag
  • Lemon Drop candies
  • $20 bill
  • Raven .25 auto (though it was under a pancake tit, not a pannus)
  • Peppermint candies, "to help with the smell"
  • Hidden tattoos
  • Bag of Lays chips, half eaten "and growing into skin lollipop"
  • Straws
  • Utensils 
  • Sugar packets
This is a grade 3 panniculus.  They go up to grade 5, however.  You don't want to see grade 5.

You see, not only do these subhumans like to sit in their dank basement apartments pretending to be Galactus while their pile of double-down sandwiches represents our solar system, but they enjoy being filthy, disease-ridden piles of slowly-rotting adipose tissue covered in open sores... much like zombies.  And no, I don't mean filthy in the way I'm filthy, the "that sucked when I got pink eye because that chick missed my mouth and squirted diarrhea in my eye filthy", because I bathe on a daily basis.  We're talking about people who will not move for so long their skin becomes fused to toilets, fused to couches,  and fused to recliners- people who are so incredibly unwashed they live in their own shit and piss for years without bathing.

I circled the maggots for you.  You're quite welcome.

Luckily for them, they can't feel the maggots crawling around on them because with type two diabetes, a condition of damage to sensory nerves results, known as peripheral neuropathy.  Basically, they're like Adam Sandler in Mr. Deeds, capable of having their feet beaten to a bloody pulp with a hammer and wouldn't notice a thing.  Well, they'd be like Adam Sandler in Mr. Deeds if Sandler gained 200 lbs and gave up on life to the point where showering was a daunting task and a 12 hour, 20 minute finish in a marathon- at a whopping 1.55mph- would be considered a triumph.  While you might be channelling your inner Daniel Tosh and asserting that the incapability of feeling pain would make you well-nigh a superhero, in the land whale population, it's actually the opposite- this is what precipitates the actual rotting portion of the zombification that the excess fat began in the the fatties brains (if you don't feel like clicking, low intelligence correlates strongly with obesity).

Frankly, she'd be in bad shape even for a zombie.

Here's where fat people become imminently more disgusting, and I'm sure a great many of you will climb aboard the ol' Pain Train to shout epithets our our burgeoning population of rotting, corpulent land beasts- these, disgusting, unwashed, waddling ocular assaults have what is known in the scientific world as "shitty skin integrity."  In essence, they're literally falling apart.  Common skin conditions among the obese are:

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers- "Almost 24 million adults in the United States have diabetes, and obesity is one of the main risk factors for Type II diabetes" (Lowe).  About 15% of these slowly apirating cesspits of adiposity with the fat beetus (Type 2 diabetes) have diabetic foot ulcers and are the most common reason for diabetic patient admission to hospitals.  Slap a bandaid on it and sally forth, you say?  Nah, bro- you forget these failure piles aren't humans and lack human immune systems.  A foot ulcer in a diabetic land whale results in osteomyelitis, amputation, or death because they're so fucking ill and filthy that normal antibiotics often fail to quell a simple skin infection (Ibid).
"You know a doctor or a podiatrist has to cut the toenails on a diabetic patient?  RN's can't even do it, and they don't recommend the patient's do it themselves.  Because one little wound from accidentally cutting off too much nail and breaking the skin can spiral into a shitstorm of ulcers, zombie-foot, and amputation.  Oh!  Sometimes toes are so rotted and dead that they will just fall off in the patients bed!  Yay!"- A nurse friend who wants to keep her job and so contributed anonymously.
  •  Venous Insufficiency Ulcers- This is a condition in which the hideous shitpiles cannot force enough blood into their massive, distended extremities to support life.  Before anyone leaps to the defense of the fat on this, there is "a significant association between BMI and increased clinical severity of chronic venous disease" (Ibid).  It's not just a venous disease thing- the fatties have such shitty epididimal integrity that any reduction in blood flow basically results in these sorry motherfuckers' bodies falling apart (ibid).
  • Lymphedema- This fun-filled spectacle is the result of impaired lymph drainage, which causes swelling of the limbs, bacterial infections, and thickening of the skin (Ibid).  When this occurs, the skin cracks, infection sets in, and out comes the bone saw.  
  • Intertrigo- For those of you who squat as often as I do and have extreme thigh hypertrophy, you're aware that baby powder is a necessity if you're going to be walking any real distance.  Fat people, apparently, can't be bothered, and suffer from intertrigo, which are skin folds that retain heat and moisture as the result of friction between skin surfaces.  Prepare to heave up your last meal, as "frequent sites of intertrigo are skin folds and areas that retain heat and moisture such as: posterior neck, axilla, under breasts, under pannus, perineal area, and inner thighs" (Ibid).  If you didn't catch that, it's common under fat folds, man titties, the taint, the armpit, AND THE BACK OF THE NECK.  That shit results in inflammation, liquification of the skin, and skin erosion, in addition to the standard bone-saw attracting infections.
Let there be cleanse.
  • Psoriasis- We've all seen commercials for psoriasis, and they don't feature humanoid Jabba the Huts.  This is called "false advertising", because there's a stark "correlation between obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular risk and psoriasis" (Ibid).  So, we can add skin redness and irritation to their list of ailments.
  • Perineal Dermatitis- Oh joy!  As if they weren't filthy enough, fatties are often incontinent, which gives them infections of their taint skin... because they can't be bothered to wipe after they shit or piss themself.
  • Pressure Ulcers- Perhaps the most disgusting thing on the list, these overstuffed halfwits manage to get so fat that the weight of their skin pressing on other skin causes the underlying skin to die from lack of blood flow.  Frankly, of all of the impossible shit on thsi list, this seems the hardest for me to wrap my considerable intellect around, because even when I've gone hogging I've never fucked a chick so fat or immobile that such a condition could occur.  Apparently, however, it occurs, and it's a common cause of necrosis in fat people... or should we just start calling them zombies?  If they're simply rotting alive, don't notice it, and are simply driven by the urge to keep eating and do nothing else, calling the obese zombies seems appropriate.

Not sure if this is a pic hospital in North Carolina during the Civil War or from last week.  It's one or the other... or both.

Lest you think that the whine of the bone saw isn't as frequent as I've suggested, think again.  Hospitals these days, especially in the American South, are turning into Civil War battlefield hospitals, and lopping off off gangrenous limbs is an all-too-frequent occurrence where the diabetic adipose-abundant are concerned.  Sure, people who aren't disgusting fatasses dripping with type II diabetes get shit amputated as well... at a rate eight times lower than that of the fatties (Johannson).  And if you think that diabetes-related amputations aren't all that frequent, think again- "diabetes-related amputation per 10,000 persons with diabetes in 1991 was 95.25 in African-Americans, 55.98 in non-Hispanic whites, and 44.43 in Hispanics," and the incidence of type II diabetes has more than doubled in the last 20 years (Johannesson, AFP).  Though those statistics don't differentiate between the diabetes types, the nurses I surveyed estimated that the rate of amputation for Type II to Type I was greater than 20:1, due in large part to the fact that Type II diabetes in the US is generally the result of poor diet, lack of exercise, and generally being a useless, worthless, contemptible piece of shit, and the fact that Type II diabetes accounts for 90-95% of the diabetes in the United States (AFP).

In short, the segment of the population identified as obese is a vacuous, filthy, diabetic, maggot-infested, slowly rotting group of selfish and useless individuals who are systematically reducing modern medicine to Civil War standards and practices by making the the bone saw one of the most important ER surgery tools and who are placing an undue strain on society as a whole.  While I will stop short of advocating genocide, I wouldn't suggest taking some drastic measures would be out of the question- if whale oil can fuel lamps, be used to create soap, and provide humanity with a non-toxic alternative to transmission fluid, it seems we could easily find a use for the obese.  Given that we've established they're stupid, terrible drivers, filthy, diseased, worthless sacks of shit, we might as well find some use for them, even if it's just in death.


A short addendum from an RN:
"It would be awesome, but nigh impossible, to find data re: money / hours / productivity lost secondary to obesity.  E.g., some patients have to be manually turned, side to side every 2 hours, while in bed. For a normal sized person that takes one or two RNs. For a walrus it takes 4 or 5 (or more). Every two hours.  For a normal pt it takes only 1 RN to insert a foley catheter. Fatties = 4 or more: one each to hold the legs back/open, 1 or 2 to hold back the pannus, 1 to aim the flashlight, and 1 to insert.Bigger wheelchairs, bigger beds, bigger bed sheets, more medication (antibiotics are fire weight-based)"

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03 October 2014

The Most Important Thing in Life Is Protein

Nothing fails to shock me more than the consistent whining of lifters about their stalled lifts, shitty lifts, or lack of muscular gains.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out the problem-the reason is always "your diet, bro."  It's not just that their diet sucks, which it almost invariably does, but that they're not eating enough.  I'm not referring to not being on a bulking diet- I'm simply referring to the fact that their total amount of food consumed would likely only be suitable for small children, emaciated models, or, say, grown men under 150 lbs who struggle to bench their bodyweight.

Before you fly off the handle and start screaming obscenities at your computer screen in a hilarious fit of impotent rage, consider the fact that nearly every great lifter in history is well known for their prodigious appetite.  Perhaps it was due to the fact that their training workload was often twice to three times as great as that of the modern lifter, and they simply had to eat or die.  Or maybe it was due to the fact that those lifters understood, unlike the modern trainee, that in order to get big and lift massive weights, one must eat a tremendous amount of food.

Larry and Vince are saying "Pay some fucking attention, little people" from the grave.

Over the years, I've noticed that the adage popularized by Larry Scott and Vince Gironda, that weight training or bodybuilding is 90% nutrition, seems to have become the byline of the douche in the gym swilling some day glow drink in the middle of the gym, clutching his fancy shaker bottle between his gloved hands as if it were a chalice containing the blood of a long-dead Jewish messiah.  That adage becomes their justification for spending innumerable dollars on supplements of dubious benefit in spite of the fact that they have no appreciable muscle and their best lift is probably a 25 lb concentration curl.  As a result, I've shied from agreeing with Scott's belief, as I'd not realized that the idea of proper nutrition was so ingrained I didn't think about it consciously, and I make a concerted effort to distance myself from the kids in the Bodybuilding.com shirts.

Meanwhile, on Reddit...

That, of course, was rather silly of me.  Though I write rather extensively on dieting, I don't think I've ever taken great pains to express the importance of it.  Clearly, training and sleep factor into the equation as well, but with insufficient food, all of the training and sleep in the world will amount to little more than fuckall.  So, allow me to take this time to climb atop the nearest proverbial mountain peak and proclaim to the world at large:

Diet is responsible for at least 50% of success in strength sports. 

Which, of course, leaves us with the question of what that statement should mean to the average trainee, most of whom seem to find themselves easily confused by conflicting information and the constant hammering of "NATTY LIFTERS CAN'T EAT PROTONZ LIKE GEAR MONKEYS BECAUSE NEBULOUS SCIENCE AND GENERAL SADDIFICATION."  They'll overwhelm you with studies about gut clearance and nitrogen retention and other assorted nonsense, most of which is related in such gibberish that you can be assured they don't understand what they're recounting (a good rule of thumb is that if someone cannot explain something in layman's terms, they don't understand it themselves).  Moreover, they have no knowledge of history or archaeology, so they will actually assert that something definitively proven to be possible is actually impossible, because fuck common sense, the historical record, and getting huge.

George Eiferman (r), who could bench 400 lbs cold at a bodyweight of 195, and Steve Reeves (l), who could clean 225 lbs while kneeling, both consumed incredibly high protein diets.

It's difficult, if not impossible, to find a pre-steroid era strongman or bodybuilder who didn't value protein above all else and eat it in massive amounts.  We'll skip over the archaeological evidence I've given previously in regards to the greatest conquering peoples on the planet having meat-heavy indigenous diets, and the fact that Cro-Magnons ate the same insanely meat-heavy diet as Neanderthals, which according to the the science "gurus" should have killed them, and get right to a few examples of a few lifters who based their diets on protein.

The Saxon Trio
The Saxon Trio were basically the turn-of-the century Dream Team of strongman exhibition.  Not only were their lifts about as untouchable as a broad in a chastity belt's clitoris, but it was essentially impossible to out eat or out drink them as well.  
"For breakfast they ate 24 eggs and 3 pounds of smoked bacon; porridge with cream, honey, marmalade and tea with plenty of sugar. At three o’clock they had dinner: ten pounds of meat was consumed with vegetables (but not much potatoes); sweet fruits, raw or cooked, sweet cakes, salads, sweet puddings, cocoa and whipped cream and very sweet tea. Supper, after the show, they had cold meat, smoked fish, much butter, cheese and beer."
"Later, in England, as performers, Hermann and Kurt were partial to sweet foods and sugar. They tried very hard to gain weight but in spite of sweets and a terrific appetite, sometimes consuming one pound of butter between them, they failed to gain weight; sometimes only a few pounds which they could not hold. Arthur, the oldest, did not care for sweets and butter; even as a child he did not care for butter. Instead of butter he would use the lard from pork. Hermann and Kurt, in addition to other things, could make two pounds of marmalade and two quarts of very sweet cocoa disappear at one meal. Kurt was the heaviest eater of the three and for breakfast alone he could consume 24 eggs cooked in one-half pound of butter.
Their three o'clock dinner consisted mostly of roasted or fried meat, beef, pork or veal, not much potatoes, plenty of salads with oil just as in their childhood. Sometimes they had vegetables, but always lean meat. Every day they had pudding-yorkshire, rice, sago, etc., but very sweet. Then there was always raw or cooked fruits and nothing to drink. Sometimes, on one day during the week, they roasted poultry, goose, chicken, or turkey.

'Many times I ate an 11 pound goose alone,' Kurt informed me [Ed: That's 151 grams of protein and around 12,000 calories in a single sitting]. One day during the week they had fried or boiled fish, plenty of butter and toast but no potatoes. At six o'clock they had "tea"-this was mostly raw minced meat with raw onions, German bread and plenty of butter; sometimes sweet cakes and coffee were substituted.
Their late supper included herrings (when they could get them) and eaten in the same manner they had become accustomed to in childhood. The herrings were sometimes used in salad form; they made their own mayonnaise with raw whipped eggs and oil. There never was any whisky or brandy at home. Even as children they did not care for milk and as men they developed no taste for it. At 'tea' time they very often had whipped cream. They did not care for boiled eggs, instead, they went big for poached eggs with plenty of butter" (Gaudreau).  
This means that just in two meals, each of the men, who weighed 210 lbs or less, consumed at the very least 64g of protein from eggs, 48g of protein from bacon, and roughly 80g of protein from their meat.  Thus, before accounting for the protein coming from their cream or pudding and other assorted foodstuffs, they'd each eat almost 200 grams of protein, then have "tea' with raw hamburger and onions, and then a massive, multi-hour meal heavy in meats and cheeses after lifting.

Larry Scott
Larry Scott, first Mr. Olympia and possessor of some of the biggest and strongest arms in history, was adamant about consuming adequate amounts of protein.  According to the man himself,
"Basically I eat a lot of meat, cheese, and eggs. I like cottage cheese and meat-mostly beef in various forms. I eat almost no carbohydrates and very few vegetables. I supplement my diet with Johnson's Protein" (Training Methods).  
"I was using from 11/2 to 2 cups of Johnson's Protein (Rheo H. Blair's Protein) per day. I would mix it with cream and milk. I used about 2/3 of a quart of cream a day in mixing this along with the milk to make it the desired consistency. I took this protein-cream mix three times per day. I would eat 6 to 8 times per day. I would have breakfast, then a snack at 10 A. M. and then lunch at noon, then another snack at 2:30 P.M., then dinner plus the Protein-Cream drink. My evening meal is eaten after I work out" (Ibid).

Scott's diet was incredibly popular at the time, as Rheo Blair had popularized his protein drink, Johnson's Protein, and was basically an evangelist for high-protein diets.  It was common to drink the protein with Half-and-Half, and in the amounts Scott drank it amounted to 156 to 208 grams of protein all on its own (Rheo Blair).  Add in another three to four food meals consisting of nothing but meat and cheese, and the 208 lb Scott was certainly consuming 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight or more.

Reg Park
Reg Park, who is both Arnold's idol and the first bodybuilder to bench press 500 lbs., pretty much sweated masculinity the way most hipsters sweat douche.  He was so virile that women spontaneously gave birth in his presence, and his steely-eyed glare could break a man's jaw from across the room.  Given those facts, it's unsurprising that he often started his day with cereal sprinkled with protein powder, slammed 4kg of steak a day with only a cursory attempt to chew it, and drank enough Guiness to permanently disable most people every day (Croft).  In detail, his diet looked like this:

A glass of fresh orange juice
Papaya and banana
A large soup plate of oatmeal with full cream/whole milk & fresh cream
A plate of bacon, eggs, tomato and toast

Large bowl of soup (tomato, pea, minestrone etc.) with rye bread
Steak (2 Kg)
Tea and chocolate
Wine or stout beer

Same as lunch

Just from the steak alone, assuming he was a man of good taste and was eating something like a ribeye or t-bone steak, Park was getting a whopping 380 grams of protein at a bodyweight of 245 lbs.

Bill "Peanuts" West
Frankly, if your nickname is "Peanuts", you're either shopping for a shotgun to pain the walls with your brains or a bonafide hardass.  Though Bill "Peanuts" West was, by all accounts the nicest guy in history, his lifts put him definitively in the "hardass" category.  At a bodyweight of about 198, Peanuts hit a 435 lb bench, a 525 lb squat, 175 lb strict curl, box squatted 770 lb, power cleaned 305 lb, and push jerked 330 lb... at a time when powerlifting didn't actually exist and without even training the Olympic lifts.  Though he started out at just over 100 lbs as a teenager, Peanuts built his body with just that, in massive quantities.
"The nickname "Peanuts" was bestowed upon Bill because he was given a rigid diet at Muscle House of proteins, chiefly peanuts. He ate one pound of raw peanuts daily, also a half-cup of peanut butter each day as well as six spoonfuls of raw peanut oil every 24 hours. Of course, in addition to all this peanut intake he had numerous protein drinks and raw milk as well as many assorted fruit juices" (Liederman).
Peanuts eventually upped his intake of peanuts to push him over the 200 lb mark, though there's no info on how many he ate.  One pound of raw peanuts, however, yields 112 grams of protein all on its own, while the peanut butter yields about another 36, and that hardly accounted for all of his food.

She's the only one allowed to have a stupid, whorish mouth around here.

Certainly, there are far more examples we could examine, from Louis Cyr's attempts to eat all of the food on Earth to Sergio Oliva's see-food diet, even precontest, which consisted of banana pancakes, sodas, boatloads of eggs, hamburgers, chocolate shakes, steak, and pre-and post-workout protein shakes, but I think I've made my point.  To get big and strong, one has to eat like they want to get big and strong.  Before I hear a "but, but, but, I caaaaaaaaan't eat that muuuuuuuuuuuch", allow me invite you to slap yourself in your stupid, whorish mouth and remind you that yes, you fucking can.  Stop being a little fucking bitch.

Always nice to see another strength author who practices what he preaches.  McCallum was no bitch.

To that end, John McCallum, longtime writer for Strength and Health, has your back.  I've written in the past about his "Souped Up Soup", which he recommended you add to every meal, but McCallum had another trick up his extra-tight sleeves.  Second only to Rheo Blair in his attempts to spread the gospel of the ultra-high protein diet, McCallum created the Get Big Drink to get his readership jacked.  Unlike Rheo Blair, McCallum didn't own a protein company- he was just serious about his protein.  "You've got to eat protein like it's going out of style.  I keep protein tablets in my mouth all the time.  My meals are heavy protein.  I drink milk instead of water.  I pack the tablets down the beach and eat them constantly" (McCallum 473).

McCallum recommended that the following recipe daily and store in a jug in the fridge.  Every hour or so, he recommended hitting the fridge for a glassful, drinking the shake following a meal, but never in the place of one.

McCallum's Get Big Drink
  • 6-8 scoops of protein (144-192g protein)
  • 2 quarts of whole milk (62g protein)
  • 2 cups of dry skim milk (48g protein)
  • 2 eggs (16g protein)
  • 4 tablespoons peanut butter (16g protein)
  • Half a brick (.875 quarts or 462 grams) of chocolate ice cream (15g protein)
  • 1 small banana (1.3g protein)
  • 4 tablespoons malted milk powder (17g protein)
  • 6 tablespoons of corn syrup

That brings you to between 319 and 367 grams of protein per day, in addition to the three food meals you're already eating.  Frankly that might seem like overkill to some of you, but it wouldn't have to the Saxon Trio- they'd probably call you a lightweight and then go juggle triangular weights you couldn't lift off the ground.  After 6 weeks of McCallum's drink and hard training, however, it's safe to say you might have a shot at budging a weight or two off the floor.

For myself, I add two tablespoons of cream to my protein shakes when keto dieting, to add calories and slow the digestion of the shake.  I've also found it useful to ass a single scoop of protein in water to the tail-end of any meal to add in adding weight.  I recently discovered Jim Wendler does this as well, and if he's cutting he adds it to the beginning of the meal, to help reduce his appetite.  Either way, you're getting extra protein and ensuring that the gains will come.

So, there you have it- if you're weaker than you should be, smaller than you should be, or a combination thereof, it's your own fucking fault.  Eat more and lift heavy and the gainz will come as the wise ones hath foretold.

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