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22 September 2009

**You Know a Weight is Easy as Pie...

... when you can stand around chatting about it. 605 lbs at 185 lbs, which is three and a quarter times my bodyweight. Easy peasy Japanesy. I finished out that workout with 515x8, since I saw a vid of Kroc doing 585 for 8, and I'm roughly 80 lbs lighter than Kroc, so I figured I'd make an effort commensurate with his.

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  1. Awesome. Do you ever do deads without your shoes on, so that you're as low as possible?

  2. His shoes are on. Do you ever leave comments with your eyeballs on?

  3. I see that his shoes are on. And as far as I remember, his shoes were on in his other vids. I asked if he ever does them without his shoes on. What's so hard to understand about that?

  4. Nope. I always lift with my shoes on. I've honestly never even considered taking my shoes off. The whole idea of removing your shoes to increase the amount of weight you can pull seems ridiculous to me, especially given that it's not a meet. What could it possibly add to your dead? 5 lbs?

  5. Your still a troll, OP. If you find him so distasteful, why keep reading his blogs? ;)

  6. I'm a troll? I asked a simple question. I wasn't being a smartass. I've never deadlifted without my shoes on, but I've heard of it. I was wondering if Jamie ever did, which is why I asked, "do you ever do deads without your shoes on?". Damn, do I need to put "no sarcasm/not being condescending" when I ask questions?

    Thanks for the answer Jamie, I've learned a lot from your blog. (not being sarcastic)

  7. Easy stuff Jamie. A 600 dl is my goal by years end but you got it first, Bastard!

    Did you hear about Kirk's 750lb pull? Unreal. Damn it I miss Ironsport sometimes.


  8. Last time I was in town I heard about that. Kirk's a fucking beast.