04 March 2009

**You Can Be Strong as Fuck, or Ripped to Shreds...

Oh yeah? That IS standard bodybuilding knowledge. I've been to Muscle Beach and Watched Paul Dillett waddle around like a pregnant woman in a purple sweatshirt, grunting and groaning over so 40 lb dumbbell presses, and I've seen Craig Titus bang through 4 sets of 12 on cable crossovers with less than half the stack, and retire, exhausted, to whatever the fuck the chicken place next door is for a "well-deserved" repast. Oh, and the "strong" bodybuilders? Chris Cormier does his "massive poundages with half (at fucking best) reps, spending the rest of his time maddogging everyone in the gym he sees who's nearly as strong as him.

Weak as a kitten with AIDS.

Conventional powerlifting wisdom is that one needs a massive gut to support their massive squats. THAT'S why they're fat. It has nothing to do with a lack of self-discipline. Hahaha. Suuuuuuure. And I'm a Chinese jet pilot.
It's not his fault he's fat. And weak.

I'm here to tell you, my fuckers, unequivocably, that none of that shit is true. Last night, I had my bodyfat caliper tested, and was astonished to find that it's somewhere between 4.3 and 5.3%. That's on my regular diet. No precontest horseshit. Two three hour cheat windows a week, and last week I drank my fucking face off twice. In one week, I back squatted 585 and front squatted 485 for easy singles, at the end of long workouts, within four days of each other, only wearing a belt, at a bodyweight of 176.
Taken that week. Represent.
The next time someone tells you that it can't be done, that you can't be lean and big and strong, all simultaneously, slap them dead in the mouth, rape their girlfriend, and then go lift something heavy. you'll be a better man for it, and hopefully they'll kill themselves. With luck, in a few years, that fucking lie will be as dead as those fat, lazy motherfuckers who uttered it.

Kill their mothers, rape their dogs.
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  1. Big? I think that's a stretch, short stack!

  2. I can deadlift as much as "the tank". I'm 16 years old, and 110 pounds.

  3. Man - I like your blog but you listen to some real suspect, faggy music. Not all of your choices are cock sucker tunes but a lot of them are. Anyway...keep up the good work and listen to Cianide's "Dead And Rotting" (tell me this shit doesn't get you psyched).