10 March 2009

*Yo Dog! I Wanna Look Like You! What Kind of Supplements Do You Take?

Certainly, one of the most annoying questions ever posed to me by strangers is this: "What supplements do you take?" Not "Damn, bro, what kind of program are you on?" or "How many times a week do you squat?" or "what program will work best for me?" Instead, it's "what supplements do I need to take to grow/shred/whatever." It's a fucking disgrace. Supplements hone a physique, polish a physique, and assist your training. they are not the end all, be all.
This douche just needs to lift some weights and not worry about taking Cell-Tech, or whatever else is the supp of the week.

That stated, here's what I take:
Greens- They help alkalize my pH, since my diet is so acidic, and my workouts are so brutal.
Psyllium Husk- Paleolithic people got 100-150 grams of fiber a day. I'm not trying to hit that number, but I want to get at least 50g a day for the health of my digestive tract.
Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes- Also great for keeping the digestive tract healthy, especially given the ridiculously high amounts of protein I consume.
Dessicated Liver- Filled with B-vitamins, and it covers the paucity of organ meats in my diet.
Milk Thistle- Cleanse the liver from binge drinking and supplement usage.
Animal Pak multivitamins- Best. Multi. Ever.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids- I don't eat fish, so I take this for leaning out and mental function.
Adrenal Caps- Help the adrenal glands recover from stimulant usage.
Mixed protein powder- I like the slow-acting blends because they leave me less hungry. Big fan of Matrix 5.0's Cookies n Cream.
Whey protein powder- I have whey for post workout, and it's a cheap way to bang back some protein.
Ultramet- I love this MRP, and it's a great way to get protein, fiber, and MCT.
ECA stack (ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin), or the ECY stack- Best way to get lean. Without question.
Redline Extreme- Huge fan of it as a preworkout boost, especially stacked with 25 mg of ephedrine. It's got a decent amount of Beta-Alanine in it as well, which helps with the vascularity and the pump a bit.
Oh Yeah and Supreme Protein Bars (the Almond Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter Caramel flavors, respectively)- Great way to get a portable 30g of protein that taste good.

If I were to list the absolute essentials, they'd be Animal Stack, ECA stack, and Mixed Protein powders. I've gotten great results with just them, and they balance out any diet.

Shit I've found to be totally useless-
any MuscleTech product
any product with a name that emulates a steroid
Any non-VPX fatburners that are touted to be as good as the ECA stack.

Supps I like, but don't take regularly-
ALRI's supplements. Good shit.
Cholodrol. It's a halodrol knockoff that is toxic as shit to the liver, but gets you a bit fired up if you double the dose. As the price it costs to double the dose, though, you'd be better off with dbol
Anabolic Extreme makes good stuff as well.

Go lift weights, fuckers, and take some supps with any money you have left, but LIFT HEAVY.
Do it.
Arild Haugen. Huge, ripped, and STRONG AS FUCK.

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  1. I like that he won a sword! Though shouldn't the weaker fucks standing on 2 or 3 get it since they obviously can't defend themselves? LOL Also - I love Animal Pak too - they send free stuff if you write them a nice email :)

  2. I love his "ChugLife" tattoo ... I suppose he should have thought out his lettering before application. It just looks like he's a drinker/smoker. He in no way possibly looks like a thug.