14 October 2009

Ask the Asshole #3

Charles Rigoulot pities the fool.
As I've gotten a lot of accolades from all of you hooligans, I figured I'd post an email wherein a guy's totally marking out to me as an opener, and a bit of a pat on the back for myself.

"By the way, since I've started taking trib/l-argenine, and focusing on heavy ass 1-3 rep sets, my fucking lifts have shot up like a god damn cannon. My push press is sitting at 230, up nearly 40 pounds in just over a month. I was stuck in the 190 area for awhile. Back squat working weight is back up to 385. (i also started box squatting, and I feel like I'm using all the right shit as far as muscles go now, and not going retarded when I'm in the pocket) I am still sitting steady at 200 lbs bodyweight, but I look pretty good and I'm getting stronger, really fast. Just wanted to say thanks again. You've probably been my biggest influence since Ive started lifting, aside from the other known guys like Derek Poundstone, or Mariusz, but those guys are like 6'+ tall, so its a little harder to relate to them."
Which is pretty awesome. I rule.

On to the questions:
Q- "Just started following your site and getting back to the type of lifting I like best. Thanks for the information and motivation. I have a small problem I was hoping you could help me with.

In May of 2006 I ripped my left Achilles tendon in half. Got it fixed by a great surgeon and it's doing fine. When I squat I can't get my left heel on the ground. Doc says the tendon is shorter and any length I get will have to come out of my calf. I've tried stretching it and the wife massages it every day but I'm still a little short. It doesn't seem to really effect me but I'm a little concerned about loading up to brutal 1 rep maximums. No problems dead lifting. The heel comes up when I reach for the bar but settles down fine when I take up the weight.

What do you think? Should I stop being a pussy and just go for it or is there another way to get some length back into that tendon? Any advice would be appreciated."

A- "If your heel is coming off the ground, there's a distinct possibility that your form is bad, especially given the fact that your achilles is fine during deadlifts. If you have someone who is not a total asshat whom you can ask, I'd hit them up for critques on your form. Another thing you can try is moving out your stance so that it's wide. If you deadlift conventional, that'll do the trick without any effort on your part. Check out vids of Westside lifters squatting- that'll show you a real wide stance."

His answer to that- "FIXED!
You called it Jamie. Form. I was too far forward and bowing my back. It pushed me forward and onto the ball of my left foot. My feet were too close together. I took your advice and widened my stance. I played with it a little until I found the right foot placement. I repped light with a buddy watching me to get my back straight and my hips in line. Instant success. My heel stayed on the floor through the lift."

Hell yeah. Shit Jamie, my doctor told me to forget squatting. He's a great surgeon but apparently knows dick all about lifting. Seriously, you've helped my get back into the rack when I thought I never would again.
You're a genius.
Eric S.
Salinas, California"

In case you didn't catch that, I'm a genius.
... and I'm starting to look like a mini Dave Tate.

Q- " Id prefer to have a strong OHP, but, the last time I tried to see what I could throw up, my pudgy ass tossed up a meager 295 x 2. Some time later, I attempted to do bench lockouts, with 315, and I couldn't even hold the shit locked out over my fucking head, to me that's a tad...weird. Considering my squat is at 400 now, I can lockout a fuckload more than 400, and I'm real stable and strong when I do. I was weak and extremely unstable holding that 315 locked out. Now, understanding most short guys are great pressers, I feel like I have the upper body nuts and bolts of a god damn toddler. You think this is a weak tendon/rotator issue? Anyhow I just wanted to see what you thought about it."

A- "Basically, man, you're just going to have to focus really heavily on singles. In my experience, heavy singles serve two purposes- they acclimatize you to heavy weights, so you stop fearing them, and they build great tendon and ligament strength. Give doing 15x1 a shot for a while, with your 2RM or 3RM, and see what happens."
Heavy. Singles.
Q- "Hey, I was wondering if there was a "cleaner" way to spike my energy levels, rather than eating that many calories. Im actually back up to 212 again, I was around 207. I have a hard time eating that many calories, then stopping. Not to mention its kind of expensive. What do you think? Maybe a box of banquet fried chicken or something mid week? Or something a bit more cleaner, but a caloric excess? I dont really know, what do you think?"

A- "You could try something cleaner if you wanted, but it pretty much defeats the purpose of the cheat window. It's really entirely up to you. As for having a hard time stopping, it takes nothing more than noting the exact minute you put a cheat food into your mouth, counting ahead three hours, and designating your stopping time. Fairly simple- if it doesn't get eaten in that three hours, it doesn't get eaten. Period. Give it to the dog, or your kid, or throw it out. Just get rid of it."

His Reply- "So like, every sunday and wednesday night, I eat around 20 dollars in McDonalds (because its cheap) and I have lost more fucking weight. I weight [sic] 203 now dude. You are a god damn genius. Thanks again jamie."

I fucking rule.

Q- "Hey man, I have a kind of off the wall question, but Im sure with your in depth knowledge of various supplements and your own dabbling in herbalism, you might be able to point me in the right direction. I have kind of noticed a drop in sexual libido lately and I was wondering if there were any old school herbalism type things I could take, that would increase libido like a motherfucker and/or promote testosterone production. I have did a little reading, and I already do all the natural methods. Eat fuckloads of almonds, heavy compound work, etc. You know how I lift, no need to explain. Anyhow, thanks again man."

A- I've blogged about this a bunch. Check out this and this for info on how to boost your test levels. Additionally, buy some Methyl Mass before they take it off the market. You will enjoy brutal, painful hardons and will get leaner and stronger. Best supplement I've ever tried, bar none.
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- Genghis Khan

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