19 February 2009

*The Legend- Pullups for real mothafuckin g's

I've changed the name of these quite a bit over the years, but I'm going with "The Legend" as the name for this exercise, as I become a fucking legend in every gym where I perform them, from Top Gym in Austria to Iron Sport in Philly, and everywhere else I've done them.

I developed this ridiculous pullup variation out of boredom with doing regular pullups. They are not for the weak or the timid. To perform them, you will need the following:
  1. A squat rack with a pullup bar towar the front at the top
  2. the ability to do at least 10 pullups in a row
  3. big brass balls
Here's the deal. You're going to set up a barbell in the squat rack on the highest or second highest hole. That's near the top, in case you were curious. Now, hang from that bar, with your arms slightly bent (not a dead hang). I suppose you could go from a dead hang, but you'd not have the "coiled power" necessary for doing long-distance legends. Next, you pull yourself up as hard as humanly possible and throw yourself upwards, grabbing the top bar midflight. You then drop back down to the barbell and repeat. As you get better, and braver, drop the lower bar progressively deeper. I've not measured my best for a single, but it's in the neighborhood of 36". That's right. I fucking rule, and so does this exercise.

Peep this video, which shows you how motherfuckers get down:

Now, go forth and spread the gospel, get a huge, ripped fucking back, and become a legend in your own right.


  1. I just wanna say: wtf is up with this video. Was this taken a year ago? You look almost TINY compared to now! On the plus side - all that you've done in the last year, and that you have been recording and hopefully turning over to the rest of us - you look like a FUCKIN ANIMAL compared to your former self! LOL Must be the vitamins :oP

  2. That vid was taken over the summer, and I weigh the exact same. Thus, go fuck yourself. ;)

  3. HAHA I know you do - I was paying you a compliment! You shed the fat I didn't see and put more muscle on. Also, I was making a reference to your awesome vitamins - Animal Pak/Animal Pack ... whatever they are called! LOL

    Maybe they should add a chill pill to pack ;)

  4. these are legit and make muscle ups look like an exercise for the weak. I'm going to do them.

  5. Holy fucking shit that does rule

  6. That's fucking incredible. Must try those.

  7. I just tried this the other night on a ladder going up the side of a tank!


    I gave a little blood on the way down but, fuck it, It was worth it!