18 February 2009

*GS Aftermath

I ended up only getting 535, but after weighing in at 175 at the meet, not too shabby.

So, I learned a valuable lesson in this weekend's experiment- Glycogen Supercompensation WILL work for a strength meet, but needs to be in or around the 36th hour to have an effect. My meet went badly for a variety of reasons (note to self- LISTEN TO THE FUCKING COMMANDS BY THE JUDGES!!!) and I only squatted 535, but the following day, after a powerlifting meet and an impromptu, inebriated strongman competition that lasted well nigh two hours, I push jerked 308! Given that my previous best was 285, and the state of exhaustion I was in, that's pretty goddamned good. Thus, my advice to you, gentlre readers- do a 5-7 day keto run, and then do a glycogen supercompensation lasting about 36 hours before the meet. The results match the science- you will see results.
Looking fucking huge at 181, 48 hours after weighing in at 170.

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