06 February 2009

*A Declaration of War

Consider this blog a manifesto. A declaration of war. A paean to the gods above. Whatever you consider it, it will stand as a bulwark against the close-mindedness and defeatism of the fitness and health industries, and a call to arms for like-minded individuals to pick up a steak and head to the fucking gym to move brutal weight.

You won't read the same hackneyed shit you see in the mags on here. Hell, you won't even read this on the most out-there sites. What I propose is unique, and is a fluid and evolving system by which anyone can get lean as hell and strong as fuck.

Topics to be covered:


Metabolic Typing

High Volume Training

Dinosaur Training


Old School strength athletes

The evolution of physical culture

Paleo dieting

and whatever else I feel like touching on.

Look for three posts a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They will come in the form of reviews of various diets/books, profiles of strength athletes, and my ruminations on everything strength and diet. My knowledge has built me into a fucking machine, starting as a small boned chubby kid of 5'6" 130 into a brick shithouse at about 175. It didn't happen overnight, but my failures can be your gains.



  1. I'd be more interested in hearing about Somatotyping. And I can't picture you as a chubby kid. Post proof.

  2. Allright, sweet deal. A friend who has also started training like the old timers gave me the link to this blog. Will enjoy reading it.

  3. I can post a comment on the first blog post too.

  4. I hope your blog will change my life. Now I'm starting reread it after you ebook I recently read from A to Z.

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