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19 October 2009

*More on The Excellence of Paleolithic Man

A Cro-Magnon in our midst.

I promised to post this in the September entry entitled "Stemming the Tide of De-Evolution. If you missed it, check it out- it's the essence of brutality. In any event, here you go:

I know it's barely legible, but click on the picture and you should be good. If you want to check it out in full, go here. This should be ample evidence, however, that the modern grain-based diet is horseshit, however, and a diet fit for slaves, not masters. As such, eat more meat, and lift more weight, and look with disdain upon the pussies around you in the gym. They are the sheep, and we are the wolves.

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  1. 'The main thing to note here about the short average lifespans compared to modern times is that the major causes are thought to have been "occupational hazards,"'

    what about child mortality rate? it's generally thought that if you lived to adulthood in the paleolithic era, that unless your skull was bashed in, you would actually live to be quite old

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