17 April 2018

Your Fat Is Unequivocally Your Fault #6- I'll Accept A Dose Of AIDS Before I'll Accept Some Asshole's Fat Being Rammed In My Face

 I do not understand how someone could not like this shit.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a trite statement usually made by boring, smug, unoriginal motherfuckers why are attempting to deflect criticism for their weird choice in car/partner/whatever, but it's a statement that's endured since at least the third century BC for a reason- it's true.  My undying love for prolapse porn is likely not going to be shared by a large amount of the populace, but that's fine- you like what you like and I'll drool over a chick's intestines hanging out of her asshole.  Oddly, you won't find the chicks on Tumblr who are rocking pink socks to run through the streets screeching at the top of their lungs about how everyone should stare at their intestines and love the look.  They know its an acquired taste, so fuck the haters.  There are plenty of guys and girls like me ready to faceplant into their distended assholes.

There is a very vocal, highly obnoxious, and utterly reprehensible group of people who vociferously disagree, however. The tottering, jiggling, adipose-swathed monstrosities darkening the doorway of every Wal-Mart have a different idea, and they're more than happy to wheeze their way through an angry denouncement of the aforementioned idiom to instead assert that "beauty is in the eye of the beheld."  Yes, they are more than willing to scream down anyone who might suggest otherwise, labeling them "sizeist" to liken them to racists, "body fascist" to liken them to the internet's favorite overused comparative boogeyman, Hitler, and to make all sorts of claims of prejudice and victimization at the hands of others because we haven't allowed them to force us to decide that we want to label them as hot.

Whoever this wonderful woman is, she didn't have to found a fucking movement to get me to jerk off to this.  Repeatedly.

To wit, the intolerable,saggy-cheeked, Droopy Dog imitating, fat thug above with the "Chublife" tattoos (yeah, I linked Virgie Tovar's FB for you guys)  screeches to the heavens that "society is fat phobic,"  “fat phobia is a form of bigotry,” and likens blaming rape victims for their rape to blaming fat people for their fat (Anderson).  
Let that one sink in for a sec.  Pretend you're a Mormon guy who has just inserted his cock into a Mormon girl and just let that shit soak a minute.
Virgie Tovar's claim is that her fatness is a plight on the scale of being raped, by herself, on a daily basis, and as a result of this violent act she perpetrated, she is discriminated against "regarding choices in sexual partners, how chairs are designed, and public transportation usage" (Anderson).  As such, she disassociating herself with her own body to the point that it is a second entity capable of committing violent acts against her, and suggesting that she should be able to choose her sexual partner no matter their preference, which is exactly what rapists themselves think.  As this deranged cunt is a very vocal member and apparent leader of the "radical body politics" and "fat activism" movements, I would venture to say that movement is spurred in no small part by serious mental illness, much in the same way the Inceldom is, and with many of the same worldviews.

Another inexplicably smug and outwardly delusional fat acceptance activist, Kelli Jean Drinkwater, echoes the sentiments of the aforementioned Jabba The Hutt stand-in, wheezing (and I'm not simply mocking her- she's out of breath from the very first word of her TedTalk) "like any form of systematic oppression, fat phobia is deeply rooted in complex structures" and directly compares fat phobia to racism (Drinkwater).  Apparently unaware that being fat is a very deliberate choice made on a daily basis (whereas race is something one obviously cannot change), she continues to compare it with racist stereotyping, stating that "being fat is seen as being a bad person, lazy, greedy, unhealthy, irresponsible... and morally suspect."  She continues, stating that this "anti-fat bias has become so integral, so ingrained, to how we value ourselves and each other that we rarely question why we have such contempt for 'people of size' and where that disdain comes from" and then asks a rhetorical "do we really want to live in a society where some people are denied their basic humanity because they don't subscribe to some arbitrary form of acceptable?" (Drinkwater).

A message to the fat girls who fancy themselves pinups- BETTY PAGE WAS 5'5" AND A BUCK THIRTY, NOT 300+ POUNDS OF BULLSHIT.  Pinups were no in any way fucking fat, and fat bitches need to get it through their heads that they're just insulting a proud legacy rather than affirming it.  This Rosie the Riveter travesty takes it one step fucking further- whereas Rosie was an image of a capable, fit woman who could fill the role of a man even in the most physically demanding job, this bitch shit all over the concept by replacing "fit and capable" with "fat as shit and on her way to losing one or both feet to the beetus."  Fuck me running- these slobs do more to set feminism back than Mohammad and his angry band of Arab incels has.
And while we're at it, feminists use the wrong goddamned Rosie.  The original Rosie, painted by Norman Rockwell, is a jacked badass who's also cute as a fucking button and eating a meat-packed sandwich, yet feminists use the "softer" image later released as Army propaganda.

Her comments are bizarre, because it's not as though these opinions are new- hatred of the obese transcend time and space.  Disdain for fat people is found even in toddlers, and has been a prevailing concept in the medical profession since the time of the ancient Greeks and Indians.
"The Indian physician Susruta (about 600 BC), Herodicus of Selymbria (fifth century BC), Hippocrates of Kos (460-377 BC), Aulus Cornelius Celsus (25 BC-50 AD) and Claudius Galen of Pergamon (129-199 AD) knew that obesity is a serious threat to life and favors the development of many diseases. For long-term treatment, they recommended their patients moderation in eating and regular endurance and resistance training" (Sturgiss).
Aristophanes, the famous playwright, made an assessment of the obese far more in line with my own, writing in the fifth century BC that obese men were "bloated, gross, and preseniled fat rogues with big bellies and dropsical legs, whose toes by the gout are tormented" (Angier).

"The Consequences of War" by Peter Paul Rubens.  That broad is a little chubby, not a fat fucking pig.  And to those guys doing that bloatmax shit- that shit does not apply to men.  All of the men in Ruben's paintings look like they came right out of a comic book, not Golden Corral.

As such, this stigma predates the modern trend in the twentieth century to avoid corpulence, which occurred with the advent of refrigeration and other advanced preservation techniques, which made abundant food extremely easy to obtain.  And while it's true that in certain cultures obesity was associated with opulence and thus coveted, that ties directly to food scarcity rather than health.  
“In many of these locations, a voluptuous body used to mean that a woman was well-cared for, had good nutrition, access to resources, was not doing manual labor,” says Anderson-Fye, who presented her research at the annual conference of the American Anthropological Association last week" (Robb).
Fat activists, with no understanding of the historical perspective of the aforementioned fact, will also hold aloft Rubenesque women of the paintings of Paul Rubens and the statues of certain Greek goddesses as evidence that being a giant fatass was lauded in the past in the West as well, any motherfucker with a modicum of critical thinking skills and a working eyeball can suss out the fallacy in that statement.  The chicks in that art were "thick" and maybe even "chubby"- they were not headed towards an XL coffin with gangrenous feet.  In short, the broads in that art could actually see their feet by looking directly downward. 

Basically, the Venus de Milo looked a hell of a lot like Kim Kardashian, not London fucking Andrews.  And there will likely be a follow-up about the dress size thing by a fashion design major guest writer who has a fucking bone to pick with the behemoths claiming they're the same size as pinups of yore.

Fupawarriors often enjoy using the term "venusian" to describe themselves as well, which is a laugh- here are the dimensions of the Venus de Milo statue, per a 1916 New York Times Article (Borodkin):

Height: 5'4"
Head: 23"
Neck: 12.5"
Chest: 33"
Bust: 37"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 38"
Thigh: 22.5"
Calf: 13.2"
Ankle: 7.4"
Knee: 15"

How in the hell do they fuck?  What sorcery would produce a child?  That or they're scouting for kids to abduct, which also seems unlikely because children are spry and these two are immobile.

As you can see, they don't really have a leg to stand on with this contention, which is fine because most of them sit in repose atop motorized scooters anyway.  Where that leaves us, however is in a place filled with so much delusion it's hard to know where the fantasy ends and reality begins.  Drinkwater herself gulps for air while suggesting, "we may even blame fat people themselves for the discrimination they face because, after all, if we don't like it, should just lose weight.  Easy"(Drinkwater).  She says this as if it's not he case.  As if each day she did not make a pointed decision not to lean out, not to bust her ass in the gym, pass on the cake and eat a fucking steak© (COPYRIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS, because that is gold), not to take fat burners, not to see a doctor or a dietitian.  She specifically just said fuck it day in and day out for years until she arrived at her present state.

We could all use a little cleanse after looking at these calorie dumpsters.

Beyond the fact these pancake graveyards have decided to demand a thing they cannot take by force, which is a particular bugaboo for me, they continually assert that their fatness is their issue and no one else's, and that an assertion to the contrary is tantamount to a hate crime.  If it were simply a matter of them affecting their own lives, I personally wouldn't give a fuck what they do or how fat they get- I've fucked a handful of chicks over 275lbs (which I'll confess is difficult due to the amount of body in the way of burying your dick) and even John Cena's stated on Howard Stern that he's fucked chicks of that size, because he's John Cena, and "everybody gets a ride."  It's not, however, something that fails to affect the rest of us, however- these gibbering former humans are stealing money from our collective pockets on a daily basis.  
While being overweight didn’t emerge as a risk factor for taking sick days, obesity did — in fact, the higher an employee’s BMI rose above the obesity threshold, the more days that person tended to be absent. Specifically, compared to normal-weight workers, those with a BMI of 30 to about 35 missed 27 percent more workdays per year, while the most severely obese — those with a BMI of 40 or higher — were absent 44 percent more often.
As employees get larger, so do the costs associated with missed workdays. On average, a company incurs a loss of $260 per year in productivity for every obese employee, the study found, and that number may be as high as $465 if the person is extremely obese (Yahoo).
You would have to be utterly insane to hire something like this.  I don't even understand what it is at which I am looking.  And that was a very awkward sentence once I resolved not to end it with a preposition.

It goes beyond losses for employers- this shit picks your pocket, my pocket, and every other person who is a taxpayer or medically insured.  Shit, it even hits your wallet when you buy an airline ticket, because the cost of flying is heavily predicated upon the cost of fuel, and airlines are using 350 million more gallons of fuel per year because their passengers are a pack of gigantic, overstuffed food rapists (Baker).  They assert we're the dickheads for calling them fat, but they're fucking thieves.  It's fucking ridiculous what it costs the nation to keep these fucktards alive:  
"Zhou Yang, a professor at Emory University who studies the impact of obesity on the medical system, found that obese older males spent $190,657 more on lifetime health care expenses than their normal weight peers while older obese women spent $223,629 more. A 2016 meta-analysis by University of Washington researchers found that annual medical spending attributed to obesity nationally was nearly $150 billion—more than four times the federal budget for foreign aid and nearly enough to fund the entire U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs" [Emphasis mine].
And it's only getting fucking worse- according to the public health commissioner of West Virginia, "At the state and federal levels, chronic disease burden is among the largest drivers of health care costs," and they're rising at catastrophic fucking rates.  That just means that the fat will bleed us dry if we sit by and allow it, and the waddling troglodytes who insist otherwise are the people who intend to drive the final blow to our heads and lead us to financial slaughter, but before they do so they insist that we encourage them to do so.

FUCK.  THAT.  SHIT.  As Anton LaVey said, "If a man smite thee on one cheek, smash him on the other!"  But what, you might be thinking, if it isn't their fault?  It's their fucking fault.  We've got a fucking pill that will cure just about any ailment, and you combine that shit with hard work and you can achieve just about any physical goal- hell, Magic Johnson managed to lift and take enough gear over a few of years that he not only beat AIDS but became a monster on the basketball court in doing so.  No human being with the mental faculties to apply their will is consigned to obesity- obesity occurs by very specific application of mental weakness, apathy, and sloth.

For fuck's sake don't mock the fat people in your gym.  The more they bust their asses the less they cost us and the less we have to hear their screeching about fat acceptance.

We've all heard these fuckers blubber about how they tried every diet and exercise all the time and nothing worked.  They're fucking lying to your face, plain and simple.  Science has documented the phenomenon of underreporting nutritional intake by the obese at length, and it gets even worse once they add the beetus to their lengthy list of disgusting health ailments (Sallé A).
"On average, men underreported energy intake compared with total energy expenditure by 12-14% on 24HRs and 31-36% on FFQs and underreported protein intake compared with a protein biomarker by 11-12% on 24 Hour Dietary Recalls (24HRs) and 30-34% on Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQs). Women underreported energy intake on 24HRs by 16-20% and on FFQs by 34-38% and underreported protein intake by 11-15% on 24HRs and 27-32% on FFQs" (Subar).
And while I won't bother to hammer you with citation after citation, they overreport exercise while underreporting calories:
"The failure of some obese subjects to lose weight while eating a diet they report as low in calories is due to an energy intake substantially higher than reported and an overestimation of physical activity, not to an abnormality in thermogenesis" (Lichtman). 
Financial Domination is just an endlessly lullzy fetish.

So the next time you feel a pit of pity for these fat shits bleating about the difficulty of their lives, consider the facts- they're liars and thieves, and they're doing their level best to fuck you over and make you beg them to do it.  If you're one of those people who loves financial domination, find yourself a BBW findomme and have at it, but keep your hand on your wallet when you're out in public and verbally slap the shit out of a fatty's mouth if they have something to say about something, because it's the fit and healthy who are being victimized, not these disgusting tubs of shit.  Hey, they're asking for it- "When a person, by his reprehensible behavior, practically cries out to be destroyed, it is truly your moral obligation to indulge them their wish" (LaVey).

"The range of countries is diverse—but their attitudes toward obese people today are pretty consistent. If you are fat, said a Jamaican, “You are unattractive and no one wants to be your friend.” “We make fun of fat people,” said a Nepali. The quotes from Koreans—the most fat-phobic culture of all—are the most devastating. 
“I would kill myself if I was fat,” said one Korean college student. “Fat people may as well die” (Robb).

And if you want a refresher on the rest of the series, which is all crazily heavily researched, here's Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4, and Part 5. 

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  1. Why do these bitches NEVER stand up for a man's"right" to be fat? Better still, why do they regularly hook up with whatever (brainless and standardless) lean guy they can find?

    That gaping hole is almost bigger than their prolapsed ass after they've raped their local Chinese buffet.

    1. I would've assumed most hook up with feeders. If you don't know what feeders are, that's Men who like helping 500+ pound women see how many more pounds they can pack on before dying.

    2. Well, women are feeders sometimes too I guess.

    3. It goes both ways, but it's an interesting question . That broad's sense of entitlement about fucking whoever she wants was fucking crazy. Straight incel shit .

  2. The only thing I can think f in opposition is that a lot of time, it is due to ignorant parenting, fatties raising fat kids and once the die is cast, it is hard to sort out the mess. But I do agree that at some point fatties are forced to realise that there is a problem and then they have a decision, and not to tackle the issue reveals a serious deficiency.
    As a kid I was overweight but not obese and do not really blame myself for that, it comes down to family. However when I left home for uni at 18 I turned it round, quit the smoking and booze for diet and exercise, and 30 odd years later I keep it up.

    This sentence inspired a greater level of fandom for Mr Lewis..."And that was a very awkward sentence once I resolved not to end it with a preposition."

    1. It is something up with which I shall not put, haha, to quote Beavis and Butthead Do America.

      Yeah, it's a vicious cycle, but mollycoddling them isn't gonna help. Shaming them doesn't help either, according to the studies, but encouraging them to be fat definitely can't fix that shit .

    2. I know for a fact this series has helped some fat people lose weight. If you care. I never read it as shaming so much as an attempt to remind them they're capable of losing weight if they make the effort.

      No one said it wasn't difficult but some are saying it's impossible and that's pathetic. And the people telling people that being 500+ pounds isn't unhealthy should be considered criminals.

  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-us-canada-43816239

    1. Yeah, sucks. I wrote a BME about him a while back.

  4. https://www.unce.unr.edu/publications/files/hn/2010/fs1011.pdf

    I concur that we all have a choice in the matter, but the reality is that capitalism's profit drive is going to make this problem ever worse. Some of us will hold out, resist, but the majority will succumb.

    Like the environmental problem, polarisation of wealth and just about every other negative of a mass nature, it will only get worse as capitalism is ever more constrained to abandon any semblance of social responsibility to pursue ever more elusive profits.

    1. I tend to agree but I wont blame capitalism per se. I think it's the very nature of (most of the) humans and this is not gonna change anytime soon, if ever.

  5. What the hell is bloatmax? I find nothing but pictures of Hapthor Bjornson with a broad walking around. As for the fatties, the least they can do is become a fat powerlifter or something so I can get some furniture moved around and make them mildly useful.


    1. Some incel bullshit about getting crazy bloated to improve your symmetry.

  6. Like you said in one of your post:
    Being weak should be a crime. Being fat should be a crime. Being both should be a capital crime hahaha.

    Great job Jamie, loving your blog.


  7. By the way, i think that is a must that you put all the porn in the bibliography. Some of us, want to check all the information .. ;)

  8. That rascal photo was fucking hilarious. Disney is going to have to put in fucking streets with sidewalks soon just to accommodate these Jabba chariots.

  9. Just listened to the latest hatecast on nutrition.
    I still think the growing obesity crisis is part and parcel of the alienated proletarian condition. Food has become medication, like anti depressant. You could possibly see obesity and the drug problem as twin consequences of the emptiness of consumer culture in economic crisis. If there is a solution, I postulate it requires a revolutionary transformation of existing conditions.
    There is no fixed human nature, no fixed anything whatsoever. All reality is a process of transformation. Think about that, Aristotle. Gonna get my big philosophical guns out.
    Have no fear Mr Lewis fans, I think a lot of what you say is defensible, even if I quibble.

    1. Goddamn, you make me want to harakiri with a swordfish while sucking a Glock 40 until it cums in my mouth every time you post. Who says proletarian these days? Are you the ghost of Lenin?

    2. Revolutionary change is like an earthquake. The tension mounts for a long time, apparently all is well. Then it happens.
      The capitalist system is in a bad way, the next crisis is around the corner.
      The ruling class dominate and of course the vast majority don't talk about the proletariat.
      "The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e., the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force." Karl Marx

      The vast majority are exploited, mentally dominated.

    3. Indeed, steve sutton. The grand destruction of society is about to begin. Soon, the proletariat will turn to the black arts, a sacrifice of virgin blood will summon the mighty demon moles from hell. Did I say Virgin? Sorry, they actually prefer someone with a little experience. And the mighty demon moles will dig really big holes in rich people's yards! And the rich people will get angry and lobby to blow up all the proletariat people. But then no one will buy frozen shit food, so grocery stores will collapse, and the rich will have to buy food directly from Monsanto at an enormous markup. Meanwhile the mighty demon moles will have completed their plan, the rich people's yards will collapse, and everyone will fall into hell, where it will be hot, yes. But at least everyone can have all the sex they want.

    4. "Food is your best medicine." - Hippocrates

  10. Ahh the moles, yes sir!
    From the website - A Marxist quote for every occasion - Europe will leap from its seat and exultantly exclaim: ‘Well grubbed, old mole!

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    1. ahh, I grew up with that bunch. Grange Hill. Remember gripper..https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=gripper+from+grange+hill&&view=detail&mid=B207B3BAFE4714F28D95B207B3BAFE4714F28D95&&FORM=VRDGAR

  13. British kids are now officially getting fatter than their US counterparts, figures show.
    Experts say “adopting the American lifestyle” of junk food and little exercise is to blame for the surge in waistlines this side of the Atlantic.
    A record 20% of children in their final year of primary school over here are now seriously overweight.
    In America, which has traditionally been well above Britain in world obesity tables, the figure for a comparable age range is 18.5%.
    In British secondary schools 23% of 11 to 15-year-olds are now obese, the annual Health Survey for England reveals.
    In America 20.6% of pupils aged 12 to 15 fit the category.
    Even more worryingly, measurements taken in Wales of reception class children aged four and five found 14.5% were already overweight and 11.7% obese...