15 July 2012

Results from USPA Nationals

On Jamie's third attempt in the squat, he hits 633.5 LB. (He went 590, 621.5, and then 633.5.) This page will be updated with his latest lifts throughout the competition.     

Jamie made his opening bench at 335 but missed his second and third attempts.

Jamie's second attempt at the bench.  

For the deadlift, Jamie hit 661.39 LB on his last attempt, setting a personal record.


  1. Is it possible that the bloke with the camera can get any further away or use the button called zoom.Nice lifting i think.

  2. nice lift, but i can record better quality with my dick.

  3. Replies
    1. That was at 181. He weighed in at 179 officially yesterday.

  4. That sucks about the bench attempts, but fucking sick deadlift PR.

  5. Is jamie still sticking to the schedule he planned out? I think he said the bodybuilding show was next followed up with another powerlifting meet?

  6. Congrats, Jamie.

    Looks like he got a PR in the squat, not just the deadlift. Too bad the bench was much lower than his best because he would've had a PR total for sure.

  7. Congratulations Jamie. It was cool to talk to you in person.

    I was able to record your 3rd attempt squat and 2nd attempt bench press in HD.



  8. Jamie, do you plan to continue reverse gripping your bench after this?

  9. Jamie, congrats on your performance at USPA.

    I’m an overeducated 46 year old cop and never strength-trained prior to discovering Starting Strength a little over a year ago. I found your blog last month and had an AMAZING time reading through from post #1 in about two weeks. My wife got sick of my laughing ass. You have put a shit-ton of focused, quality work out here. I was uniformly impressed the lucidity of what is often, obviously, first-draft material. More importantly, the whole blog—the attitude, the science, the old-school lifters and their awesome one-handed snatches, the call to bust my ass instead of trying to massage my ‘recovery’ until it somehow magically made me stronger—all helped me have more fun with lifting than I have since I began. Thanks for an awesome read and resource. And, of course, the titties.

  10. Great stuff, Jamie looks like one bad motherfucker at the start of that squat video haha

  11. Awesome job. Talk to you when you get back to home base.

  12. With the goatee, you are now Bizarro Jamie!


  13. 1629.5 total this time around Jamie. Great work bringing up the Squat and Dead. Get that bench back to where you had it last meet and you'll be in the 1650 area.