02 August 2010

It's Time to Add Some Shit to Your Playlist

I know not all of you share my taste in music, and though I can't forgive you for that grave sin, I'll try to forget it.  In any event, it's well-neigh some of you stopped listing to the same shit you've been jocking for the last 20 years.  Dimebag's dead, assholes, and Lamb of God fucking sucks.

In an effort to expand your horizons a bit, I'm posting some of my recent faves, and then some older bands of which you've likely never heard.  Though you might not like any of them, or any of them at all, start looking for some new shit- I'm of the opinion that music can confer power in many regards, and can be the sole thing responsible for turning a completely shit workout into a gym-destroying rampage the likes of which few people ever experience, but we all wish we could replicate every day.  If you listen to a song too much, however, I'm of the opinion that it diminishes the song's power, and thus its effectiveness in the gym.  As such, I leave my gym favorites on my mp3 player only to be listened to there, so as not to diminish their power.
I've never heard of this broad (Demi Lovato) but she tours with the Jonas brothers and does pig squeals while warming up.  Awesome.

Sound fucking retarded?  Eat shit.  It works for me.  You'll notice the pace and tone of all of this shit is the same- it's all drop-tuned, with tons of open chord chugging, and brutal fucking vocals.  I leave the odd-timed shit like Psyopus and Veil of Maya (their new disc's fucking sick)  for writing, as it fucks up my pace in the gym and can be distracting.  You'll notice a distinct lack of rap here.  Though I do listen to Sutter Kain, I don't listen to much of that shit in the gym, as it's a better sountrack to fighting and drinking rather than lifting.

It's been a long time since I got so fucking pumped for a band, but even with the gay ass name, these guys have brought brutality that could only have arisen as the awesome love child of Cannibal Corpse and "Satisfaction is the Death of Desire"-era Hatebreed.  They've got lyrics that inspire total fucking destruction:

i am not the antichrist i am just a fucking killer
i am not the antichrist i am just a murderer

let me see your fucking face
six feet into the ground
now i wear your fucking face

slit your fucking throat.
such a pretty face.
but it's fucking wrecked.
eat the fucking gun
eat the fucking gun.

... and breakdowns that make you want to smash anything nearby.  Fucking sick.

Upon a Burning Body
If you can look past this band's appearance, which is difficult, as they appear to believe that they're fucking African tribesmen or something with 4" plugs in their ears, you'll be pleasantly surprised.  These guys are a bit more refined than Jerome, and probably a bit more accessable to the traditional metal fan, but still fucking brutal.  They're far more technical than you'd expect out of a band of this ilk, but they definitely don't sacrifice heaviness at all, and have enough hooks that the average metal fan would appreciate it.  Additionally, all of their songs are about Robert DeNiro movies, so it's pretty fucking hard to go wrong with that.  Lastly, they've got a fucking drinking song- this means they fucking rule.  Ignore at your peril.

Demolisher's one of the ultra-low-tuned bands that have arisen in the wake of the Acacia Strain's success.  For any of you who know who the Acacia Strain is, they've pretty much set records fro tuning low, which makes them sound like they've got three or four bassists half the time.  I fucking love that shit, especially since lyrics for bands of that genre tend to be extraordinarily hate-heavy, and they pretty much do little more than profess their dislike for EVERYTHING, incessantly.  That, of course, makes it perfect for the gym. 

Attack Attack
I'm definitely calling my musical tastes into question with the more close-minded deathcore fans out there, but I love this fucking band.  They combine auto-tuned vocals clean vocals and dance music with sick fucking breakdowns, and though it sounds gayer than Christmas laughter, it's fucking awesome.  Just try to ignore the skinny jeans and ridiculous gauges, and the fact that the combined weight of these poofters is less than your deadlift max, and give them a shot.  By the way, you'll notice that the bands sounds much different between the first and the second albums, since they switched vocalists (the guy who did the clean vox before is now doing all of their vocals, and his growls are fucking awesome), and they drop-tuned their guitars, so they actually got heavier, while maintaining the same basic sound.

Float Face Down
Any of you out there long for the days of the mid-90s, when hardcore was a gang of dudes in jerseys actually hitting each other in the pit, while listening to music that consisted of nothing but badass lyrics, two step parts, and breakdowns.  Well, that time has returned, because Float Face Down has brought old school Jersey toughguy hardcore back, drop-tuned and with serious fucking growls.
"this is a promise to you, of unforgiving hatred.
feel the blade against your throat
i want to feel your airway collapse
i'll never rest until you're dead
don't give me reasons you should live
i'm not listening anymore."

That's fucking killing music, right there.

Out To Win/ Mushmouth
Mushmouth was probably the angriest band in hardcore while they existed.  though their albums ranged in quality, they were always brutal, even after they were forced to change their name to Out to Win.  you can download their whole discography here.  Additionally, if you like this band, check out a band that named themselves after a Mushmouth song, Beg For Life.  I just heard them, and they're fucking sick. 

Built Upon Frustration
This band had two albums of which I know, one of which was fucking amazing from start to end, and the other which was fair to middling.  Their first album, though, is fucking sick- Hatebreed-esque in sound, with slightly deeper vocals, and sick breakdowns.  I've got half of their first album on my mp3 player at all times.  Links to their shit are here

Blogs To Check Out For New Music
Path to Misery
Total Deathcore
Metal Injection

One last thing- if you like these bands, go see their shows and buy some merch.  These guys make no fucking money at all, and you should support them if you like them, especially if they're helping you fuckers hit new PRs.


  1. Fuck yes!

    Here's a few I'm listening to:

    Upon a Burning Body (glad to see you mentioned them)
    Impending Doom
    Miss May I
    Of Mice and Men
    Asking Alexandria
    Thy Art is Murder
    The Acacia Strain
    War of Ages
    The Ghost Inside
    For the Fallen Dreams
    We Came As Romans

    And much much more. I'll post more later.

    Also, visit WWW.sackmyhardcore.EU. just make sure your anti-virus is up to date and active.

  2. another good blog: http://xhefexmusicx.blogspot.com/
    ill also post some good bands later.

  3. That's some good shit. I don't know about Lamb of God though, I think they are pretty sick. The drumming and guitar is ridiculous. But their latest album, "Wrath", sucked.

    Hey Jamie, did you pick up The Acacia Strain's "Wormwood"? - fuckin' heavy.

  4. Jamie, all the bands sounded exactly the same to me. lol.

  5. that music and anyone who listens to it is fucking retarded

  6. Can't stand it. All sounds the fucking same. But whatever's making you hit the PR's, Jamie...

    Speaking of which, there's been a lack of vids of your gym shenanigans, what gives?

  7. Fuck.


    Jamie, you have my taste in music - which is awesome. And I wish more people had it.

  8. just saw attack attack at warped tour. they kicked ass, but many other bands had better stage presence. i've heard their shows usually are badass. who knows, maybe they were just hung over like half the bands or they just didnt want to be in the 100 degree heat.

    happened to run into my fried during the "wall of death" during their set so that was pretty bad ass.

    i'm sure you'll find a way to call this band gay as their nothing like any of the others you posted, but Four Year Strong kicked absolute ass and put on a hell of a fucking show. during their set i even got the hot broads i was with to crowd surf, haha.

    also- more vids of your training as the guy above said & if you actually maintained a log it'd be bad ass.

  9. 100 Demons is no longer just a hatebreed cover band. I'd suggest picking up their self-titled album. Lots of rage on that disc.

  10. Breakcore and skull step\dark step for me.

  11. I highly suggest checking this out for something that isn't metal, but is fucking intense.


  12. I would also throw in The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza.

  13. Which band made you drop a BTN press on your head?

  14. Those bands are for pussyes. Dou you want to hear something really hardcore??? Then check this out fuckers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgdj1TLvnDw&feature=related

  15. Fucking trendcore metalcore bullshit, I am fucking disappointed in you man. Here's some infinitely better and more brutal bands you should be listening to:

    Dying Fetus
    Bolt Thrower
    Devourment (most copied band!)
    Anal Cunt
    Misery Index
    Fuck The Facts
    The Chasm

    in other words, listen to some fucking real metal and not that faggot fucking poser bullshit

  16. It is possible to have workout music that channels primal ferocity and is actually, well...

    May I present Runes to My Memory, by Amon Amarth:

    And El Charlie, I really hope you're joking about Anal Cunt. They have some hilarious song titles and I heartily agree with many of the fine sentiments expressed in their lyrics, but they basically sound like the soundtrack to that video of the cat being set on fire.

  17. Jewish Meshugenah PainAugust 3, 2010 at 7:28 PM

    Conor Clapton Killed Himself Because his Dad Sucks.

  18. I can't seem to set a PR to a breakdown anymore.

    Now blast beats..



  19. Four Word Band Name bands fucking suck dick

    check out some Cripple Bastards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpgHweGfdR0

  20. a simple drunken D-beat band like Malignant Tumor could eat Attack Attack (the Justin Bieber of "deathcore") for a hangover breakfast


  21. Why dont you get into some old school neo-Nazi stuff like Skrewdriver or Angry Aryans if you like hatefull music.

    Those cunts realy know how to hate.

    Or are we just talking shaved head and goatee non specific PC hate here?

  22. Try to find a song called She Eats The Tampons Out Of My Shit by Anal Blast. Crazy drums.

    The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza is pretty good for hateful and morally bankrupt lyrics. They've got something to offend pretty much anybody.

  23. You guys are all a bunch of girls. Want something really fucking heavy?







    THIS is what should be on your playlist!

  24. Wormed - Uncoloured Plasma Orifices Transported

    Cerebral Incubation - Gastrointestinal Rape

    Lividity - Coated with my Semen

    Rompeprop - Cuntlava

    Disgorge(mex)-Rancid bowel sarcoma

    Devourment - Baby Killer

    Decrepitaph - Crawling Out From The Crypt

    The Raunchous Brothers - Women's Lib

    some stuff to listen to

  25. As for the videos, I want to see Jamie doing BTN push presses in a ringmail hauberk while listening to Amon Amarth.

  26. http://www.anus.com/metal/about/metal/assimilation/

  27. If you want to get really angry in the gym and murder some weights then blast some Brittany Spears or Christina Aguilera. Get suicidal.

  28. I passed out and almost died lifting to this band


    Album and Demo

  29. Hahahaha. Fucking El Charlie- you're that guy who lectures people at shows, aren't you? Ten years ago you would heave read some kid the riot act for owning a FATA record, wouldn't you you?

    I liked Dying Fetus during the Killing On Adrenaline years, but after 6 albums of exactly the same thing, I grew bored of their antics. Given that they're jointly responsible with Devourment for starting the whole deathcore genre, you might need to punch yourself in the face for listening to them,

    In re vis- I actually made a vid last week for those three exercises, but couldn't get the fucking thing to upload. I'll give it another shot tonight. I'm using a 9 year old 2.1 megapixel camera that only films 1 min vids recently, as chalkdust does not appear to facilitate proper operation in electronics. I'm pretty much Shiva the Destroyer when it comes to delicate electronics- shocking, I know.

  30. I had a BL13RE song in my partial squat vid, by the way.

    I just remembered one of the reasons why I dislike De3vourment so much- I've heard better demos recorded on a old school tape deck boombox, and better distortion on fucking Beatles records. The whole thing sounds like a wet pile of dogshit.

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