27 August 2010

If You're Not Cheating, You're Not Trying

I believe that scheduled cheat windows are absolutely necessary for the maximization of one's metabolic and hormonal efficiency, and that to abjure their use is to consign one's self to both dietary failure and place one's self in jeopardy of going completely insane.  I realize that there are a few vocal advocates of 100% clean eating out there, like Pauline Nordin, but frankly, I could give a shit- I'm not a competitive bodybuilder, and I can maintain mid-single digits bodyfat with no problem and no cardio utilizing scheduled cheat windows.
Awesome to look at... intolerable to eat with.

First, a bit of semantics.  I initially believed that the precepts I held regarding cheat meals were at odds with those of John Berardi, whose opinion on all things diet I value highly.  Not so, it seems- we merely disagreed semantically.  Rather than rewrite his description of cheat meals, refeeds, and planned overfeeding (as some of my fellow bloggers have done, without giving credit where it's due), I'll simply cut and paste Berardi's definitions:
Cheat meal = unplanned dietary transgression in which someone eats foods not on their diet (and not considered “clean”) and/or over consumes these foods. Cheat meals are usually the consequence of getting hungry and not having good food options available. An example of a cheat meal is being on the road and not having a chicken breast and vegetable dinner available so you stop at a restaurant and eat a burger, fries, and a milkshake.
Planned overfeeding = planned increase in calorie intake for a single meal. Planned overfeedings usually occur when eating maintenance intake or above since this meal will probably bump your calories up above the maintenance or habitual level of intake. Planned overfeedings can be carried out with excess amounts of “clean” foods or with other foods not considered bodybuilding friendly and are usually in place to allow time to eat “fun” foods so that athletes don’t feel so deprived as well as to help with recovery. An example of a planned overfeeding is ordering 4 large pizzas for yourself and 3 friends every other Sunday afternoon when in the midst of a serious strength and power phase.
Refeed = planned increase in calorie intake that lasts 8 – 12 hours and usually consists of a large increase in carbohydrates. Refeeds usually occur when dieting and are planned in order to provide a brief day of psychological relief as well as a number of physiological benefits that we’ll discuss later. An example of a refeed is following a strict diet of 1500kcal 5 days per week and consuming 2500kcal of clean bodybuilding foods (the additional kcal coming mostly from carbohydrates) on the other 2 days.
Frankly, it's never occurred to me to define an unplanned dietary transgression, because they're nearly impossible to make if you've got a scintilla of willpower.  If you don't, stop reading this blog and go back to playing with your Star Wars figurines and eating Cheetos while you wait for something, anything, to happen in World of Warcraft.  Fuck my life, that game is beyond boring.  In any event, when I refer to a cheat meal or cheat window, it is the second, not the first, definition to which I am referring.

The key, then, is that these are scheduled, timed affairs.  They should last only 3 hours at a time, in my opinion, and they should occur one to two times per week.  I plan these out in my head prior to engaging in them, purchase whatever I need for them just before doing so, eat my fucking face off, and toss anything that's still extant at the 3 hour mark.  No starving kids in Africa is going to be able to eat the two chicken fingers you were unable to stuff down your gullet, and they'd likely cut your cock off for being a godless infidel if they were around, so fuck them.  That adage is a pile of bullshit, and it will only serve to fuck your dieting goals by tempting you while you're playing Call of Duty or when you come home hammered and starving at 4AM.  Don't stock up on forbidden foods- when you need them, they'll be easy enough to find.

In re the duration and frequency of your cheat windows, there are basically three schools of thought on this- don't do it at all (Chris Aceto, Pauline Nordine, and various other psychotics), do it twice a week at regular intervals for 3-4 hours (Lyle McDonald, Warren Willey), and do it once a week for the entire day (same guys).  I've already addressed the first school of thought, so I'll now hit the latter two.  Obviously, I think that cheat meals are essential- at least one study has shown that short breaks from high fat diets will not have an adverse effect on lipolytic activity, and lipolytic activity in people who take high carb breaks from high fat diets are actually higher than those who are on a high carbohydrate diet.(Saitoh)  As I advocate low carb diets, this is rather important.  It becomes moreso when you consider one of Dave Palumbo's comments in re cheat windows, wherein he stated that if "you use a keto-diet, you'll need to have a cheat meal (to spike insulin) at least once per week to keep the thyroid functioning normally." 
Dave knows a thing or two about getting lean... and about having a gigantic fucking head.

Also, as I stated in my previous blog on bulking, cheat windows speed the metabolism, (Matsumoto)  replenish your glycogen stores, (Bowden) and increase your thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones, (Poehlman) in addition to providing an awesome forced break from clean eating.(Westrate)  Given that you're reading this blog, I think it's no mystery that I'm hyper-intense, slightly insane, and not terribly amenable to long-distance, low intensity events, which is what a cheat day would be.  For those, most authors recommend that you keep your cheating fairly reasonable, or you run the risk of undoing a lot of the metabolic goodness you've created with your 6 days of dieting.  They also recommend those days for occasions wherein dieting simply isn't feasible, like taking a trip to an amusement park, or some other day-long event at which it'd be a pain in the ass for you, and a major inconvenience and annoyance to those around you (mostly the latter, because no one gives a fuck if you have veins on your abs but you).  

In re the shorter, more intense cheats- that's not to state that it's a foregone conclusion that they're better, but the science (cited above) seems to point in the direction of shorter, more intense cheats in order to obtain the more extreme metabolic enhancements.  Luckily, that's my cup 'o fucking tea- brief, vulgar, and going for the jugular.   
I have always been uncomfortable around babies.  Now I know why- they eat motherfuckers.

Thus, in my 3 hours cheat windows (which should always come on non-consecutive days, or you'll again run the risk of obviating the point of the exercise), I eat as many calories as I can possibly fit down my gullet.  I find that I'll generally have a raised core temperature (i.e. I sweat my ass off while eating), and more energetic, and feel like a giant killer robot with a 50 foot boner who shits hundred dollar bills- that's how I know that I'm getting the proper metabolic response.  What do I eat to achieve this sensation?  This sort of shit:  

1 Small Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza
10 piece Chicken Nuggets
Small, heavily buttered movie popcorn

12 KFC Hot Wings
Most of a Digiorno 3 Meat Pizza
Half a bag of Baked Ruffles or Low-fat Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Medium Papa John's Spicy Italian Pizza
Cheese Breadsticks

20 Breaded Spicy Garlic Hooter's wings 
Large DQ Blizzard with Heath Bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

As you can see, there's a pattern- I literally eat for three straight hours.  If I'm not eating, I feel like I'm missing out.  Thus, I usually pick foods on which I can graze.  There's no metabolic reasoning for this- it's just what I like to do.

For those of you who are about to throw Lyle McDonald in my face, relax, I've read the same shit.  His contention is that during these structured refeeds, you should definitely not "use the concept as an excuse to eat yourself sick or eat three times what you’d normally eat."(McDonald, 34)  I'll tell you this from experience- the farther you get in a given diet, the less you can consume in three hours- it's a matter of pure biology.  Thus, at the beginning of your diet, you'll be able to eat more during your cheats, which will likely slow your progress.  It will, however, completely obliterate any reason you'd have to abandon the fucking thing.  As you get further along in your diet, and you start seeing definition you'd never seen before, or veins you never thought you'd ever see, you're going to naturally restrict yourself on your cheats, or cut yourself down to one ball-out cheat a week and one minor one.  If that doesn't happen naturally for you, take McDonald's advice.  I, however, like challenging myself, and seeing how much food I can fit down my throat in 3 hours serves 3 purposes: physical, because I get the metabolic advantages listed above, psychological, because I get all the foods I might want on a regular day at once, and emotional, because I feel satiated and satisfied with my personal level of success and freedom in my diet.  Should you find that your body is not responding thusly, start putting the brakes on manually- treat it like you're a blind man at an orgy... you're gonna have to feel this one out.
Greatest comedic genius of our time.
I usually choose to have my cheat meals at night.  From a insulin standpoint this is probably not ideal, but from a lifestyle standpoint, I don't care.  There's not enough of a difference in hormone levels between morning and night to justify worrying about my insulin levels, and I find that it's awesome to go to bed full to bursting and have the night to digest and bomb out my place in peace, rather than force myself to eat a meal when it's inconvenient.  

Some nutritionists believe that pre-workout is the best time for a scheduled cheat window.  Anytime I've tried to schedule a cheat meal early in a day and train later, however, I find that my lift's a disaster, and I spend the majority of the time trying not to throw up or shit my pants, or both.  As such, evening cheats seem to be absolutely ideal, as I'm already operating in a caloric deficit, so my body's sucking up nutrients, it fits with social events like going to the movies, and it allows me to digest my massive influx of calories in bed, where blood can pool in my stomach and occur with a minimum of disruption from physical activity.  Additionally, it's on this day that I'll occasionally take the opportunity to drink absurd amounts of Jager or some other liquor, and I'm of the opinion that the cheat meal both mitigates the possibility of hangover and facilitates the assimilation of far more alcohol without negative effect, in addition to dropping the glycemic index of sweeter liquors (like Jager).  I realize that some of you may be screaming "but it lowers your test levels! SCREEEEEE!"  Relax.  According to a study published in 2003, "Heavy acute alcohol drinking decreases blood testosterone in men due to an effect on the testicular level", which means that if you drink your fucking face off, your test levels will rise accordingly.(Sarkola)  A far more in depth explanation was provided by Patrick Arnold in Muscular Development, in which he stated that alcohol consumption gives a short-term testosterone boost due to the manner in which ethanol is processed by the body.(Arnold)
Two supplements that will increase the effectiveness of your cheat meal are:
ECA stack- It increases your thermogenesis anyway, but "ephedrine alone can increase the thermic effect of a meal by 30%"(Berardi).  As such, make sure you whack that back prior to the initiation of your feeding frenzy to ensure that you're getting the optimal metabolic response to your overfeeding.

Digestive enzymes- Before, during, and after.  Trust me, they'll help.  If you've been eating clean, your body's going to have something to say about what you're eating, and it's going to let everyone in the room know what it thinks about it.  This should prevent any non-alcohol-related pants-shitting, and keep you from smelling like you've shit them.  Lastly, it'll increase the absorption of the nutrients you'd so rudely and crudely stuffed down your ravenous gullet, increasing the positive effects of that meal and hopefully negating any of the negative ones.

One last word on this, which I also mentioned in my last bulking blog- don't include these feeding frenzies if you're not already lean.  If you're a fatass, you don't deserve them from a mental standpoint and cannot really utilize them from a metabolic one.  As such, you'd be wise to steer clear until you can see some abs.  For guys, this means under 15%, tops.  For girls, that means... whatever the female equivalent of 15% is.  We'll call it 25-27%.  If you can see abs, have at it- otherwise, wait until you can.  Additionally, if you find that cheat meals are either not helping, or they're actually hurting, monkey with the timing, duration, and what you're actually eating.  I find that at times I have a hell of a time leaning out using these if I'm not on an ultra-low carb diet for at least three days out of the week and I'm eating massive amounts of both carbs and fat during the cheat windows.  Make a note of what works and what doesn't, and actually utilize that information.

On that note, it's time for me to begin mine.
One can never have too many pics of Pauline Nordin.

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  1. Good stuff Jamie, after a week of full body routines and a red meat, egg and coconut oil diet I'm enjoying some white flour tonight myself. Had a couple slices of pizza and now chowing down on some pasta.

    I tend to make my best lifts also while in keto. Post carbup I really have a lot of trouble with anything over 90%1rm, and if trying to do any high rep work I pump up and cramp. I prefer to sleep following a carbup/refeed prior to my next session.

    I just sent the link to a good friend of mine who is trying keto her first time after a couple weeks of reading up on it. We've been talking a lot about how to work cheat meals with her food cravings. Fortunately I DO have a psych background so might be able to help with this. LoL

  2. Keto in combination with cheat windows is definitely the sweet spot for me physique and strength wise. Last week i hit a (fucking soul destroying, aneurysm inducing) 2.5xbw squat for the first time in my 10 years of lifting whilst also hitting single digit bodyfat for the first time in my life. Without being too much of a faggot fucking kiss ass, i'm eternally grateful for finding this blog and the information written within. Without it i'd definitely still be eating a shit ton of carbs and dedicating days to chest and arms like a retard whilst wondering why i look like shit. Thanks dude.

  3. Good to see you here Jason. You're one of the very few people who actually aren't fucking retarded on bb.com. If only those morons could be converted instead of arguing over the best angle to perform lateral raises haha.

  4. Jippo you see the bicep thread? Around 5 people once I threw some old progress pics up of going 18-20" almost a decade ago almost exlcusively with weighted chin-ups and heavy barbell rows to back my statements that I have used it and am not just an internet guru, several kids on there told me they would be using a lot of rows instead of concentration curls for their arms.


    Oh FYI I was using a higher calorie version of the Anabolic Diet for that 2 years with carbups only on weekends, and had been on it for a year prior to the first pic in the set.

    The sweet spot for lateral delts is of course the middle 3/5 of a standing barbell press which can be hit very well with a clean and press or a push press. :D

  5. Haha i know man i saw that, i love how that squattilyoudrop retard suddenly stopped his posting about how inferior rows and chins are once you posted the pics up. No other training based forum can boast such a wide variety of fucking idiots! Yeah high calorie keto is the way to go for muscle gains i believe. If any of those mooks clean and pressed everyday for a couple of months they'd shove their lateral raises up their dumb asses.

  6. Jippo well for a lot of the younger one's they have been fucked up by magazines and the fitness fads of the current era. For the older guys like Squattil, who are in their 30's and still haven't figured out the in's and outs of the iron game it is expected. Most of them don't have a clue what the fuck hardcore bodybuilders are doing outside of magazine culture or what top pros admit to, and I NEVER met a pro who told me his stack who used less than 3 grams of test a week (one admitted to me a gram a day), 12-16 U.I.s of hgh etc... yet they ban you for talking about that shit on the forum… that is what pro bodybuilding is about, you talk man to man with them they talk about drugs, not protein intake or training. Most pros are all genetics and drugs... if most guys started juicing heavy at age 16 and never came off like some of those guys (Flex Wheeler) we would have a lot more 300 lbs bodybuilders under age 30 who don't even compete. What works for them didn't work as well for guys like me trying to use much lower doses back then, and especially not the natties... as people like Squat, Voxy and the other long term regulars prove using this high rep exclusively, once a week, single factor bullshit for years on end and looking Brad Pitt sized.

    It just seems to me that back when I was at my largest there were a LOT of big guys doing keto bulks or the anabolic diet, and using a lot of low rep compound work, at the grass roots level of hardcore bodybuilding. It didn't really make it into magazines but when you talked to other guys about what they were doing it was more common than many seem to realize. When you talk on a mainstream forum like that, people will tell you that this works for very few people and hardly any big guys train like or eat in such a manner, when I've known at least a dozen guys with 19"+ arms, and great overall size and thickness who do exactly that.

    Most of the big guys I knew, myself included, were just not doing much isolation work, other than as finishers, and certainly not a core part of their workouts. I was deadlifting 5x a week in the first pic and had hit a 615x2 raw, with a 585 deep squat and thought of myself ONLY as a bodybuilder with no interest in strongman or power lifting meets. I did heavy deadlifts because they make you look strong and thick... and give the hammies and lower back a look you simply cannot achieve any other way… and they feel amazing. Setting a deadlift PR sets off your whole training week.

  7. Unfortunately the modern incarnation of bodybuilding has pretty much ruined the world of strength training/weight lifting. I'd say the vast majority of hobbyists genuinely don't know about proper training, i was like that up until about 3 or 4 years ago. The high rep bodypart training is so heavily instilled in people's minds that they will never question it. It's one you really step back and look at it that it becomes apparent how fucking moronic that style of training is for anyone that isn't either very advanced of on a high dosage of steroids. But hey you can only advise people it's up to them to quit being dumb.

  8. Shit Son! You churning out mad posts this week. Kudos mutha fucker. What happened? stopped masturbating?

  9. If you guys haven't figured out how to peruse the internet whilst fapping by now, there is no hope.

  10. Jamie, when you say see your abs are referring to flexed or unflexed?

  11. Jasondb- Hahaha. Nice. Good luck with that- every time I've seen a woman take a cheat meal, the entire diet goes out the window. Perhaps I've just trained the wrong broads. In any event, good luck.
    Jippo- That's fucking awesome. It sucks when you're spinning your wheels doing the bullshit that they recommend in the mags, and then have to deal with a barrage of articles informing you that you're consigned to that fate because of your shit genetics, but it's fucking awesome when you discover that's a total load of horseshit.
    NBK-I was just referring to them in general. For the sake of argument, flexed, since you're definitely fat as shit if you can't see any ab definition at all while flexed. Moreover, I wasn't referring to the lot of them- the top two will suffice.

  12. people make sure you know what "clean eating" means as well, either way good shit Jamie!

  13. Jamie are you wearing a fucking polo shirt? Weird!

  14. Hahaha, I didn't even notice Jamie was in that shot.

  15. Jesus christ you were not kidding on the calorie intake I thought I was doing it big with a large pizza with breadsticks and a case of beer! haha Next time i will put Domino's out of business.

  16. The fact you like Leslie Nielson makes me trust this blog all the more.

  17. Who the fuck doesn't like Leslie Nielson?
    Name one person and you've just named a piece of shit.

  18. Just got back from some heavy ass singles on the PC+PP followed by some old skool dumbbell 1 handed swings and dumbbell C+P. Finished off with db farmers walk and some pullups/dips

    Pity that I had a ferrero rocher eating contest prior and almost puked my guts out - it fucked with the diet but at least I proved some alpha-ness with 9 in 1min 6sec haha

    Good post Jamie, I will check out that thread Jason. Jippo glad to see your still alive - hows retirement treating you? glad to see you can concentrate more on your lifts now well done on the 2.5xbw

  19. Yeah it's good not having to wake up at 5am every morning and do constant pointless runs everywhere. 10 years in the army has officially fucked my knees though which is why i was happy to hit a decent squat like that as they are in constant agony haha.

  20. I love you. And I never, ever need to meet you.

  21. JasonDB, glad having found another high frequency DLer. I've been pulling 6-7xweek heavy for the last several years.

  22. Blackflag I have to admit though hitting deads heavy 3x a week in my 30's and natty isn't like doing them in my 20' with juice. I'm starting to get the cramps Jamie has talked about in my hammies and lower back. I'm considering cutting them back to twice a week and replacing with some power cleans for a while. Doing a deload this week, as I've not had one in 12 weeks. So playing around with 10 rep sets at a low volume on everything (picking 3-4 core lifts and doing 2 sets of 10 a day). Next weeks is back to full time heavy again... but might need to seriously consider only deadlifting twice a week. I nailed 615x2 though doing singles 5x a week, weighing around 230 a number of years ago... just finding that as I get older I start cramping a bit on the high frequincy deads. LoL

  23. Jason was wondering how you go about squatting when deadlifting heavy that frequently? I've toyed with the idea of deadlifting more often but i don't think i could keep my squatting intensity and volume high simultaneously.

  24. I've personally found (historically mind you I train and home with no squat rack so clean to front squat and deadlifts are most of my thigh routine) that it is difficult to make PR's on both when working deadlifts that often. If I limit both to 3x a week I tend to progress faster on deadlifts than squats. If deadlifting 5x a week I find I stagnate one squats and end up using them as a warmup. Balancing the two has always been tricky for me. If I want both to go up I focus on them seperately for 4-6 weeks at a time while keeping the numbers the same on the other.

  25. I once fucked up ten fucking guys in a bar. That's right ten muthafuckers, one after the fucking other! Oops, mistake there at line one, putting in the word "up".

  26. Jamie, here is her bodyspace anyone who sees her slipping can join me in remotivating her.


    Any time she misses a workout I send her a picture of her mother and remind her this is what she will look like in 10 years if she doesn't clean up her diet and lifestyle.

    Before accusations of being an asshole start btw... please not she asked me to motivate her and stay on her ass about getting into shape.

    Glen you fucked 10 guys in a bar once.. bro... we didn't need to know that. Some stuff should be kept to one's self.

  27. Glen-Desperately-Seeking-Attention-MacCharles..
    "look at me, daddy, look at me!"

  28. jason--I dare you to post a comment on here or on bb.com without writing a fuckin' novella. jesus christ, shut the fuck up. make your point in a few words and be done. you're almost as bad as justin james.

  29. Well excuse me, I type 70 WPM and am a speed reader... and am writing a couple novels. I don't have a good judge of what most people consider a 5-10 second read though. My posts take me 5 seconds to read so should take you what 10-15?

    Jippo summed it up best, most of the people on bb.com are retards... perhaps the lack of ability to read anything longer than 5 words is a clear sign. I wonder if it is the toxins in your food and water that has lowered your IQ...

    You do realize bodybuilding is an intellectual persuit yes?

  30. I normally say on bb.com that the majority of bodybuilders are lazy. I should extend this statement further. Most bodybuilders are lazy AND rather dim-witted.

    There you go: short, sweet and within the level of your limited attention span.

  31. "MATT DAMON"

  32. Jason, relax. I agree with anonymous. We're all smart enough to comprehend what you're saying. You're a bit long-winded and one can only read that you lift "natty" so many times before it becomes a bore. Brevity--or not commenting at all, unless you have something new to say--is a good thing. Nobody cares how many WPM you type.

  33. I loved Pauline's look back in the day (from the photos you posted). Now she's emaciated herself from eating nothing but vegetables, egg whites, and some types of fish/nuts. Looks pretty sick, TBH. I wish she was still 119 lbs. with more muscle mass, because she was much more of an inspiration back then. *sigh*

    What people fail to realize, is that even if you are a competitive bodybuilder, you're still able to get away with eating things "off plan". There are no "good" or "bad" food. If there was, then I'm guilty of eating "bad" food every day, so long as it fits with my calories/macros. And even with "cheat" meals, where you're not counting anything and just eating whatever, it really doesn't make that much difference in the long run so long as you're not stuffing yourself to the point of hospitalization.

    I used to be one of the chicks who went batshit crazy with cheat meals. Started at one meal, and even though I was full I'd eat until I couldn't move anymore, hahaha. Thankfully those days are loooooooooooooong gone. And I'm no longer the typical chubby bitch who couldn't keep her hand out of the cookie jar. :P

    That being said, "free meals" are awesome.

  34. Well, if I get any questions from girls in re their free meals, I shall send them your way, since you slaughtered your food demons on the fields of Valhalla and all that.

    I haven't seen any pics of Pauline recently, but that fucking sucks.

    Jason, if I ever go on bb.com again, I'll check her a=out. I've developed an allergy to that site.

  35. Jamie I totally understand. The worst part of that forum is that many novices who never learned the basics when they started 5+ years ago have become the regulars and main sources of "wisdom". Guys with 5 years of experience but with 15" arms and a 315 squat really shouldn't be giving advice on gaining size quickly. They are quoting secondary sources and should use their own experience as what "not to do".

    Christine, how did you go about dealing with this issue on you cheat meals?

  36. Thats not the real glen mac charles, if it ain't a red link it ain't real. Thats just some butthurt fuckface. It might even be rant, back from his 2 month hospital stay due to severe life threatening vaginitis.

    @ Jason: I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments on bb.com. Its terrible. If you do anything worthwhile you sound "overtraining" alarm bells on that site. That and t-nation are cesspools of bro-science and mentzerism.

    LOL 5 years experience with 15" arms and 315 squat is pretty fucking terrible. I've only been lifting seriously less than a year, and I'm squatting and DL'ing 2.5 times bodyweight thanks to jamie's lifting philosophy.

  37. Even if it's a red link, it might not be Glen. All I did was put his video in the link, and now someone would think I'm Glen MacCharles.

  38. might try the pulling only multiple singles off the floor approach as well. I always thrived on 2s and 3s.

  39. Jamie, here's some pics of Pauline presently for reference:




    I liked her much better with a little more meat on her bones, when she wasn't so lean.

    @ Jason - It was when I allowed more freedom and flexibility in my diet that I found I didn't need to go overboard with my cheat meals. I only did that when I was deprived. I couldn't stand the whole "stick to your diet for the week so you can binge on sunday" thing. Instead I would include small things that I wanted to eat in my diet as I saw fit, and it helped me to realize that food is just fuckin food. There's no reason to eat it like it won't be there tomorrow.

    I also made it a point to eat slowly, and if possible, socially. I had to remind myself that I was eating to treat myself, not to store food in case of a famine. Eating my cheat meals at NIGHT helped a lot. I always made it my last meal of the day so I wouldn't turn the entire day into a binge day.

    And of course, when I found that I was gaining weight and not making progress, I knew I had to change something up. And drowning in a gallon of ice cream every Sunday night and calling it a "cheat meal" wasn't working. At first I cut them out completely for awhile, and over time my cravings just stopped almost completely...and then I started slowly adding them back in, and now I eat whatever in moderation. The thing that helped the MOST though, was MAKING my own cheat meals or going out to eat them, rather than ordering a bunch of takeout, or buying tons of stuff at the store. If I go to a coffee shop and get a dozen donuts, you can bet your ass they'll be gone in less than 10 minutes. But if I make myself a meal/dessert, or if I go out with a friend to dinner, I'm far less likely to eat too much simply because the serving is smaller, and if I wanted more I'd either have to make more (and I'm lazy) or I'd have to buy more...which I'm reluctant to do. So teach the girl proper portions...if she wants ice cream, suggest getting a pint, not a 2 gallon tub.

    The key is remembering that overeating triggers overeating, and sugary and fatty foods act like drugs with your body - they're addicting, and pretty easy to overeat if you're not careful.


  40. Broad looks like that idiot who was incapable of holding herself upright in a chair due to starvation that was on talk shows a few years ago. Thankfully, she dropped dead. I just discovered that there's a whole generation of retards, however, who are super psyched to starve themselves, which is bizarre and amusing.

    Anyway, Nordin looks like a bag of hammered dogshit now.

  41. She looks fucking disgusting in those pictures.

  42. I know, it's quite disappointing. She was hit with this sudden urge to starve herself down to 112 lbs by doing 3 hour of cardio every day (no joke). Oh, and eating under 1700 calories every day, with a refeed like once a month, haha. And her fan page on facebook is like that...they're all psyched and crazy to starve themselves into eventual nonexistence.

    I wish chicks would just eat and lift heavy. :(

  43. She's pro-ana now, eh? Sweet. Well, with luck, she will be the Pied Piper of morons and remove from our midst a generation of people who've never read a book and say "like" and "whatever" every other word. One can hope.

  44. I do not understand this pro-ana and these retarded fasting skinny bitches, and the debatable existence of men who love them.

    Personally when I'm plowing a woman, the last thing I want is a charlie horse from banging my thighs on bare ischial tuberosities.

    We need to balance out the skeletons with some hot crossfitters

  45. I love seeing the thong through the shorts. Good call.

    I only discovered the who ana/mia thing today while looking for the name of the broad who couldn't hold herself upright. For a while, that scrawny bitch was on tv every time I turned around. And holy shit- want to know how to not get laid in a bar? Loudly proclaim that the only thing that bitch needs for a "cure" is to punch her in the fucking face every time she fails to eat a hamburger that's put in front of her. If not eating is a disease, then I'm a fucking Chinese jet pilot- stupid's not a disease. It's a way of life.

  46. I have another pic to "balance out" the skeletons:


    Just ignore the fact she's holding 10 lb. dumbbells.

    You're welcome. ;)

  47. You need to start throwing A LOT more Pauline Nordin pics into posts!

  48. Is it weird that I have a LOT of these?






    Have to appreciate a good physique, I suppose!

    Sorry for the hi-jack, Jamie :)

  49. really though, who's the chick you posted by herself, christine?

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