28 July 2010

Hooligan Horrorshow- Glen "The Angriest Motherfucker Alive" MacCharles

Deep in the wilds of Canada there exists a man that's the most pure physical embodiment of hatred since Albert Johnson capped a bunch of mounties from his bunker in the frozen wastelands of the very same nation in which Glen MacCharles resides.  Given that my training philosophy is open sourced, and I'm sure you people are all curious about what one another does or doesn't do in terms of training and diet, I thought I'd start posting some bios to facilitate mutual learning.

What have I learned from Glen?  It is apparently possible to thrive on little more than hatred and milk.  Additionally, this is the way to obtain the physique of a turn of the century strongman, which is essentially what Glen's rocking.  Motherfucker looks bizarrely like a modern day Edward Aston, if you mixed in a bit of the wacky redheaded guy from Braveheart and 13th Warrior for good measure.

Your name is Scottish as all hell.  Do you live in Scotland?
I live in Hamilton, Ontario. I think this city might have the highest per capita of retards, it's great. It's also (and this one is a fact) got the most Tim Horton's Donuts shops than anywhere else in the world. I live in the fucking ghetto too. My house overlooks the playground where all the "gangsta" wannabes spend all day drinnking beer. That playground is full of broken glass. I thought I hated the human race before I moved here three and a half years ago. I was wrong. The more I see of these cracked out bling bling clowns the more I truly believe that a full scale nuclear holocaust is the only answer. Just destroy it all and rebuild from scratch if there's anything left at all. If I didn't have a responsibility to my wife and kids I really think I'd eventually just go out there and start beating the shit out of them with a handful of broken glass in each hand.

You're a fucking maniac.  What the fuck is Wipeout?
Wipeout is a gameshow on TV where contestants have to make it through a series of obstacle courses to try and win $50,000. There's no second place on that show so you either win or get nothing. The whole point of the show seems to be about injuring and humiliating everyone on it. Right up my alley.

That sounds about as much like anything I know about you as chocolate seems to go with cellophane and carpet cleaner.  In any event, what's your diet and program looking like these days?  Any PRs you feel like mentioning?
My diet is extremely simple. I've just never had any interest in junk food. Even as a kid I used to trade my Hallowe'en candy away to my sisters. I just didn't want it. Consequently, I'm the only one out of my brothers and sisters that doesn't have a problem with being a fatass. On a typical weekday I eat:
Three raw eggs in a glass of chocolate milk with olive oil, honey and peanut butter. I blend this all together in a Magic Bullet.
First Break
Ham and pastrami on whole wheat with lettuce and mayonnaise and a 710 ml pop bottle full of milk.
Same as first break.
Last Break
Some kind of fruit, usually a banana but I like apples too.
When I get home I eat whatever my wife puts in front of me. Some staples include steak, porkchops, Hamburger Helper, chicken fettucine alfredo, roast beef pot roast. She's a fucking awesome cook. When I was a kid my mom didn't even cook at all. Her mother used to cook, send the food over to my house and then my mom would reheat it. By the time I was in the second grade or so she didn't even do that anymore so I grew up eating whatever bullshit I could prepare for myself. I ate a lot of cereal, sandwiches, minute rice, Kraft Dinner, that sort of crap. I was a pretty scrawny kid. But all of that just makes me appreciate a good homecooked meal that much more now. I don't necessarily have a huge appetite but I love eating.

My program doesn't really look like anything. I like a lot of different exercise protocols and I like a lot of different rep ranges too. Sometimes I lift weights, sometimes I lift sandbags or kegs, sometimes I just do a lot of pushups and squats. Lots of sets, lots of reps, lots of weight.
As far as PRs, well, I backlifted a steel beam at work a few weeks ago that, according to the order, weighed 3000 lbs. Orders always overestimate the weight so it was probably actuallu in the mid to high 2000s but still pretty good if you ask me. I press big pieces of steel over my head at work all the time. You're supposed to use the crane for anything over 50 lbs but fuck that. So far the heaviest piece I've presses overhead was 208. I might have done more than that but never calculated the weight for it. I've done more than that on a barbell before but big pieces of steel are way more fun.
Some of my best lifts are
Squat 500
Bench 315
Deadlift 545
Behind the Neck Push Press 315
And I really like wrist curls so I regularly use 135 or more in that exercise. My forearms are way out of proportion to my upper arms. It's awesome.
Since everyone will be wondering, I may as well get it out of the way, so the comments look less gay- what are your vital statistics (height/weight/age)?
As far as vital statistics, I'm 32 years old, married with three kids (11 year old boy, a five year old daughter and a four year old daughter. The girls were born exactly 362 days apart. Including miscarriages, I kept my old lady consistently pregnant for about three years.), 5'8" tall and my weight fluctuates between 180 and 190 depending on how hard I'm pushing myself in the weightroom. I've been working out for about 15 years and competing in strongman contests for seven years.
Like me, you appear to be of the opinion that it is better to hated than beloved.  I could fill a book with stories about my efforts to retain my "Most Fucking Hated" title, which I wear proudly.  Most recently, I found myself getting cockblocked by a fat chick at a bar, who I handed two bucks and told to her fat ass over to McDs for a couple of things off the dollar menu, as it appeared that her blood sugar was getting low, and she was being a cunt.  The fat chick then pitched a fucking fit, and got me 86'd from yet another bar.  Any stories of that ilk you feel like sharing?
I would definitely rather be hated than loved. It's way more fun. There are a small handful of people in this world whose opinions about me actually matter as far as I'm concerned. My wife and my kids. Anybody else can fuck right off. My mother never loved me and told me I was a mistake all the time growing up. She was right though, I was a mistake. People shouldn't keep babies like me. A lot of people cry about shit like that but I never really cared. I figured it out pretty early and simply moved on. She had gotten herself pregnant and asked my dad if she should get an abortion. He told her to do what she thought was best so she went and got one. He must have seemed upset or something after because she deliberately got herself knocked up again immediately afterward to make it up to him. Well, I guess this must have really pissed him off and he apparently accused her of being batshit crazy which, if you ask me, she was. Anyway, their marriage broke up before I was even born and I am the living representation of that failure. I was also hated by most of my peers at school. It made me feel good after a while though. Sooner or later you realize that if hatred is what they want, hatred is what they can have. Being completely surrounded in hatred myself, I had nothing to lose as far as I was concerned so I became the biggest asshole I could possibly be and treated everyone like shit. I started to learn about how fragile the human ego is, how easily a person can be hurt, and I exploited it as often as possible. By the time I was finished high school I was blacklisted from any and all house parties in the east end because everyone knew I'd walk into a house and destroy the whole place, literally just trash the place, without giving it a second thought. I'd smash the fuck out of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, start wrestling matches in the living room, steal shit, hide people's shoes, anything to encourage general chaos. Nobody seemed to be able to figure it out, why I would do shit like that. But the way I saw it, I was nobody before, just some piece of shit to be shoved out of the way or pointed out to be laughed at. Now I was one of the most hated individuals in their lives. I could fuck them over constantly and there was nothing they could do about it because I literally didn't give a shit about their feelings.
Some of the younger crowd would pool all their money together and give it all to me with a list of shit they all wanted from the liquor store. I'd turf the list and just fuck off with their money every time. I got away with that one several times before they just stopped giving me money. The more hate I created, the more I wanted. It was never enough. I had to keep pushing the envelope further and further. To a certain extent I still do even though I have grown up some since those days. Now I'm content to just be an all around asshole.
I'm not sure if Glen's pissed about his choice in footwear or the fact that someone replaced his dog with a muppet.  Maybe he just really has to shit.  

In your opinion, is there any cardio worth doing other than fucking?
Well, nothing beats a good sportfucking but I've been known to run, jump rope and do high-rep bodyweight exercises from time to time. This one time, three friends of mine and I were drinking at a baseball diamond in the middle of the night and some goof came walking over out of the bushes asking for a smoke or a light or some other such shit. One of my friends started swinging at him almost right away. The thing is, when this guy went down, my other two friends ran over to get in on the beatdown and this guy was fighting from his back like he was a goddamned superhero. Throwing kicks and insults in every direction. Normally I prefer not to bother getting involved in swarmings but this time was different. I figured I'd circle around towards his head and just stomp him right the fuck out since nobody else could get the fucking job done. Well, I couldn't hit the fucking guy either! It was like tryiong to stomp on a squirrel. He eventually made it to his feet and ran off down the block. We chased him for a bit but I already knew we had no chance of catching him. He turned around at a corner way the fuck up ahead of us, pulled up his shirt and shouted, "You're not in shape!"
I started to take cardio training a bit more seriously after that night. I was already pretty lean and strong but shit, I used to be a 100m sprinter on the track team as a young kid and I couldn't even catch this crackhead because I was "not in shape." Had I maintained my running ability I might have been able to catch that douchebag and wrap his face around a No Parking sign or something. It was humiliating. We nicknamed that fuckhead Spiderman but I've never seen him again since. So for just general health or fat loss, any type of cardio will do fine and if you lift weights with any effort at all you can probably get by with just that. And in most people's cases, they never should have allowed themselves to become fatfucks in the first place. Ten minutes three times a week on a treadmill isn't going to reverse 10 years of sitting on the couch elbow deep in a bag of chips every fucking day.

Is there anyone you'd like to murder, or fuck, or both, in front of a million people?
There are so many that I don't think I can narrow it down to just one. There is a guy who tried to use my wife and kids against me during a flame war because he's an obviousl chickenshit pussy who takes his online time very seriously. I think he'd be good fun to beat to death in front of a million people. He lives at 31 Old Westford rd., Chelmsford, Ma 01824 but I can't be bothered traveling all the way there just to knock out a few teeth and then come all the way back home. In a perfect world though he'd be right around the corner and living in a wheelchair today. My kids could use him as a toy. 
Beyond that, I plan on fighting anyone I see after I die, if there is an afterlife that is. So whether it's God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Satan, Vishnu or just some other tool, he's getting punched straight in the fucking face the moment we lock eyes.

Lastly, Fuck/Marry/Kill- Your mom, your dad, and a random stray dog.  Reasons?
My dad's already dead so he's out. If he wasn't so fucking old while he was alive he might have been fun to fight to the death. He was 80 when he died a few years ago but was apparently a badass motherfucker when he was young. I want proof. 
I've got no use for my mom so she can fuck right off. Fucking her would not be very exciting. She's told me and just about everybody else I know all about the night she lost her virginity more times than I can count. Apparently she was so scared shitless that she made her first husband wait until the second night of their honeymoon and then closed her eyes, spread her legs, squeezed the bedposts and cried the entire time because of how much it hurt. Doesn't that sound like fun? Marrying her is also out of the question. She has no idea how to coexist with other humans. I can understand being generally displeased with the race as a whole. Most human beings make me want to scream so loud that the planet implodes. I understand treating people like shit too because it makes you feel good. But cultivating misery within your own home makes very little sense to me. She fucked up two marriages and every other relationship she ever had already. I don't even wat to kill her because I might actually get more enjoyment watching her die of self-loathing all by herself.
As for a stray dog, Hell, I'd rather be a stray dog than a human being. Maybe I'll marry that one.

... and that will about cover it.  We are all better people for having basked in the glow of Glen's hatred, which likely has consumed the galaxy at this point.  In any event, this is what this blog's all about- spreading the fucking knowledge, and coming to the conclusion that there's more than one way to skin a fucking cat in the gym, provided that it's more work you're doing, and not less.


  1. Good post. Glen is a angry mofo!

  2. Congrats on your failed stomping attempt. You must be very proud.

  3. Gotta say Mac, liked you better on the RT board.

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    Jamie, please do an entire blog on Glen's forearms and his forearm training. With empircial evidence, references, footnotes and all the other happy horseshit with which you pepper your blogs.

  9. You and three buddies couldn't hurt one guy on the ground, and you are going to punch Jesus, Satan, etc., when you see him??? Rarely has a collection of such stupid thoughts appeared in print.
    Probably a nice guy, but this interview just confirmed a lot of what Glenn's previous postings have suggested.
    Nice kick in that pic?? Sure. We all know it's not effective, don't we?

  10. I'm surprised there wasn't a mention of the famous 'Mac 50' that is now famous over at RT.

  11. What the fuck is the heretofore never mentioned yet repeatedly-mentioned-here RT?

    I'll get right on that forearm training thing. Fucking kid's a one man Diesel Crew, apparently.

  12. Rosstraining man. Isn't that how you first got the gospel of the wheel?

  13. Nope. I've had an ab wheel since high school, and I think I remembered it existed from a Waterbury article on t-nation.

  14. This site has officially jumped the fucking shark. So now it's cool to be the loser kid at school that no one liked and is now brimming with hatred? And who the fuck has such mommy issues? My mom's a worthless piece of shit, but it rarely enters my thoughts.

    I will only continue reading this blog if you promise to interview Dracoy so as to offset this atrocity with hilarity.

  15. Man I love guys like this. They sure talk a mean fight, dont they?
    'Watch out everybody, I'm a loose cannon that could go off anytime, yeah I'm an edgy motherfucker I am, yeah cunt - you looking at me?'

    Congratulations, you are socialy dysfunctional.
    Anyone impressed by this faux sociopathic posturing must have the developmental level of 15 yeay old with Down's syndrome.

  16. Jewish MESHUGENAH PainJuly 28, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    This post makes me want to


  17. Based on this interview, I'd say the guy in MA is pretty safe. Mac-Stupid would have to bring three friends. Oh shit, wait: he's STILL safe.

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    Where the fuck is Dracoy(this shud be gud)?

  19. Further evidence that a strong body does not make a strong mind.

  20. I don't know what all these blue ball Anons are talking about. This guy is the fucking man, and I wish he lived near me.

  21. Ryan, slow down buddy. He's married.

  22. lol, the hate here is amazing.

    Dude is jacked, gotta give him that.

    That diet is somewhat surprising. Doesn't seem too high in protein by traditional lifting standards.

  23. This guy would make good cannon fodder. Also, I'm surprised he's not 13 by the way he talks. Fucking manchild. Who gives a fuck if you're strong, you're weakminded as fuck. Waaahhhhhh momma!

  24. "this guy was fighting from his back like he was a goddamned superhero. Throwing kicks and insults in every direction."

    Good interview, we learned that if you're gonna start a fight with Dracoy, you'd better bring more than four people.

  25. Wait, wasn't Megan's law made because of guys like this?

  26. Glen MacCharles is fucking awesome.

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  29. Mac's posted a link to the interview at RT.

    Check out what his buddies think of him :

  30. Jamie hits home runs with his blog, and on occasion throws a gutter ball.
    Big fail on this one. You both sound like dysfunctional teenagers.

  31. His beard looks really stupid, what an ugly beard.

  32. I lost interest in the Rosstraining forum a while ago. I look at it out of habit now more than anything else. When I was posting training information there all the time some of those same kids couldn't get enough. I got bored with that and keeping with the standard Internet reaction, now they don't like me anymore. What else is new?

    "That diet is somewhat surprising. Doesn't seem too high in protein by traditional lifting standards."
    It might not be but since I eat the same things at the same time of day every day, it's easy to manipulate it. For example, when I want to put on 10 lbs I just push a little harder in the gym and add another sandwich to my daily meal plan.

  33. Anyone have Sigmund Freud's phone number? He'd be interested in this guy.

    Hey, Glen, Mac-Fail-To-Stomp, what became of those three other addicts that you were hanging with?

  34. "I nurture a seething hatred of humanity, and nobody likes me anymore.. boo-hoo"

  35. I still talk to them sometimes. One of them has been in and out of jail a bunch of times since then. The other two have outgrown that life like most people do as they get older. My teens and twenties were pretty crazy. It was fun though.

    Are you a crackhead youself, Anonymous? You seem pretty offended that anyone would try to stomp on one. I think crackheads are shit. There should be a season when it's legal to hunt them.

  36. Sorry, bud, YOU are shit. Go cry about your mommy.

  37. Laughing at all the hate. This guy obviously lifts like a maniac and actually competes. He doesn't just sit around talking about it. I find it interesting that Glen is able to get results from such an average diet.

    Glen - so no supplements at all?

  38. C&P,

    What was the point of this entry? Seriously. That YouTube was an utter waste of 3 minutes. I kept waiting for something to happen and it never did. Here’s a tip. If you are asking your readers to watch a vid longer than 10 second there should be some point to it not just some douche with a cigarette handing out trophies.

    And what is it about this Canadian cunt that warrants and interview? His lifts? Or are you sweet on him to? Really now his lifts were above average at best. Maybe by interviewing this nut you figured you’d look rational by comparison. You really are a joke.


  39. This entry went off well with the rank and file of 13 year old boys that love C&P. He uses this site to lure them into encounters behind the Tasty Freeze. C&P do you drive a Camaro?

  40. Are there grips and bloods in Ontario ghettos?

  41. Can't believe this, but Rant is right about that video. Jamie, did you link the wrong video?

    By the way, nobody is "hating" Glen. He seems to be nuts, people are reacting to it. It's not hate.

    Jamie sure loves the loons.

  42. Have you been involved in Martial arts to some degree?

  43. Mac has much better videos of him competing in strongman comps... Not sure why this one was posted

    The interview should have had more about Glen's training and less about him bragging about stealing money from teenagers and stomping crackheads that ask for a light. Tough guy. Waste of time overall

  44. Previous poster (8:16 am) is the voice of reason.

  45. Yes, there are crips and bloods in Ontario. In Hamilton it's mostly bloods. Crips tend to be from Toronto.

    "Glen - so no supplements at all?"
    No. I don't believe in supplements. If any of them actually gave you any significant advantage they'd be made illegal just like steroids are. They're overpriced anyway so I can't be bothered with them.

    "Have you been involved in Martial arts to some degree?"
    I have a black belt in taekwondo but I haven't competed since high school.

    I'm pretty sure Jamie did post the wrong video. It was my Wipeout audition video that originally made him want to interview me and that video is on someone else's channel. My guess is he searched for my name on youtube and couldn't find the video he was looking for so just grabbed a random one off my channel.

    You pussies sure bitch a lot. I guess it's upsetting when Jamie interviews somebody you've never heard of instead of spoonfeeding you a workout routine or a new exercise to try. I understand you unhappiness and I'm glad I was a part of it. I wish I could have wasted more of your precious time. Dipshits.

  46. That vid pretty much killed the story. Even a good vid would not have helped much. You are pretty strong but when I was your age I lifted a hell of a lot more and I was no big deal. This was simply a macabre exchange between a couple of weirdos.

  47. Glen - a few serious questions for you friend.

    To the point, how does your hate fuel your workouts?

    Do you feel your anger makes you stronger mentally or emotionally, so your over-riding level of anger makes you a better strongman?

    Is a man who is filled with hate stronger or weaker mentally in your opinion? ...is an abundance of hatred a sign of mental strength or weakness?

  48. So is it standard procedure to attack someone for asking for a light in Canada?
    It seems like a good thing to know if god forbid I should ever find myself there.

  49. ^^Stay out of the hood man!! Or quit smoking

  50. Excellent fucking article, this guy is METAL AS FUCK, I'm going to listen to some Bolt Thrower and Destroyer 666 while doing wrist curls, motherfucker!

  51. Crackheads are cooler than this faggot.

    And to the faggot above me.


    You are gay, kid.

  52. I did link the wrong video, hahaha. Whoops. I'll send you guys all your 3 minutes back. Just give me your mailing addresses and bank account info. The right one will get linked in a second.


  54. spare us. I beg of you. It makes him out be a bigger ass than the interview, and that takes some doing.

  55. Hmmm, he has a job, wife, 3 kids, and strong as fuck... so that means that he's probably way more accomplished and grounded than most of the pussies posting shit about him here!

  56. Way more "grounded"?! You must have read a different interview.

  57. Hey, maybe Mac-hatred was misquoted on this interview?

  58. Wouldn't your energy be better spent training instead of whining about an interview on the internet? And no I've already reached my top functional potential and don't need to waste much energy on training. That's why I have time to police the internet and point out other peoples ignorance. Your welcome. Now get back to training.

  59. Erm, why'd you attack a guy who asked a light? You're an asshole.
    But you're impressive. Could have done without the eye-rolling troubled-youth backstory, but I'd like to know how you get your crazy jackedness.

  60. He didn't, his friend did. He joined in because none of them seemed to be doing much of anything, although I suppose he didn't really either.

    God damn, if you can't read then don't read.

  61. "Glen - a few serious questions for you friend.

    To the point, how does your hate fuel your workouts?"

    I use it to whip myself into a frenzy before big lifts. It also helps at the end of a long, high rep set like 20 rep squats or 50 rep wrist curls. It's good in competition too. I tend to use it a lot for truck pulling particularly. I spit, scream and grunt like an animal until I cross the finish line.

    "Do you feel your anger makes you stronger mentally or emotionally, so your over-riding level of anger makes you a better strongman?"

    It depends on the event. Going berserk with rage can help with a log press or a medley but doesn't do much for a car deadlift held for time. Not that it doesn't work but it has to be turned inward for something like that rather than expressed outwardly.

    "Is a man who is filled with hate stronger or weaker mentally in your opinion? ...is an abundance of hatred a sign of mental strength or weakness?"

    It depends on the person and how they use their experiences to shape themselves over the course of their lifetime. I've used it to become stronger but I've seen others with similar circumstances allow it to break them down.

  62. GLEN, I wasn't quite sure how to tell you this but, I'm your father. Now clean up your act, and stop staying out late.

  63. Dray - Ahhh, okay, it makes a HUGE difference that his friend attacked the guy first and then he joined in -_-

    Can we get back to training posts that are actually useful now Jamie?

  64. Yeah, Mike. Lift heavy weights as often as possible, don't eat garbage food and don't be a pussy about it either. Happy?

  65. Glen, maybe if you had been that concise in your interview, instead of taking us through your mother losing her virginity?

  66. This seems to be the post that everyone hates most, yet it is the post that has gotten more replies than any other recent post.

  67. The hatred is nothing but fear, pussified fear of strength fueled by hatred

  68. I wonder if that crackhead likes Hefty Bag Disposal.




    Yes, I'm aware those aren't the actual lyrics. Go fuck yourself.

  69. I love that fucking song. Shame their second disc blew dogshit.

  70. Fuck all them Mac. Their just jealous they could never train as hard as you.

    Rosstraining members gotta watch each others back on the rest of the internet.

  71. Honor they mother and father, anyone?

    Unless you've changed smelly baby diapers for years upon years and sacrificed for your child, you wont get it.

    Be angry, doesnt change the facts. Some parent took the time to feed you, get up with you, change your smelly pants and clothe you.

    No one promised anyone a rose garden.

  72. I think Mac became a bit of a legend at RT forum,you know big fish small pond,plus his work ethic is twice that of anyone over there as m ost of them just wanna be badass street fighters that can impress there 15 year old mates

  73. This ginger is overboard in my opinion. He has mental problems. Hes a villain that needs to get his head chopped off with a broadsword so the normal people (who posess empathy and loving parents) can live happy lives without some asshole hiding thier shoes/