29 December 2009

**Who Loves Snatch? I Sure As Hell Do.

The one arm snatch, to be exact. This lift is hard as hell, but fun as shit, and generally a badass lift altogether. You might be tempted to try this with a dumbbell or a kettlebell, and insist that it's the same thing as the barbell snatch. Well, you're wrong. The barbell snatch is the only way to go, and if you're thinking about trying the others, you're denying yourself the ability to garner the respect and fear of those around you, in addition to a brutal grip and potential two hands anyhow skills (look for an upcoming blog about this bitch of a lift). As such, do the barbell snatch.

Charles Rigoulot set the one arm snatch record, at a bodyweight of 181, at 261 lbs. What's more, he was fucking FRENCH! A frog holds the world record in the one arm snatch- this cannot be left to pass. He was, however, an all-around bad motherfucker, and competed in weightlifting and auto racing, only to later become a pro wrestler.

Maxick, also a bad motherfucker in his own right, one arm snatched 165 at a bodyweight of 147.

According to Arthur Saxon, a badass at pretty much everything and who could snatch 200 lbs with both hands, this is how it should be done:
"Place yourself in position 1

and as you pull strongly with the right hand and shoulder, press as hard as you can with the left hand on the left knee. Then when the weight has reached a fair height, dip beneath same, the eyes to be all the time on the weight. The secret of this lift is to use as many muscles as possible at the same time, that is, your press with your legs, pull with your arm, and push with the disengaged one, also pull with the shoulder and jerk with the back, suddenly, when the weight is over your head, dipping beneath the same, and throwing it a little to the back. There are two positions possible in snatching weight, either of which is good, and both of which I will describe. One is to keep the body perpendicular and dip cleanly beneath the weight; the other is to suddenly fall to one side as in the bent press, when the bar is about the height of your head, and so place a straight arm beneath the weight, after which you recover to an erect position.

The benefit and advantage in this latter position being given a man who is enormously strong and a good side presser, if his arm should not go quite straight in the first attempt, then he may finish up the last inch or two by the body press, that is, if no objection be made by referee or opponents in competition. A variation of this is to snatch the bell overhead with the two hands instead of one, the hands being held the same distance apart as in the double-handed bar bell lift. Those anxious to practice the single-handed lift all the way, as in the English Amateur Championship Competition, will find my instructions as to the snatch are, if reversed, directly applicable to the initial pull-in to the shoulder. All that you have to do is place your hand on the bar with the palm to the front instead of to the back, then pull the bell up to the chest, stepping back with the left leg if pulling in with the right hand, and exerting as many muscles as possible.
Note: -In all these positions where the weight is lifted to the should from off the ground, the arm must NOT be bent at the first portion of the pull."

With the one arm snatch, you should start to enjoy better wind (if you're doing them for reps), vastly improved one arm grip strength, balance, overhead pressing strength, and the ability to impress just about anyone, anywhere, by doing a lift that's old as shit and pretty much wholly abandoned because it's too hard (sniffle!).

And remember to BE ALPHA! HAHAHAHAHA

Have you read your book today?
Have you gotten laid today?
Have you lifted brutal weights today?
Have you stabbed a random passer-by today?


  1. ...man i got a question..if you dont have a gym nearby..for some weeks..

    what could you do to not loosing to much strenght..

    right now there is a big block of wood..so im sticking to doing clenas and presses with it...
    its enought weight but got
    any other ideas

  2. Hey Jamie, I don't know if you're familiar with John Broz or BROZKNOWS on Youtube but the guy said something pretty cool on a forum the other day. It was, "IF you cant' squat everyday, lift heavy everyday then you are not OVERTRAINED, you are UNDERTRAINED!"

    If that wasn't enough, the 19 year old he coaches squats 772lbs, haha...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xFm9q1HBKY&feature=player_embedded

    Also, I might just go do some snatches right now!

  3. What kinda camera do you use?

  4. A damn fun lift. May just have to program those again here for tomorrow.

    What's your best on this one?

  5. I hit 155 the other day on my right arm. Left elbow's still yelling at me on occasion, so just 145 with the left.

    As for the camera, I have no idea. It's a digital camera, and it's silver. It's about 4 years old, and nothing special. I've yet to hire a cinematographer to film my lifts, haha.

  6. I was looking for this site and came across this other blog.



  7. "I'm about 6'0" and 138 lbs, but my goal is to be 135 lbs. My workout routine is focused on overall health and safety, but one day, my dream is to run a marathon. Many people start marathons, but only the best athletes are able to finish them. I'm a real estate agent. It's a horrible profession right now, but I don't let it define who I am. Good times or bad times, I am ultimately just Spence, and Spence is a compassionate human, a loving son, and a citizen of the world."

    My horror at this nonsense is boundless.

  8. Holy shit, that guy can't be for real. I bet it's someone trying to be funny.

  9. After reading how much he rides my nuts, I've decided it's a joke.

  10. I actually don't think it IS a joke. I think he has let the California retards go to his head.

  11. The site is *definitely* a joke! Today's posting (1/8) talks about Steve Jobs and how he must do a ton of cardio 'cuz he's so fit and trim. Well, Steve Jobs just had a bout with pancreatic cancer, which explains why he is so skinny...

    In any event, I just did these today for the first time ever. Pretty humbling experience. My numbers sucked (I did a bunch of dumbbell snatches with increasing weight, then tried the barbell one-handers), but it was also a "light" day. I gotta say, it was a killer routine, I feel a lot of muscles aching (even my abs felt it), and it was great for GPP. This is going to be a permanent fixture in my training, for sure.


  12. Haha, damn funny blog that one. Looking at his list of "man's man", I dont know whether to cry or laugh.

  13. Damn . . . these actually look pretty fun.

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