28 May 2009

*The Best Ten Bucks You'll Ever Spend

Everyone knows that good abdominal development is really an outgrowth of good diet and low bodyfat, but they feel like there's a magic bullet to badass abs anyway. Well, I can tell you this- your abs won't look good until you're lea enough to see them in the first place. Once you're there, however, there's really only one piece of equipment you'll need, and it'll cost you a mere $10.

Behold the Ab Wheel. Simple, convenient to use, and eminently portable. Additionally, it provides you with the most complete ab development possible, and will give you crazy-strong abs on top of it.

Using an ab wheel is fairly simple- you simply kneel on the floor, grasping the handles with both hands. Then, keeping your body in a straight line from your knees to your head, you roll out so that your body is fully extended in a superman position, and then return to the top. To make it harder, you can do these standing as well, but be forewarned- you will feel like you tore something the first time you try it!

Ross Enamait is the MAN when it comes to the ab wheel, so you can check out his form here. Forgive him the shitty music, please.

Get ripped!

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  1. As you always seem to forget - I continuously tell you that they frequently have these at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for cheaper than $10. No excuses.

  2. Ross Enamait also has a guide on his website to show you how to make a single-handed one so you can do one-handed rollouts.

    Also, rollouts make weighted vests manlier.

  3. You can also use a barbell with plates either side. Plus this gives you the advantage of adding weight and increasing resistance. viva la resistance!