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29 December 2009

Evil Will Always Triumph, Because Good Is Dumb.

Merry Christmas, fuckers! I thought I'd take this opportunity to blog on a more personal note, if for no other reason than I've been catching shit from just about everyone recently, and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. I've been accused of being everything from an attention whore to gay, retarded, un-alpha, pretentious, and then simply downright, old-fashioned evil. Well, most of those are probably true. On that note, my gift to you is a hilarious email I received, and my [expanded] response. Bear in mind, on this most materialistic and consumer-driven spending smorgasbord, that this is a guy to whom I've been giving advice for a couple of years, over the phone and via email, and since his divorce have been coaching him on how to pick up chicks, and recently helped him edit his profile on a dating website to facilitate his ass-getting adventures. Additionally, he has two kids who are handicapped in some manner. Clearly, in spite of my good deeds, he's got plenty of reason to hate me just on the kids deal.

The email:
Wow, I just finished reading your blog on the alpha male book. Do you honestly feel the only relevant things to a mans life are to kill people and fuck women? I mean, I have my respect for the conquerors of the past, but I don't idolize those motherfuckers for their morale [sic] fiber. So..the strong dominate and kill the weak, make necklaces out of their teeth, ect, [sic] whatever. Are you living in a fucking movie or something? Do you really think that is all there is to human life? Your comments on retarded people and cripples (my son included), you think that is a show of real strength? What the fuck is wrong with you dude? I have a lot of respect for you, I really do, but your lack of honor and respect for those types of people, and myself, shows a really weak side of you, that looks to me like you can't deal with. I realize the fact that you have no responsibility past yourself, you have told me that yourself. I have always prized myself on being strong and not living in fear that I can't show myself, or how I feel about shit. I don't have to hide it under a bunch of cliche macho fucking bullshit. For example, I like the movie the notebook. Oh, am I a big pussy now? What the fuck is this, high school? I am not really sure if I am getting the wrong picture from the way you blog or talk about yourself, but the way you do portrays you don't have a compassionate bone in your fucking body. If your real attitude is to kill the weak, and fuck women, then you are definitely taking human evolution backwards.

And my somewhat expanded answer:
You're shot right out of a fucking cannon today. Well, the short version is, no, I don't believe that that's what a man is supposed to do. I do KNOW, however, that that's what ALPHA males of any species do. They're not necessarily good fathers, but they produce a lot of kids. I criticized the fact that you had "the notebook" in your profile because it appeared to be sleazy bullshit thrown into your robotically-written profile to make chicks think you had a sensitive side, while none of the rest of your profile alluded to any such thing. You can like whatever you want. I'll break your balls about "the Notebook". Just because I think your love of the movie is 11 different kinds of hilarious doesn't mean I'm judging you as a person. I'm not christian, and I don't bother with judging people. I leave that to them.

As for their moral fiber, I could give a fuck- I'm not in the business of morality. I am, for all intents and purposes, a satanist. This means I have as much physical pleasure as possible without impeding others' ability to do the same. Insofar as I follow any belief system, I'm an Odinist, and I pretty much live by the nine Noble Virtues:
  1. Strength is better than weakness
  2. Courage is better than cowardice
  3. Joy is better than guilt
  4. Honor is better than dishonor
  5. Freedom is better than slavery
  6. Kinship is better than alienation
  7. Realism is better than dogmatism
  8. Vigor is better than lifelessness
  9. Ancestry is better than universalism

You and I are just going to have to agree to disagree on human evolution. I think compassion has irrevocably fucked up human evolution, and we're a shell of our former selves. That's one man's opinion. It might be wrong, but as my opinion either way is worth a bucket of warm piss in the grand scheme of things, I'll feel free to give it.

Finally, you of all people should recognize the fact that my writing style represents a somewhat fictionalized version of myself. It's a super-me. I fire for effect a lot, and I have fun getting rises out of people. As such, I thoroughly enjoyed your email and your righteous indignation, which was hilarious, given the fact that I 1) proclaim to the heavens that I'm a total asshole all over my blog, and 2) have taken a decent amount of time to help you out with a variety of things and chat with you, which would seem to indicate that I don't spend a lot of time judging you or your kids. For the record, however, I'm really not terribly compassionate. I'm occasionally empathetic, but I don't do a lot of hand-wringing about it, and it almost never extends past people whom I personally know well.

Sympathy and empathy are two traits that should have remained the sole purview of women, but for whatever reason (I blame Christianity for this as well), men have gotten in on the game as well. Now, they're puttering around the house wearing aprons and breastfeeding their children while their wives withhold sex from them and earn money for the household. It's horseshit, and begets weakness.

In short, it's better to be hated than forgotten.
Being hated is never gonna be a problem, haha.


  1. I love it when people hate me. It makes me feel good. And I'm working on developing a language slapping people in the face using morse code. This contribution to human history and civilization will ensure that I am never forgotten.

  2. sorry man. you are misguided. it's easy to feel this way when you are young, strong and naive. i enjoy your blog. i really do. your knowledge of training and nutrition is impressive and has been helpful to me. BTN push presses are awesome! for that, i thank you. however, when it comes to reconciling how mere musclular development with impressive leanness translates to being a man, absent other factors (beyond typing about it and playing pedestrian crap metal music), you are falling a bit short with the last few posts. it takes strength to be gentle and kind, and courage to place your own selfish pursuits behind that of another person. i could write more, but i won't. the bottom line is that you are attempting to create a monster and a persona, yet there is no ultimate outcome to this that will be of any benefit to you. how much more can you lift or leanness can you achieve without being a faggot and doing roids? not much. getting strong and lean is the simple (not easy) part. but, now what? don't embrace and promote a simpleton's view of manhood. guys who indiscriminately murdered others or impregnated women without taking responsibility aren't "alpha", they are a dime a dozen and pieces of shit- sure, there are a few who also happened to be "rulers" or "conquerors" but their lives were miserable and their legacies almost always died w/ them- nothing enduring or permanent. who gives a shit?

    this life goes by very quickly, and the dead guys from whose cock you swing don't care that you post a jpeg of them in your blog.

    so, please, keep writing and be yourself, but the histrionics and "extra" you interject detracts from your message.

  3. keep posting shit that has helped me grow at the rate i have been and i don't give a fuck what else you put up with it. the laughs i get from most of the extra shit are just a bonus as far as i'm concerned.

    the fact that anybody is ever offended by what somebody else throws up online blows my mind. grow a pair already.

  4. Hard read. Kept daydreaming after that email said something about fucking women and the strong killing the weak to make necklaces out of their teeth.

  5. lol great post.i love this guy!

  6. "so, please, keep writing and be yourself, but the histrionics and "extra" you interject detracts from your message."

    Well said.
    Jamie, you got a great blog, full of original thoughts, and I think we all tip our hats to you, and I credit you with having the balls to pen your thoughts as well as you do.

    But I agree, this whole alpha thing/direction is going off track.

    That being said, I'm here everyday to read your thoughts!

  7. Know what the gayest thing you can do online is?
    Complain about something you read online.
    Click on the X up there if you don't like it. Now fuck off.

  8. Hahahaha. You must own a kilt and a claymore. Perhaps a shillelaigh. Cheers!

  9. Jamie! Your thoughts on meal frequency? For getting stronger, are 6 meals a day better than 3, or 2, or 1?

  10. i love eating. why the hell would you only wanna eat three times a day?

    as for whether or not it's better, try this:
    eat whatever three meals you're planning on eating everyday for a month. then, for the next month, double the amount of food you ate each day during the first month and eat it over six meals a day. keep other variables such as lifting, sleep, etc as consistent as possible.

    come back after those two months and let us know which gave you better results.

  11. Hey Glenn: It's called a "comments" section.

  12. Word.
    To quote a famed spook, "no good deed goes unpunished." It's the ones you help who will most often resent you.

  13. Fuck i'm glad someone agrees. Compassion and love are such shitty and worthless attributes, if every male in the world suddenly adopted these traits i think i'd resort to mass murder.
    Eat meat, fuck girls, lift heavy and be offensive.
    Humans are ANIMALS with advanced brains, you know what animals do? Fight, eat and fuck. End of story.

  14. The strong die young because who the fuck wants to be old. Fuck those planet fitness judgement free zone assholes who would lunk alarm your because your beliefs are decimate the weak. Like George Carlin said, if your kid eats to many marbles, he doesn't grow up to be an adult. As for evolution of man, take away electricity and we are back to square one in the stone age where we are raping women and bashing our enemies heads in with blunt fucking objects. SMASH FUCKING WEIGHTS!

  15. PS if you take the testosterone out of a man what do you have??? A FUCKING WOMAN. Tell that dude who wrote you the email to get some test asap, unless he likes having a bleeding vagina instead of a dick.

  16. Couple of you kids are going to be a real treat in the work force. Good luck holding on to your menial jobs. Your children will be very impressed with dad....

  17. You are a good man with good intentions for a world full of weaklings, nitwits and assholes who will never know the joy of killing an animal with your bare hands and eating its liver raw while its blood streams down your foot-long golden beard.

    You advise your readers not to take weight lifting advice from anybody who themselves is not strong as a monster, so on that note I would like to know more about your Odinism and where you read it from, because I suspect you know where the more potent material is to be found.

    Thank you for your writings.

    Mister Misanthrope


  18. I just wish this kind of attitude were more widespread.