17 August 2017

Lucid Dreaming Rules- Cultivate Crazy Gainz and Trip Balls While Sleeping With The Olympus Hypnos and Binaural Beats

* This is a teaser for an article I posted on my corporate site.  I never intended to use this blog to sell product, so head over to www.chaosandpain.com to read this badass article in full.  Lest you worry, it's not a big advertisement for Hypnos- I just had some really cool experiences using Hypnos with binaural beats to have lucid dreams and thought I'd share the wealth.*

It is probably redundant to mention the vast importance of sleep for people in general, and trainees in particular.  More articles have been written about the subject than have likely been written about the importance of any other non-training subject in the strength training world, save for perhaps protein, so there is little need to belabor the point.

Sleep.  You need it like you need oxygen, protein, and sex.

Edison, the All-Time World Heavyweight Champion Asshole

Why don't people get enough sleep?  The factors are more numerous than tanning salons down the Jersey Shore, but they include people dicking around with their phones in bed, electromagnetic fields in and around the bedroom, poor diet, lack of exercise, and a litany of other factors.  In this author's opinion, however, the blame can be placed squarely at one asshole's feet- Thomas Edison.

Prior to the invention of the electric light bulb, people slept an average of 10-12 hours a day.  Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb, was a workaholic who believed that sleep, and rest in general, were unnecessary, primitive, and to be championed only by people so lazy that they rode around in whatever passed for Walmart's too-fat-to-walk scooters.  I suppose he needed all of that extra time awake to steal as much as he possibly could from other inventors, electrocute elephants, hire henchmen to beat up his competitors, force the world's greatest mad scientist Nikola Tesla to work a ridiculous 10 AM to 5AM workday, and get his assistants killed working on a ghost busting machine.  Whatever his other asshattery might have been, however, we can hate him most for the fact that he is directly responsible for the modern idea that getting "too much" sleep is unhealthy, and the fact that Americans average 20% less sleep than they did in 1900.  In contrast to our modern sleep habits, Paleolithic man (who was demonstrably stronger, healthier, and essentially better in every possible way than modern man) slept from dusk until dawn, which means a little over 10 hours a night in the summer, and considerably longer in the winter.  Were this unhealthy, it's unlikely that they'd have done it- they had fire, so they could have kept themselves busy into the wee hours of the night if they'd wished to.

Poor baby Edison couldn't even enjoy all of the scandalous crap he put in his movies (Aleksandrowicz), because his Johnson likely didn't work.

Amusingly, although Edison was a massive fan of jamming as much sex and violence into his movies as possible,  he probably had erectile dysfunction and couldn't whip it out and jerk it to the films he made.... 


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    1. I recommended a book on the subject- https://www.amazon.com/Putting-Wolf-Skin-Berserkergang-Somafera/dp/1505289718. I naturally pace back and forth staring at the weights and screaming along with whatever I'm listing to for somafera. Benny Podda whips himself with thorny branches. The Viking and Germans used to bite their shields. Check out that book and it should give you some ideas.

      As for Hypnos, you're not supposed to take it daily- you'll develop a dependence because of the phenibut. 3 days a week and you should be good to go.

  2. Have you considered writing about meditation (vipassana, Samantha, the shit Wim Hof is doing)? Do you practice anything yourself?
    Keep up the good work man.

    1. I've done some Luciferian/Left Hand Path Odinist meditation. I will make a note to myself to write about it. Thanks for the suggestion!