18 September 2013

Chaos and Bang your Canadian Earballs #2

No titties in this vid, so I'll help you out with that and hook them up here.  We pretty much ran the gamut on this show, so I'm not going to bother trying to give you all of the topics.  We pretty much threw our plan out of the window in the first thirty seconds of the show.

I've been catching shit from a variety of you about the lack of thick chicks on the blog, so feel free to voice your opinion about whether or not we need more thickness on the blog.  Frankly, I could stand to have a bit more thickness, but I know you guys love trannies and skinny broads, so let me know what you prefer.



  1. Great podcast guys. 1 vote for more thick mate.

  2. Steroids.

    ...With that out of the way, is the second picture the Nazi ex?

    "Women have it far far worse than us. Guys can be funny at least."
    I died laughing.

    1. Nope, the second picture is not the Nazi ex. I'm traveling and on a laptop I stole from my parents, so I don't have pic of her handy.

  3. Good shit usual. I am down with the thickness here. I married a delectably
    thick brunette.

  4. Looks like I will be spending even more time at r/thick. Life is hard.

  5. thick is good, skinny bitches can be nice to look at but really who can get over their fear of her ribcage poking your eye out during? just sayin.

  6. prefet fit girls, I view doughy ones in the same light as overweight guys (and that's not a good way)

  7. +1 on the thickness. Thanks. Keep up the good work.