18 September 2013

And From Upon The Mount, I Giveth Thee An Exercise- Behold The Awesome Wonder Of The Master Blaster Strict Press

Every now and again, one is struck by a preternatural genius the likes of which the world rarely sees.  In the ashes of what ended up being a half decent yet not Scanners-style head explodingly awesome bench workout, Talia suggested we take this shit back to Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and do a Master Blaster Strict Press.  For those of you who've never seen Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, here's a picture:

It's exactly what it looks like- a tiny baby man riding atop a giant retarded man.  Given that we had neither tiny baby men or giant retards, Talia and I subbed ourselves and busted off some strict presses with 65 lbs and 95 lbs.  It was, frankly, far more acrobatic than you'd think, and given that I barely have enough athletic ability to stand on one foot, proved to be rather challenging.  In short, he's a badass exercise you'll likely never do but you might want to just because it's completely pants-shittingly insane.  For the redditors and bodyspacers amongst you, it works:
  • neck, back, and hips for the bottom.  Riverdancing proved to be decent cardio, as well.
  • lats, traps and tris for the top.  There was excellent delt activation in the initial part of the lift, and abductors to squeeze the holy fuck out of my head.  

Thus, without further adieu, the dumbest and most awesome thing any two people have ever done in a weight room and lived to tell the tale:

Big ups to Stacy at Crossfit Music City for letting us train there free and basically allowing us to turn his gym into a fucking amusement park.  If you guys are ever in Nashville- hit him up.  www.crossfitmusiccity.com

"A CrossFit facility with a dedicated lifting emphasis. Lifter friendly and one of the largest CrossFit facilities in the country. Coaching staff includes Bryn Herrin, Stacey Greenway, Opal Hammer and Alex Brigham."

Contacts: Bryn Herrin (bryn@crossfitmusiccity.com) or Stacey Greenway (stacey@crossfitmusiccity.com)


  1. you two should break the unofficial tandem mixed powerlifting standard set by these two. http://youtu.be/_v76XXOuuys

  2. She could have popped her cock in your mouth from that position.

  3. Looking a bit like Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger in that pic!

    Any chance of a training blog soon?