15 August 2013

Chaos And Bang Your Canadian Earballs, Series 1, Episode 1

FINALLY.  I got my man Proper Villian to mix this shit up nice, and finally uploaded it to Youtube.  Plus, he popped that shit up on Mega so you guys can download here and here it if you want.  Huzzah.

Part 1:

Part 2:

You'll note that we've added Jay Nera to the podcast, and though he's introduced as a special guest, he's actually been officially added as a cohost.  No pics on this shit- just the goodness of our voices.  As such, might as well give you guys some titties to ogle.

Paul's a big fan of Rafaela, so this one's for Paul.  Let's not have him be the only one shameturbating to this pic.


  1. This guy is from Ottawa? Fucking A I'll have to check out his gym.
    Great podcast as usual, Jamie

  2. Nobody's listening unless it's about stew.

  3. http://lifthard.com/why-we-do-not-believe-in-knees-pushed-out-when-squatting/ Pursuant to the discussion of why Americans suck at Olympic lifting and the Chinese rock at it. Not the knee position in squatting, but the part where the coach is talking about practical experience, doing what works, scientists knowing their place etc. In contrast I remember reading an interview with an olympic training center chef who talked about often preparing vegetarian meals for our athletes because the USDA thinks that's healthy. Obviously our attitude towards drugs doesn't help either.

  4. I believe the CrossFit women got up to 235 in the clean and jerk ladder.

    Enjoyed listening to you guys as I trained tonight.

  5. Enjoyed this podcast much. BTW, which gym in Tucson did you go to with all the strong guys? I lift at the UofA gym and I recently discovered my meagre 415 DL there guarantees a 'beast' status :)

    1. It no longer exists- World's was where everyone trained, but it's a boxing gym now. It was on Stone in between Drachman and Speedway. I'm not sure where everyone trains now.

  6. You lads need to get on releasing the next batch of pod casts, stat.

  7. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/08/16/bigorexia-could-come-with-serious-side-effects/#.UhFpmidvMLQ.facebook

    For the next CnB.

    Jay's also a great addition! Welcome.