31 August 2013

Baddest Motherfuckers Ever- Dana Linn Bailey

Anyone who's read Issuance of Insanity 2 has likely read this, but I'm slammed getting the company together and finishing my diet book, so I figured I might as well use this as an excuse to post pics of one of the hottest women ever to walk the Earth- Dana Linn Bailey.  Every chick in powerlifting under 130 lbs should thank every god in every heaven that Dana Linn Bailey sticks to physique competitions, because this broad is beyond brutal under the weights. If you doubt me, consider this- she benches 90 lb dumbbells for reps, knows the words to Blood for Blood's song "Maldito" (which is fucking awesome if you've not heard it), has the most insane set of abs on Earth, benches half her bodyweight for 128 reps, 220 for a triple at 128, front squats 135 for 7, back squats 135 for multiple sets of 20, and is so hot that if you looked right at her you'd go blind and insane. Making matters worse is the fact that she and her punk rock star / DJ / artist / jacked motherfucker husband both seem cool as shit, so we're all pretty well fucked if anyone ever draws a direct comparison. That aside, she trains with her husband and more like a guy than what you'd typically see in a female lifter, and busts her ass in the gym.

For those naysayers who feel like that's not enough of a baddest motherfuckers resume, consider the following:

  • she only started lifting 7 years ago, and is hitting numbers that half of the guys on Reddit can't at considerably less bodyweight.
  • she won her first figure competition with less than a year of training under her belt.
  • she's the first IFBB pro physique competitor ever.
  • she's so goddamned hot she's been credited with killing more penguins with global warming than Styrofoam and Freon combined.
  • she and her husband hold a Guinness Book Of World Records record for most duck and snarly faces by a couple, ever.
  • she once trained with Tim Lambesis and escaped without a death warrant.
  • all she does is work, hustle, and kill. 

... and you thought I was kidding about the duck and snarly faces.

Her workouts are long as all hell, apparently so she doesn't have to do cardio to stay ridiculously lean. All upper body exercises are done for 4 sets of 6-15 reps and all lower body are done for 4 sets of 10-15 or 15-20 reps, as her legs are already pretty big and awesome from playing soccer through college (she played for West Chester University).

Incline Bench
Dumbbell Flat Bench
Pec Deck supersetted with Pushups
Incline Cable Flies
Decline Cable Flies

Wide Grip Pullups
T-Bar Row
Behind The Neck Lat Pulldowns
Seated Row
Pullups or Pulldowns
High Row supersetted with Straight Arm Pulldowns

Hack Squats (close stance)
Leg Extensions
Step Ups
Calf Raises


Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press
Lateral Raises supersetted with Reverse Dumbbell Flies
Front Raises supersetted with Overhead Press
Cable Lateral Raises
Rear Delt Spreader (on seated cable row)

Sumo Squats supersetted with Adductor Machine
Lying Leg Curls
Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deads supersetted with Standing Leg Curls
Calf Raise

Weighted Dips
Close Grip Bench Press
Straight Bar Curls
Reverse Cable Extensions
Cable Curls

As to how she stays lean, it's pretty much a combination of brutal training and more genetic gifts than half of the X-Men combined.  As I mentioned, DLB despises doing cardio and figures it's a complete waste of time that would be better spent lifting, and on top of that barely even seems to diet:
"I am not a very strict dieter. I do not count carbs, I do not weigh anything, I do not record anything…I just eat! I try to eat somewhat-clean for the most part. My sources of protein come mostly from egg whites, turkey, fish, steak, and some chicken. Most of my carbohydrates generally come from oatmeal, rice and sweet potatoes. But I do not like bland boring meals, I like eating like a normal person. I just make healthier choices for the ingredients. Example, if I’m hungry for spaghetti, I make nice wheat pasta and load it with tons of lean ground turkey instead of beef. Simple things like that keep me happy" (Cut and Jacked)
For those of you out there not planning on auditioning for the Averngers sequel with the selling point of having enough superpowers to get by without CGI, I can tell you from experience that this sort of a regime does not work for everyone.  That sort of a diet kept my abs in hiding like their name was Timur Bekmambetov for the majority of my training life, but the shit is definitely working for DLB.  If nothing else, you might want to take away from DLB's routine that if you break your ass in the gym for 9 hours a week, you can one day be as strong as a 128 lb chick. If you're a chick and a powerlifter, pray this broad never jumps the line into our sport, or even the unstoppable juggernaut Jennifer Thompson is in serious fucking trouble.

Cut and Jacked Interview: Dana Linn Bailey. Cut And Jacked. 17 Feb 2011. http://www.cutandjacked.com/Interview/with-Dana-Linn-Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey Routine. Cut and Jacked.  PDF. http://www.cutandjacked.com/Interview/with-Dana-Linn-Bailey

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  1. Replies
    1. I'm flattered you'd come out on my blog. That's pretty fucking cool. When did you first realize you were gay?

    2. I'm flattered you'd come out on my blog. That's pretty fucking cool. When did you first realize you were gay?

    3. "gross" is a bit harsh, when guys look at muscular women (those not jacked up on gear anyway) and say "that's a turn-off" I like to think they are full of shit because srsly 99% of the time those same guys if they had those women fucking half-nekkid rubbing up on their shit they'd hit it and newsflash, if she doesn't kill your boner she's not gross. To your credit though I'd honestly have to avoid looking directly at the striations in her delts, that almost kills it for me.

    4. How can you call him gay when you are attracted to a woman who looks like a fucking man? She is disgusting.

    5. It was a fucking joke, dude, and she hardly looks like a man. Don't hate because the broad is stronger than you, haha.

      You guys need to lighten the fuck up.

    6. man I just realised that I have no idea if I am gay or not
      I think I just don't like men's faces and cocks. If you took Jamie and added a cute girls head and swapped his cock for a vagina, I'd probably hit it. That feel

    7. What's "gross" isn't the way she looks. It's gross that she's clearly on roids... and the duckface photos certainly don't help.

    8. Yikes, I think DLB will have to go into retirement after these comments, apparently she is gross. Who knew?!

  2. DLB is rather hot and those are some impressive lifts.

    Although my 5'10" 150lb wife squats 220 for 5x5 and follows with 135 for 3x10 and still seems to think she is weak. I tend to count myself lucky. There is talk of competing.

  3. I so agree on DLB being one of the baddest mofos out there right now.

    Just gonna give a heads up. From what Ive gleaned from social media posts and videos, DLB actually does do cardio. I think she does a lot of outdoor running. To be fair I am pretty sure I remember her hating cardio in the gym on machines. (I think she did a lot of Stepmill work for her last contest prep and first IFBB win)

    Ha, you could also note she practically refuses to to talk about AB training.

    Sorry for my first post to be contrarian. I enjoy the blog a lot.

    1. Haha. I just related what I'd read. Given that she used to play soccer, her love of running does not come as a surprise.

  4. nothing to say about the post, but i feel like you'd dig this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2ZKf1DBJhE

    1. I like the intelligible vox, but I live and die by breakdowns and there were none to be found. Alas.

  5. Here come the trolls... ^^

    I have been following DLB for about 18 months now, and I even had the pleasure of meeting her earlier this year when she came to the UK. She is my absolute favourite athlete - not only for her physique, strength and dedication but more for the way she handles negative comments. Every picture she posts is met with hundreds of comments telling her she is disgusting and looks like a man, yet she just takes it in her stride and doesn't let it affect her. Her self-confidence is the most inspirational quality to me.

    1. Men who think she looks like a man don't look like men either.

    2. She's a fucking badass, to be sure.

  6. I agree without a doubt that she is a badass as well as extremely hot. What I think us a shame is that people who use steroids or other PEDs don't have the fucking guts to say that the drugs play a huge role. She clearly busts her ass in the gym and she clearly eats better than probably 95% of people on earth. However, neither of those explain how she has clearly become more masculanized over the past few years. Healthy food and lifting weights doesn't change a woman's jaw structure.

    1. ....Her jaw doesn't look very square to me??,also,the P.E.D.'s that she MIGHT be using or MIGHT HAVE used are available to everyone.Also,it never fails to amaze me that anabolic drugs were invented to help people and make them better,if they were as DEADLY as most people seem to think then they wouldn't have been allowed to be sold to the public.
      Maybe its just me but I can never understand why there's so much hysteria attached to whether someone uses them or not....maybe its just a conditioned response? after all,the media usually does a good job over exaggerating the risks and if it repeated often enough it'll actually become accepted as fact by the ignorant majority

    2. The hysteria doesn't come with whether people use them or not, it's whether they admit it. If you're a liar, you're a loser in my books. Just like Lance fucking Armstrong.

      So many people in the industry are on roids, and if you want my respect, you'll admit it. I won't judge you. But I'll judge you for lying (especially when you're making money off of being "natural").

    3. No one wants your respect, and your demand is as fucking stupid as it unnecessary. If "everyone" is on steroids, then why would they need to admit it, especially given the fact that they're illegal and they gain nothing (no one gives a fuck what you think, if you'll recall) by admitting to an illegal activity.

      Lance Armstrong's an entirely different animal- he competed in a tested fed (in which just about everyone pops positive) and NEVER POPPED POSITIVE.

      Go tell your stupid story fucking walking.

    4. You don't have to admit usage. Just avoid the question or give a joke answer rather than being a douchebag flaunting how much better you are than everyone else by claiming to be natural when you're not.

  7. Okay,ive read posts and articles about muscular Women for many years,i am an avid powerlifter myself but one thing seems to run true in every instance,whenever joe public is given the opportunity to comment on these Women it inevitably ends in a debate about them looking Masculine/gross/unappealing/drug use etc etc.....everyones entitled to their opinion of course but have the "Men" who are denigrating her efforts EVER REALLY HAD A GOOD LOOK AT THE AVERAGE UNTRAINED FEMALE?,especially those over 30 years old??
    What you will no doubt see is,even at that young age,is sarcopenia setting in,atrophied legs,butt,saggy tits,cellulite and on and on the list of accepted but entirely preventable maladies go.
    What I believe is happening here is that because DLB is at such an extreme,in comparison to her contemporary's,that the massive chasm in appearance triggers an evolutionary and inbuilt reaction from weak and less healthy Males (and Females no doubt)this knee jerk reaction is one of "anything different than what i'm used to cannot be normal,hence it must be unattractive".
    Personally I would respect,admire and have much more chance of falling hopelessly in love (lol) with a Women that took the time and effort to look after herself,showed strength of character and will-power to break off the shackles that other lesser and weaker humans of both sexes live happily with whilst at the same time loathing themselves for it.

  8. After all that waffle above,ive got say that she's so smart i'd suck the shit off her knickers.

  9. DLB and Rob are both great people. I've met them both and they are crazy down to earth. Beyond the point that Dana is a genetic goddess among mere mortals, she is easily responsible for thousands of chicks finally hitting the weights int the gym.

    She does seriously get fucking hated on though by tiny dudes and dumb bitches. Follow her on Instagram and see how fucking ignorant people are...

    1. LOL I'm not tiny by any means. The truly ignorant are the ones who believe her bullshit claims about being natty and just 'working hard'.
      All I see is hormonas abuse, lying to make a profit, and lifting with shit form to make E-stat claims about her pathetic strength.

      Can't stand the fucking white knights. All of you would shit on a man who do the exact same thing as her.

      She looks like a fucking twink, not a woman at all. She's Jeff Seid with makeup and a bit of gyno (wouldn't even call them tits).

    2. Internet Dwelling Cunts like you are the reason people don't "just come out and admit" they are using something.

    3. They don't come out and say something because using steroids has a rich history of being secretive.

      Still, he is an internet dwelling cunt...

    4. I would have thought the fact that steroids were illegal in many countries would be a good enough reason not to admit usage!

  10. I agree with you Johnny but I'll pass on the instagram thing,as i'd only start arguing and,ultimately insulting the plebeian ignoramus's you mentioned that frequent such places.

  11. I just want to know if her clit has grown into a penis. I've read that it eventually will given enough exogenous testosterone, but i've never seen proof (although Jamie's face is looking longer as time goes on). Can she check it out and get back to me. Cheers.

    1. My face is looking longer? Are you insinuating that I have money for GH (in which case I'm flattered), or that I'm sad you're talking shit about DLB?

    2. I'm shocked you're trying to make any sense out of this statement. I thought you were busy.

  12. I find it really really hard to believe she just "eats somewhat clean for the most part" and doesn't count/weigh anything at all.

    Or maybe I'm just bitter that I track everything and gain fat the second I up my calories to increase my lifts, and regress terribly every time I cut so I'm perpetually stuck in this mode of both wanting to be stronger, but wanting to get leaner at the same time and just sorta stay in this shitty progression of slowly increasing lifts while just maintaining the same bodyfat %

    1. var, t3, and clen.

      That's the sad truth. Maybe she does lift hard and has good genetics, but that pales in comparison to the true reasons that nobody in this industry likes to admit.

  13. Hey Jamie, do you follow anyone's blogs or anything else like that? I feel like following in the steps of a badass I might get some osmotic shit to happen.

  14. She's Justin Bieber on hormonas,,
    100% FILT

    I like my women with estrogen, not pump full of male hormones. I like your posts about lifting, this fella (not gonna even call her a woman, since she's got more Test and Var in her blood than your average NFL player) looks disgusting and is full of shit.

    Do not compare her the heavenly blessed beauty Jen Thompson who is 1000x stronger and more feminine.

    1. I didn't compare her to Jennifer Thompson.

      Where the fucking did all of the retards come from and what do I need to do to get them a healthy dose of anthrax?

    2. "If you're a chick and a powerlifter, pray this broad never jumps the line into our sport, or even the unstoppable juggernaut Jennifer Thompson is in serious fucking trouble."

      Dianabolinn Bailey might be able to half rep 225 like any other frat bro, but "she" gonna get stapled on 225 if she bothers to pause at chest.

  15. What about her stew consumption?

    1. Jamie this is a good question. Does she eat stew? You guys should meet up and cook together. Then you can suck her husband's cock.

    2. Ha ha! I'm begining to think there's no need for my services here anymore, it's like the torch has been passed on.

  16. I can't believe Jamie wrote this.

    I can't speak a lot of bad shit about Dana, but Rob is a fucking douche of proportions that cannot be measured with an Earthly scale. Rob would shit all over anyone for a fucking dollar. This is a FACT, and told to me by people who know him well.

    He's a leech.

    1. That earthly scale sentence was fucking legend.

    2. I'm surprised no-ones given him a good hiding if he's that much of a dick....no-one likes a douche with a hot girlfriend! lol

    3. Opposites attract, I suppose...

  17. That explains why I seem to attract fat,lazy bitches then.

  18. I don't get the Timur Bekmambetov reference. Isn't he a director or some other Hollywood type?

  19. That is a tren diet. You are fucking delusional if you think you for 1 second think can eat like that and stay that lean without being on tren.

  20. I don't know if I'd catagorize DLB as a "BadAss" at anything.
    It's not her body or face that puts me off, it's her weird habit of making these stupid faces in her pictures.
    The Muscleweek board really tears into her - they are kind of merciless over there.
    I mean, If she was interested, I'd hit it but I wouldn't exactly go out of my way to chat her up,
    She seems like a narcisstic self-promoting dumb-shit.
    Her body is nice due to good genetics and some help from anavar or winstrol and clenbuterol.
    As for her lifting exploits, I gotta see it before I believe anything about her.

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