21 February 2013

Raw Unity 6 Is Upon Us

The time has come for more records to fall.  I will be making weight this time in the 165 lb weight class to wreck havoc amongst the records there.  Currently, I'm about 180 and ripped to bits, and plan on weighing somewhere between 190 and 205 when I step on the platform at RUM.  To give you an idea of exactly how lean I am, I took a picture the other day with no pump, right out of the shower.  The veins on my abs have veins on their abs right now.

For those of you who plan on watching, expect to see me open with 605 on the squat, 325 on the bench, and 615 on the deadlift.  For those among you who are math challenged, that will put me at 1545 just with my openers, and a world record squat to kick things off.  I am no longer ill and crippled, so the meet should go far better than the 1615 I posted last month.  Right now, the squat record stands at 600 and the total record at 1636, which means I'll have to do marginally better than I did last month to break two records.  This should be a meet worth watching, as Jason Manenkoff plans on benching over 400 at 165, and I believe Paul Nguyen pulled 685 a couple of weeks ago in preparation for this meet.

The live stream is going to be posted here, if you want to catch the action, and lifting starts for the chicks and lightweights at 10:30AM EST on Sunday.  I'd venture to guess that they'll have the 165ers in the second flight, but I'll be posting vids of my lifts and updates as much as possible.  Before you guys start asking, the song I'll be lifting to is Annotations of an Autopsy- Stagebreaker, from their Dark Days EP.  It's pretty fucking brutal and thoroughly appropriate.

For any of you guys planning on coming down, feel free to come and bullshit with me any time I'm not getting ready to lift- I'll be manning the Nutrition Warehouse table with Dale and Krista (my girlfriend, who will be competing at 123 lbs) and eating my face off.  We'll be selling a bunch of Spud Inc gear and bullshitting with people, so don't be shy about popping by.  If you're closer to Columbus than Tampa, stop by our booth at the Arnold- I'll be there as well.

... and no, I've not "sold out".  I'm still unsponsored.  I manage a Nutrition Warehouse for Spud and like cross-promoting whenever possible.  Luckily, I work with such a band of misfits that I'm considered "the social one", so I get to do the fun shit.


  1. Sounds like you are gonna rip shit up.
    Now just fix your store so I can buy your shit.

    1. We've fixed pretty much everything: if there's still a problem that you know about, email me-- cnpmerchmonkey@gmail.com

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  2. Who the fuck thinks having a job where you have to market yourself or your store is 'selling out'? Shit, who the fuck thinks being a sponsored athlete is 'selling out'?

    Any asshole with half a brain would kill a room full of children (wearing car tire armor) to get paid to eat and train, fuck those faggots.

  3. I would wish you luck, but we all know it's not about luck.
    Smash shit up.

  4. Good Luck, Dude!!!
    Break that record!

    Its been scientifically proven that Some forms of Classical Music is the most powerful of all music forms, and induces the most strength response when lifting.
    You may wish to consider it sometime.
    Its not just for toddlers!

  5. You're always inspiring, informative and encouraging ... I don't comment on anything online, and I'm more of a competitive person than a fan, but in your case, for what it's worth, I'm rooting for you and looking forward to seeing you get what you worked for at RUM!! Best luck bro!!

    1. And I want to say, I understand your might be conflicted with the thought of "selling out," but in my unsolicited opinion, people get paid for services and hard work for another persons benefit ... the inspiration you've brought me personally(coming from someone I can respect, who challenges the status quo of things, and works thier ass off without making excuses), never mind the information, is a talent that you've applied yourself towards. If you had the chance to reap momentarily from your hard work, I don't understand how that's anything but fair.

    2. Dear God I want to vomit after reading all that butt kissing

    3. I watched some of the streaming today ... nice job! who was the guy with the 4th attempt DL of 715 or whatever it was?

    4. thanks Carl ... wow at 165 I guess ... I wish I knew more of the lifters. It would be nice if raw meets got more attention ... I guess without the gear sponsorship it's harder.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Very inspiriantional .... One strong mutha fucker springs to mind

  8. In that one "full retard" pic, you look like Van Damme in Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.

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