12 February 2013

Issuance of Insanity Volume 2 Now On Sale!

Issuance of Insanity Volume 2 contains heavily edited and in some cases completely rewritten versions of every training article posted since October 2010, in addition to the Baddest Motherfuckers series and the So and So Got So Fucking Jacked series.  Highlights include:
  • completely rewritten entries on a couple of the BMEs, most notably Benny Podda.
  • FOUR NEW BADDEST MOTHERFUCKERS- Dana Linn Bailey, Jeff King, Zabo Koszewski, and Ed Corney.
  • full edits so you guys don't have to read a bunch of obnoxious typos
  • the entire So and So Got So Fucking Jacked series, including a rewritten version of the original.
  • full citations on everything, in case you want to look up sources for more information.
DLB benches more than half of you and knows the words to Blood for Blood's best song, "Maldito."  
She bad.

In case you're curious what's come out in the last two years, IOI2 includes:
  • the entire Indian lifters series
  • the entire Pimpin Ain't Easy series
  • competition prep and writeups for RUM 5, the USPA Nationals, my record-breaking lifts at Clash for Cash, and my recent failed attempt to get to 165 in which I nearly broke two world records
  • the final installment in the Zercher series, which outlines stone lifting in India, China, Germany, Tahiti, Finland, and Switzerland
  • the final installment of the Run and You'll Die Tired series
  • and one of my favorite posts- "Efficiency and Elite Strength are Asymmetric Goals."
  • 278 pages of awesome

Grab it in the E-Store!
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For those of you who preordered stuff, I'll ship it out Thursday.   It should arrive from the printer tomorrow- they ran out of grey shirts and had to reorder.


  1. Totally irrelevant, but I love Vince Anello's Facebook posts: http://puu.sh/21AFe

    1. Who the fuck is that guy and why does he type in all caps?

    2. Vince Anello is one of the all-time greatest in the deadlift (181 and 198 classes).

    3. And clearly, he didn't make it past first grade English class but good for him.

    4. There's this Facebook page run by a guy who trains with Mike Kuhns, the powerlifting midget ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DdQf36pjwo ), and Vince Anello and Fred Hatfield posted there once or twice. As it turns out, Vince posts nonsensical shit constantly.

  2. Damn, I mostly want to read the DLB. I've met her a few times back when her and Rob were selling their Isolator Pro. (look it up). She was pretty cool. Hot as fuck obviously. Sometimes I can't take their shenanigans on youtube but its whatever. I'll prob buy this anyway, I like your writing.

  3. What a nice valentines gift from you Jamie. Thanks.

    1. Hahahaha. It wasn't intended as that, but you're welcome.

  4. When is the next podcast planned for? Also, can you and Paul address Lonnie, the guy who asked you guys questions every week, gave me unwanted advice on tnation, and is now posting this:

    "well, 5/3/1 was fun but its just not giving me what I'm after. I think I'm too dumb to get strong, so I'm just going back to getting big. I dont know how to do anything else but go in the gym and run myself into the ground, and "strength training" doesn't really do that. I dont know how to hold back intelligently to get those kinds of results... So I'm done with it.

    Mountain Dog begins this week. I look forward to the brutality. "


  5. I'm pretty sure the chaos and bang podcasts have ended, given that Paul's last was a solo effort.

  6. Did you ever finish off the, "Just because you have a vagina...", series?

    1. I'm going to do another one soon. Theres no real "finishing" of that series.

    2. So, you're saying that you can't finish vagina?

      ha ha ha ha ha!

  7. Grabbing this on pay day. Read and re-read volume one to death, even the ebook was falling apart. The badass series is probably my favourite series you've done - motivating as hell.

    Also here's hoping that Chaos + Bang podcasts aren't off the table forever, those were some hilarious fucking conversations.