22 November 2011

Chaos and Bang #1

While you fuckers patiently await the release of the ebook and the conclusions to my Hail To The King and Predator Diet blogs (and your patience is appreciated), check out the first installment of a series of roundtable discussions I'm doing with Paul from Lift-Run-Bang.  This one covers what, in our respective opinions, constitutes strong.  While he initially agreed with Wendler on the subject, I used my immense powers of persuasion to bring him over to the dark side- that is, the lean guy opinion vs. the fat guy opinion.  Check it out here.

1 comment:

  1. "Even in the early 80's Ernie Frantz was ripped, Ed Coan was ripped, and then something happened in the 90's and everyone said 'we're just going to get fat.' And they stopped bathing and...I just can't even begin to understand that mentality."

    That's fucking hilarious.