10 November 2010

The Dangers of the "Daddy Got It" Mentality, or You Cannot Adapt Without Actually Adapting #2

I had a friend in South Carolina who was forever saying "Daddy got it" in response to virtually anything- be it a request to move a desk across the room or an enticement to try to knock out Mike Tyson, this burly motherfucker would simply clap his hands together, utter his magic phrase, and have the fuck at it.  More often than not, he was able to do whatever it was that he was trying.  It might have been the d-bol he'd eaten for breakfast, the fact that he was ginormous, his positive mindset, or a combination of all three, but he rarely lost a physical battle.  He'd ask me what an article in Flex magazine said though it was sitting right in front of him, but his limited intellect still managed to get him a 450 raw bench at a ridiculously lean 225 because he wouldn't back down from anything.
No amount of positive thinking would unfuck you in the ring with Tyson in his prime.

That mindset's tremendously useful 99 times out of 100.  Every now and again, though, you'll bite off more than you can chew- for Dustin, it meant that he decided to fight 8 guys armed with rebar and knives simultaneously... which proved to be about four too many, but he had some awesome scars to show for his efforts.  In my case, it was dedication to a program of singles that would make a Bulgarian shit himself in astonishment (the Bulgarians, according to Zatsiorsky, only train with weights over 90% of their 1RM 7% of the time- most of their lifting is between 80% and 90% of their 1RM).  No matter how shitty I felt, I'd sidle up to the bar, remind myself that "daddy got it", and have at it.
Injuries?  Go fuck yourself.  Injuries happen to other people.
Shitty lifting days?  Haha.  I heard about that shit on Bodyspace.
More injuries?  Must be a lack of intestinal fortitude.
As such, I got to the point where I'd do near max singles on every single lift I attempted, six days a week.  I even attempted a max single on the Bear one morning, for shits and giggles.  Why?  Because "daddy got it".  Awesome as that was, and as awe-inspiring as it was to other people, who routinely commented that I was the craziest and strongest guy they'd ever seen, it had its drawbacks.

Namely, I ended up fighting my own version of 8 armed guys.  I got four of them, but the other four whooped my fucking ass.  Do I consider this overtraining?  Possibly.  I trained with 90+% of my 1RM on every major lift 6 days a week for more than two months.  Even if it wasn't overtraining, it certainly was fucking stupid, and defied the very name I've given my training style- it wasn't terribly chaotic, although it was definitely extremely fucking painful.  Irrespective of whether or not it was overtraining, it certainly shot a massive hole in the idea that the average person could overtrain on a 4 day a week program.  It took at least 10 weeks of 8-11 free weight workouts a week with ridiculous loading protocols, at least half of which was done while I was on a strict cutting diet, to hit a point where I could be construed as "overtrained".
I accidentally found a pic of a chick with more thigh vascularity than I.  Guess I'm squatting tonight.

I don't mention this to make some case that I'm superman, or as an example of what anyone else should do.  Frankly, I was in enough pain over the weekend that I don't advise following that sort of a loading protocol.  A few things I did notice that I'd like to pass along:
  • The One Lift A Day program I outlined recently is a good changeup, but nothing you should do every day with 90%1RM or greater.  Injuries seemed to come fast and frequently with that, but for some reason, I felt compelled to continue with it.  I did see decent gains with it, but it took it's toll over time.
  • Tanning seems to reduce a lot of my cramping.  I mentioned here that I used it for warmups, and when I stopped, I seemed to get far more cramping and soreness.  I was forced to stop tanning about three months ago, since my gym owner let a homeless guy move into the room with the tanning bed (I shit you not).
  • This is a good recovery drink if used on an empty stomach 2-3 times a day: 1tsp glutamine, 1 tsp leucine, 1 tsp creatine mixed in 20 oz of water with Crystal Light.  I'd take that with 1.5 g of Vitamin C, and it definitely helped cut the soreness down, and totally eliminated joint pain in my fucked elbow.
  • Though I don't advocate spending a shitload of time with foam rolling and the like in the gym (it wastes valuable gym time), rolling out knots is definitely something to consider while you're watching Anchorman for the 300th time.  The two tennis balls I've got knotted inside a sock are my best friends right now, having crushed out most of the 11 million knots populating my spinal erectors and lower traps, and my Theracane took care of most of the rest.
  • Having shit form on cleans is fine, so long as you do a lot of massage on your upper forearms and brachialis.  If you don't, you're going to regret it.
  • If you're going keto (i.e. eating no veggies at all), you better be taking either a super multi like Animal Pak, ISS's Pak, or Beverly's PakGNC's Multi Men is not going to fucking cut it.
  • Doing a program that consists of little more than 6-10 hours a week of singles on heavy compound movements is perhaps unwise if done for long periods of time.  Don't fall into the trap on constantly doing the exact same lift for a festival of singles for an hour or more- mix it up.  Festivals are fun, and singles fucking rule, but man cannot subsist on festivals of singles alone- man might die.
  • Come to the realization that if you're training balls-out 6 days a week, not every workout is going to be a gem- at least 2 of those workouts will either be throwaways or basically going through the motions.  When you get to the point that an overwhelming majority of your workouts are brutal, unpleasant, and leave you with a sense that you just imitated a monkey fucking a football, it's time to rethink what you're doing.
Life's only a learning process if you actually learn something, so take the time to look critically at what you're doing every now and again, assess your results, and see that you can change.  "Daddy got it" only if daddy can grab the fucking weight and move it without getting lightheaded from the immense amount of pain he's in- as such, you should probably not train to that point.  Much as it's hard to gauge your proximity to extreme drunkenness when you're pounding shots and even harder to stop doing them once you're there, it's pretty fucking hard to pump the breaks after you've gotten to the point of no return with mild injuries.  You figure you can train through them, but they eventually pin you to the ground like you're Ash in Army of Darkness, and then one of the little motherfuckers jumps down your throat and tears you to pieces from the inside out.  A little prevention like the kinds I outlined above can go a long way, so make sure you hop to it when you see the signs...
and as always, Shop Smart.  Shop S-Mart.


    1. Daddy don't got it.

    2. Never seen AOD or Evil Dead pictures in a lifting blog.
      Makes my fucking day.
      Thanks Jamie.

    3. 8-11 sessions per week at 90%+ for 10 weeks. That's gotta take some brass balls.

    4. Anyone who thinks they are overtraining should read this. Also, do you think you could have seen positive results if you were eating a shitload of food everyday as apposed to keto? or are these just the consequences of an ungodly amount of 1RMs?

    5. ...could've just said you overtrained, saved some ink.

    6. Ok this really is my last post on this blow due to the childish trollers that insist on not growing up and writting shit in my name. I'm sorry Jamie but it is, it's just got out of hand. In fact, i'm suprised nobody has mentioned my latest video on my own blog (me doing sumo deadlifts), remarking something disgusting like "ooh, imagine youself in that video naked, and i'm naked deadlifting...you, sat on a chair behind me, your cock throbbing with anticipation...then suddenly (25secs into video), i lower myself back ever so gently onto your eagerly waiting, pulsating love rod, letting you enter my hot, wet gash, my clit, swollen with excitement...i then pump up and down on your man shaft (seconds 27-28 looped), until you burst in a torent of hot cum inside me....i then finish my rep off." Someone's bound too, because you're all fucking childish idiots and that's why i won't be writting anymore on here.

    7. LOL...I hope she is the one who wrote that.

    8. Fuck Lewis
      Fuck C&P
      Fuck your mom.

      Westside for life

    9. Shut up Christine.

      I tried to offer you help on your blog.
      You dont even understand the difference between 'upper back rounding' and 'lower back rounding'
      I tried to help you out...but you deleted my post.
      You deserve to be trolled you shithead.

      Have fun with a chaos and painful lowerback

      PS you're the moron who posts videos of yourself stretching and half naked photos of yourself.
      If you dont want pervs to follow you around take that shit off your blog.

      You and your brother crave attention...and when you get it you cant handle it

    10. Funny, I train everyway you advise not to in this article: is the student becoming better than the master?

      I'm seeing this blog going the less chaotic, less painful way, and it pains me alot.

      Get back at it Jamie and fight those 8 armed guys again until you have them all on the ground and you're still on your feet. Well that's a fucking goal for ya.

    11. "(the Bulgarians, according to Zatsiorsky, only train with weights over 90% of their 1RM 7% of the time- most of their lifting is between 80% and 90% of their 1RM)"

      Do you have a citation for this Jamie? What of all the Bulgarian lore about daily maxes and such?

    12. what kind of glutamine do you take? i was using some GNC bullmess but i dont really trust their shit.

    13. He referenced Zatsiorsky, right in the quote you used. And the people pumping out daily maxes weren't Bulgarians, but Americans under a coach who had spent some time training under a Bulgarian. I'm talking about John Broz and his Average Broz Gym by the way.

    14. I'm confident the real Christine can spell "writing", correctly.

    15. Andrew- No idea. At some point I think the wheels would have had to come off, but I might have gotten more time out of it. Had I simply gotten weekly massages, I could have sustained it far longer, I think.

      Paul- Everyone hits this point every now and again, no matter how they train. If I glossed over it, it'd be disingenuous. If you know of anyone else who trains 6x weekly on a deload, I'd like to hear about it.

      Vitamin Shoppe glutamine, Bulk Nutrition Leucine, and Nature's Way (I think) Creatine.

      Anon- It was Zatsiorsky's Science and Practice, though I don't have the page number. I have it somewhere in one of my blogs, but haven't looked for it. They use competition maxes for 1RM, whereas most people use training maxes. I'll blog on the difference soon.

    16. "Anon- It was Zatsiorsky's Science and Practice, though I don't have the page number. I have it somewhere in one of my blogs, but haven't looked for it. They use competition maxes for 1RM, whereas most people use training maxes. I'll blog on the difference soon."

      Thanks for that Jamie, will be looking forward to your blog on this concept. It tends to get rather confusing, all the references and distillations on the interwebz...

    17. Theoretically, even if your training intensity exceeds your recovery capacity, you still won't overtrain. You'll lose strength as your body attempts to adapt to the loading parameters (the dark times), but because the body is fatigued you are not capable of using weights that will tax your maximal strength (although they might FEEL like a max at the time).

      In any case, listening to your body is important. As Bruce Lee put it: "Be like water."

    18. Daniel, with all due respect, what does that "be like water" mumbo jumbo have to do with any of this?
      The guy is cramping when he sneezes, and you are quoting Bruce Lee???

    19. Daniel's dead on the money. If I had listened to my body sooner, I could have avoided all of this bullshit and carried on like usual. As such, I'm playing catchup, which sucks.

    20. @ Anon: I take that quote to mean that you should adapt yourself to your circumstances; like how you should adapt your training to what your body tells you. If you train like a robot, you'll break down like one.

      @ Jamie: I hear you. At least it makes for a good lesson/article. haha I'm sure you'll be killing it again in no time.

    21. Even though these last two blog posts are getting some hate, I like them and they are providing needed lessons.

      Bust ass in the gym, push past all your previous limits, but don't be retarded and realize when to ease up. Knowing when to ease up means knowing the difference between being a bitch and an actual injury.

      Good stuff Jamie, rest up and then get back with a vengeance.

    22. Its times like these that you take a step back and think and then you come back stronger than ever. Good stuff jamie!

    23. Jamie, can you please moderate these comments of "me" out? I did not write that comment above.


    24. P.S. Anonymous, I did not moderate any comments out on my blog. Sometimes my blog filters certain comments as "spam", and they get deleted, but I didn't purposely delete anything.

      I know my form was bad there, and I corrected that, as well as apologizing for the ignorant comments I made about the video.

    25. What kind of gains did you make while doing this?

    26. Jamie, seeing as they haven't gone yet i'll ask again - can you please moderate these comments of "me" out. Do that and i'll gladly suck you off.


    27. You have to wonder what kind of scumbag gets his kicks impersonating a young lady, anonymously, on the internet.

    28. The kind of low-testosterone geek who still lives with his parents (in his childhood room no less, not even man enough for the basement) and is addicted to masturbation because of how much of a struggle it is to get laid. He's exactly the type of wimp this blog has spoken out against but he still thinks he's entertaining us with his "humour." In other words, a fucking retard.

    29. I find it amusing, like a stalker who will never get to do it.

      BTW "real" Christine, why dont you create a geekproof profile? If its only possible.

    30. Fellas- Do me a favor and fucking stop with the Christine shit. For one, it's not all that amusing, and for another, censorship annoys me. As such, stop being a mealy-mouthed bitch and post under your own fucking names. When you're formulating your response, consider that there are few of you dumb enough to do it if I asked you not to do so face to face, and none of those 5 guys are typing that shit.

      As a last point- the chick's not legal and I'm not terribly excited about going to prison for your idiocy.

      Thanks for not being fucking retarded,

    31. As to the gains question, my competition max dead went up 12 lbs, my paused bench went up 5 or so lbs, and my squat was all over the place.

    32. ChAoS and PAIN said: If you know of anyone else who trains 6x weekly on a deload, I'd like to hear about it.

      What do you mean "on a deload"?

      Dont think im retarded, just a lone frenchman trying to understand the way things work.

    33. ''If you know of anyone else who trains 6x weekly on a deload, I'd like to hear about it.'' - reporting in.

      Had a a very similar incident to your about 6 months ago from high frequency squatting - was trying to squat 5 time a week at the start of all of my weekly session bar one. Lower legs muscle cramped up bad, took ages to free up whatever was cramping each morning before I could walk. Had to drop squats for several months and walk hills to get rid of cramping. Battered myself with other exercises when I could not squat, long story short, hurt my back - just as I was getting over my leg cramping my lower back and glutes cramped up real bad found it hard to move yet still managed to do a sizeable amount of upper body work though, no lower body at all. Most pain went away quickly but was left with residual cramping for several months which took ALOT of stretching to sort and which has a tenancy to flare up every now and then..

      Fast forward to now, just came of training twice a day again, sitting on 5 days a week at the moment trying something that kind of resemble the WSB template to let my give myself both a physical and mental rest.

      Intend to bump frequency up again in the next few months.

      Good luck with recovery

    34. Thanks man, and badass. I'm sure they're all having a party talking shit on BS, but at least we fucking pushed ourselves.

      Paul- A deload is where you reduce your intensity, frequency, and volume, or some combination thereof, to recover from a hard stretch of training.

    35. "consider that there are few of you dumb enough to do it if i asked you not to do so face to face"...
      Please note that this threat can only possibly apply to you if your name is either Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleeply or Sneezy. Or you're kneeling.

      PS, why don't some of you try pulling your heads out your fucking asses and getting a sense of humour. Oh i forgot, Americans don't have one. Or any history worth mentioning.

    36. Sorry bro, but my US history textbook says my country probably beat yours.

    37. Yeh they probably will be laughing, who cares though.

      I know when I accumulated my injuries from overdoing it and not backing of when I really should, I got alot of 'I told you so,' from people who kept saying I was training too much.

      What's changed in the wake of my ordeal - not much to be honest, my mistakes which were to blame for the first high freq demise was caused by my inability to recognize impending injuries rather than an inherent problem with the routine I had choosen. I am just a bit smarter now, better at managing my workout and sidestepping injuries. The routine that messed me up the first time around was the same routine I used during my most recent high freq. adventure and then some, proving that the volume was not the problem but rather my inability to foresee problems coming down the line.

      A training junky like yourself will make the super high freq. thing work, I have no doubt.

      BTW Look reading your sequel post to 'get your fucking head right.'

    38. Sorry Jaime, but your brawn does not intimidate me.

      Christine, grow a pair.
      Big fat baby.

      P.S.-I didn't write any of those comments in your name, but it amuses me how many of you cornballs jump up to defend some girl you only know online. Chivalrous fags.

    39. @Simon

      Notice that all of the people who are taking shots at Christine, Glen, Jamie, etc. are either posting anonymously or with links/names that lead to no pics/stats/bio of any kind. So, again, pretty much anonymously.
      It takes zero balls and a lot of insecurities and neurosis to be an anon. cocky little ass from the safety of one's keyboard.

      That makes them the type of people Glen so aptly described in his previous comment.

      PS I relaise that I have no pic/stats, but then again I'm not flaming people.

    40. Interesting Jamie. If nothing else, I learned from this that I'm not a total faggot for taking a week off once in a while.

    41. @ Luc

      What consequences could possibly come my way by having a fake name in a registered blog that wouldn't come my way with a fake name on this site like you or I have?

      I post under this name and it's as credible as any name that is registered to anyone else for the simple fact that email and names are not verified by these sites in any way. I also don't really see anyone traveling to call someone on their e-talk, so what is your point?

      Be that as it may, I still find it fucking hilarious how all of you chumps stick up for a girl like your name is Sir Galahad trying to be a stand up guy. Carry on dorks.

      I'm not trying to flame or harass anyone, but you guys are just getting all butthurt over simple internet behavior.

    42. It's not getting butthurt over internet behavior, it's just about being a decent human. And sadly, when a blog like this gets popular it's bound to attract subhuman people. Discuss the topic, there's no need to be a douchebag, unless it's in the form of constructively disagreeing with the topic at hand.

    43. What you guys don't get is this - we all want to screw Christine, preferably up the clay pipe. But we don't all go on about it. It's ok to upset guys as they are strong (ok they're not all strong, ie Glen etc) - but women aren't. Women can't take criticism, jokes or any negative comments made about them as they normally spend their time in the kitchen, or cleaning so have no evolutionary need for it. So stop being pussies and leave her alone. And be a REAL man like me and give enough information about yourself so the bogie man can come and get you if you upset him, ie my screen name is 'Luc'. Tremble with fear muthafuckas!

    44. I'm stronger than you on my worst day, son.

    45. It's not even about being a decent human being- it's about not getting me involved in some sort of police activity because the broad's 17, pissed, and the sexual innuendos flying around could potentially get me in trouble, as we live in a fucking police state. To whomever blathered on about me making e-threats, the point was not that I'd kick your ass for it, but rather that I'm asking you people to treat it as though I asked you to do so face to face, rather than over the internet. I'm not all about the internet thug deal, which I'd think is pretty obvious at this point. Jay and Silent Bob definitely had it right, haha.

    46. ... to reiterate for Simon- I don't think anyone's white knighting here, and I'm certainly not. I have a poor history of dealing with cops, and I'd like to avoid spending a night in jail for calling a cop a dick.

    47. Jamie can you write a post about the Nox Edge supp you have ads of? Mike "The Situation" is endorsing it--I thought you hated Jersey Shore. What kind of gains have you made on it? Is it like Methyl Mass? How long have you been using it?

    48. What internet forum does not at times, have to do a bit of moderating? Seems like an easy solution, and I have seen you edit comments out more than once.

    49. Right, this is the real Luc.

      This forum reminds me of Life of Brian.
      "I'm Brian of Nazareth."
      "I'm Brian of Nazareth!"
      "I'm Brian!!"
      "No, I'M BRIAN!"

    50. Simon,

      I didn't say that there were any consequences.
      I just think that people who flame anon. are dicks. So are people who flame with seemingly credible links, but the ones who flame anon. more so.

    51. Good god, this shit is fucking ridiculous.

      This comment thread, I mean. Fucking ridiculous bullshit everywhere.

      Also, is Christine 17...?

    52. bla blah blahh
      use the moderator function for once.

    53. Pretty sad when the closest thing to a victory you will ever achieve in life is to be such a chickenshit online that you force someone to have to moderate you. That type of mentality can only come from someone who has never won anything in real life ever.
      It's no wonder you're afraid to use your name, you're a fucking clown. You can't even come up with fucking screen name for yourself because, deep down, you know it will end up not being funny, clever, cute or anything else other than totally lame. You probably got beat up a lot in the playground as a kid and now you wander around at school (or work if you've even got a job) like a ghost. Nobody wants to talk to you because you're boring and may as well not even exist. A truly pointless life.

    54. there is no way that chic is 17

    55. There is no way your IQ is more than 75.

    56. it is fascinating that someone who is relegated to doing manual labor for a living continually comments on how other people have a low IQ. Oh I know I know you don't care about being successful and you're happy and fulfilled and you choose not to use your obvious genius for anything other than blog comments and of course winning some obscure Canadian strongman competition.

    57. "Obscure"? You are being far too kind.

    58. just wanted to say don't worry Jamie, progress ain't fuckin linear, you did it the right way. If you train hard enuff you're goin to fuck yourself up sooner or later no matter what.
      But in the long term the ball-buster is goin to achieve much more than the average "smart" trainer.
      Keep posting the great stuff man.

    59. Jamie, hi from Granada, Spain. I expect you will be soon in shape, healthy, and uploading chaos&pain to all of us. More and more people of all corners in the world find inspiration and knowledge and humor in your posts, and also meet a mirror of reality in the comments below (please choose yourself the adjetives for everyone)
      Guess you are pumping biceps now? :)

    60. I def concur w 'listening to your body and knowing when to back off' mindset, however most ppl (myself inc) regularly need a kick in the ass to get pumped up and have a productive workout. In the last few months of reading your articles, this blog has served as a much needed 'kick in the ass' (and also 'kick in the mind').
      Having also serendipitously discovering paleo eating ard the same time, my lean mass has inc ard 13lbs and ive shed about 12lbs of fat(in 3-4 months). I know caliper testing is not v accurate, but assuming the measuring conditions are held constant wouldnt long term CHANGES be significant? Anyways my strength has inc and waist size going down.
      You're into Norse mythology and shit and like heavy music, so im surprised you havent listed any of these guys in your music collection:
      Amon Amarth
      Check out this one, I've regularly set squat and DL PR's w it:

      Amon Amarth- twilight of the thunder god
      There is Fenris grim
      His jaws are open wide
      The serpent rises from the waves
      Jormungandr twists and turns, mighty in his wrath
      The eyes are full of primal hate

      Thor, Odin's son, protector of mankind, ride to meet your fate, your destiny awaits
      Thor, Hlódyn's son, protector of mankind, ride to meet your fate, Ragnarök awaits

      Vingthor rise to face the snake with hammer high
      at the edge of the world
      as lightning fills the air
      as Mjöllnir does it's work
      the twinfold serpent roars in pain

      Thor, Odin's son, protector of mankind, ride to meet your fate, your destiny awaits
      Thor, Hlódyn's son, protector of mankind, ride to meet your fate, Ragnarök awaits

      Mighty Thor, grabs the snake
      firmly by its tongue
      lifts his hammer high to strike
      soon his work is done

    61. I would hate having a desk job. Those kinds of jobs are for goofs like you, anonymous. If there was a nuclear holocaust tomorrow, who do you think would be more useful to the survivors rebuilding society? A systems analyst or whatever desk-sitting goof who can only exert himself physically for an hour or less, two to four times a week before needing eight hours of sleep and a protein shake like you? A goof who needed to read a book on how to approach women? Or someone like me?
      Regardless of what you type as an answer (if you answer at all), you should seriously think about what the real answer would be.

    62. There you go, taking the "World War Z" plot to heart. Good for you, if it makes you feel better.

    63. ...and when there was no meat, we ate fowl and when there was no fowl, we ate crawdad and when there was no crawdad to be found, we ate sand.

    64. In other words, glen picked his job based on the threat of a zombie attack?

    65. I picked my job based on not being satisfied with the career that had been chosen for me.

    66. being practically minded about a job is a wise choice. we take the relative stability of the western world for granted.


    67. Awesome post. I maintained a similar program for 8 months
      squat to a max 6 days a week
      bench to a max 3 days a weeek
      deadlift to a max 2 days a week

      3-5rm pullups everyotherday
      volume work after I worked up to a max

      ended up blowing up my hip but I got a triple bw squat for a double

      lessom: overtraining is for pussies