23 April 2010

Training The Same Lift Every Day- Cattle Call

This entry is more or less an entreaty to the lot of you-  send pics, workouts, and results of your week of doing the same lift every day.  I'll compile them into a comprehensive blog and bust that out next week, because I don't know about you people, but I'm interested to see what everyone got up to.  I personally benched 9 times last week, and shit turned out pretty fucking alright.  I already emailed Dray, since he lifted a rock for the week, pics of which I definitely want to see... but all of you should hook up some pics, testimonials, and whatever else you want, be it unibomber-style manifestos or a list of your favorite foods, and I'll start compiling that into a Hooligans Row section of the blog.

Send the info to chaos_and_pain@yahoo.com in the next week so I don't spend the rest of my fucking life waiting for it.


  1. Well, I've just taken up squatting with heavy singles 5x a week, hitting front squats the day after front squats and maybe some box squats in between the back-to-backs, so we'll see how that works out.
    Since doing back squat singles at around 95% of my max for a couple weeks I hit a 25lb front squat PR without even training it.

    And I'm thoroughly fucking disgusted with the world after work today so the front squats should go pretty well tomorrow.

  2. Front squats the day after BACK squats, whoops.

  3. Caleb Ward, Donny Shankle, and Jon North, all members of the 2010 Pam American games team in Olympic weightlifting, did the following workout 9 times this week. Snatch heavy, clean and jerk heavy, squat heavy.

    And oh yeah, Donny, today, on his 8th workout of the week, snatched 172.5kg, a half kilo over the American record in his weight class.


  4. That's some brutal shit. I trained variations on the overhead press 6 days in a row last week, my whole upper body is fried. But hit 2 new PR's. Hit 260 on the strict press which is 20lbs over my bodyweight. Not spectacular but something i've been working towards for a while. Really worked the shit out of BTN push presses too, just missed the lockout a few times on 290 but i'm inches away. I think it's a fucking awesome way to bring up lifts. Fuck overtraining in it's stupid ass haha.

    Already started my saturday binge drinking session so the pain should be at least mildly alleviated for todays duration.

  5. Binge drinking. Good plan.

  6. Why a yahoo account now?

  7. I'll have to do three lifts heavy for a week or two sometime.

  8. Glenn- That's fucking sick. It'd be awesome to lift around guys like that.

    Anon- Figured I might as well have a cnp account, and figured there were enough shitbags e-stalking me that I prob didn't want my personal email account out there.

    Jip- Man after my own heart, haha.

  9. I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now.