07 February 2010

*The Art of Ketogenic Dieting, Part 2

In case you missed it, last night I gave you fuckers a brief overview of the history of ketogenic dieting, and an overview of what ketogenic dieting is. Go here for a refresher on what I covered then.

You might be wondering, at this point, how any of this shit pertains to you. Diet, after all, is just about eating the right shit, and every bodybuilding mag on the planet spouts the same shit every fucking month, none of which includes massive bloody steaks dripping with grease- it's all steamed chicken and broccoli and yams and blahdifucking blah blah blah. Exactly.

There are two different approaches to diet, however. There's the thermodynamic approach, which is what bodybuilders and other assorted idiots use, which treats the body like a machine that rolled off a mass-production line, and balances input and output to arrive at a generalized "perfect" dietary plan. Who here is a cybernetic organism sent back in time to kill John Connor?


Exactly. You're not a machine. I guarantee you, your BMR is NOT what the myriad online calculators tell you it is, and that your MET calculation for a given activity is wildly different than your next door neighbor's. Using those fucking calculators is fucking ridiculous. Do you honestly think that a 250 lb., hard charging, muscular motherfucker is burning the same number of calories as some elephantine broad who just heaved her fat ass out of her lark cart long enough to do the same activity as the aforementioned beast? If you do, you should probably head to the store and buy a frisbee with which to commit seppuku, because you need to stop breathing, stat.

This brings us to the second type of nutritional approach- chaotic. The chaotic theory addresses the complexity of the human organism, and the wild diversity that exists in individual human biology. This is the theory, obviously, to which I ascribe, and the one I think any rational thinking person would adopt.

It is because I ascribe to this theory that I depart from Duchaine's caloric restrictions. Caloric restriction is an integral part of Body Opus, and he recommends that you set your calorie levels before you even embark upon a regime of carbohydrate restriction and elimination. Given that one's metabolism is changed so drastically during ketogenic dieting, I consider his methodology to be about as logically sound as the logic you'd find in any conversation involving a woman- it's fucking bullshit. Studies have shown that low carb diets, calorie restricted or not, cause fat loss, and increase postprandial (post-meal. You learned a new word, fuckers!) thermogenesis by 2x!(1) Additionally, the more protein you consume, the hotter your metabolism burns, as protein has 3x the thermic effect of carbohydrates or fat (2), and high protein diets have been shown to increase the metabolic cost of digestion by about 30% when compared with high fat diets.

A conversation with this broad would not be logical, but then, clearly no one cares, since her head isn't even in the pic.

But what about all of the silly motherfuckers who claim we're eating too much protein already? Generally, they've already demonstrated that they are dumb enough to be stripped of their right to an opinion by stating that the human body can only process 30-40g of protein at a time, a statement for which there is little or no clinical evidence, and a preponderance of anecdotal evidence (and just plain old fucking common sense) to the contrary. Beyond that, they'll claim that too much protein is hard on your kidneys, which is patently untrue, given that there are multiple studies showing that kidneys easily adapt to high protein diets and function perfectly at the end of clinical trials of high protein diets,(5) and that kidney function IMPROVES with increased protein consumption.(6) This is called ontogenesis- your body has the ability, and really a biological imperative, to adapt to its environment and flourish within it. Thus, your body will adapt to accommodate both increased workload and increased protein consumption, and will perform better than you had ever dreamed it would simply by force of will, which extends even to the cellular level.
What's that mean to you? To get the absolute highest metabolic rate, your diet should be high protein and low-to-no carb. But the question is, what's chaotic about that? Nothing. Sounds a lot like eating nothing but paleo all day long, which is hardly chaotic. Well, my fuckers, I've got another trick up my sleeve. Studies have shown that overeating after undereating leads to greater thermogenesis, an acceleration of anabolic processes, and a replenishment of glycogen reserves and intramuscular triglycerides.(3) For the slow ones, that means it speeds your metabolism and fills replenishes your intra-muscular energy, so that your next viking raid will go swimmingly. Additionally, a 2003 study at Johns Hopkins showed that intermittent fasting (a day of fasting followed by a day of overeating 2x the amount of daily calories) led to an increased life span, reversal of diabetes, and increased resistance to brain damage.(4)
Somehow, he makes IF work.

Before you people jump to conclusions, I'll become an intermittent faster when the apocalypse comes and food becomes scare. Until then, I'll let that remain the purview of Swedish people with a fetish for starving themselves. It does, however, lend credence to the idea that cycling your calories might be a good idea. So, where does this lead us?
  • keep your protein insanely high at all times
  • rotate your caloric levels
  • keto runs are your friend
That, my friends, ends up being some chaotic shit. It's also the basis for the ChAoS and PAIN diet, which will be fully detailed in an upcoming e-book. I expect you motherfuckers to buy the fucking thing instead of steal since I've given more free training advice than Britney Spears has given free bjs over the last year, and it'll be reasonably cheap.

1) Willey, Warren. Better Than Steroids. P. 81. Cordain, Loren. Paleo Diet. P. 17.
2) Crovetti R, Porrini M, Santangelo A, and Testolin G, 1998. "The Influence of Thermic Effect on Satiety." Eur J Clin Nutr 52, 482-488.
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6) Eades, Michael. Protein Power. P. 138.


  1. Get that ebook done, stat.

    I'll buy it, read it, devour it, digest, and pass it through my lower intestine in one sitting.

  2. Might make it tough to reread, but I'm on it. I'm thinking late March for it.

    By the way, if you guys have any specific topics you'd like for me to cover in the ebook, feel free to email them, and we'll see how many I can wedge in there.

    Rest assured, this won't be some pamphlet for which you're gonna have to pay $40 (i.e. Waterbury e-books, Built like a Badass, etc.)

  3. You should publish an ACTUAL book. A computer book is lame.

  4. Great stuff/info here, Jamie. I'll be buying it.
    Love this site, you have put out great effort.

  5. Great blog! Looking forward to the e-book. Would like to something in there on how the body copes with red meat which many studies say shouldn't be eaten more than a couple of times per week.


  6. You'll find that many studies are written by idiots, and the people in those studies are unhealthy to the point where they can barely be considered human.

  7. Is the e-book going to be just about diet or will you include some of your training philosophies?? Either way I will purchase it, but I find your training extremely awesome

  8. Yeah, most of the studies use a sample size so small (like a dozen participants) which such poor controls that there is little to no way to positively correlate the observed change with what is being studied. On top of that, they tend to take people in such an awful condition that ANY change is going to have an effect one way or another. Like how most of the studies comparied high rep to low rep always use people who are out of shape to begin with, as if they have any bearing to someone who trains regularly.


  9. sorta like how studies of the same caliber only show metabolic advantage to low-carb dieting with self-reported intake, or comparing high protein to low protein...

  10. Yeah, self reported stuff is not so great, everyone knows that most people don't accurately self-report ANYTHING. This is why I treat these things are guidelines to suggest avenues of personal experimentation... everyone's body is different. Personally, I shed a ton of weight eating low protein, and incredibly high fiber, and I felt awesome (I wasn't exercising at all, either) a while back, but I know other people who would blow up like a Ball Park hot dog on the grill if they ate as many carbs as I was during that period of time.


  11. Jamie. As one of those you've helped count me in on the e-book. I want to get down to the nuts and bolts and get my diet squared away.

  12. Thanks guys! I plan on doing two separate e-books- one on diet and another on nutrition. Afterwards, if I can get enough interest from a publisher that I don't have to self-publish, I'll try to put out an expanded, massive tome that's comprised of both ebooks, a bunch of profiles on badass lifters, and myriad other randomly inspirational shit.

  13. Sweet i'm definitely in for that, then perhaps there will be a genuinely decent training and strength nutrition manual out that is easily applicable for people. Let's take the world of commercial gym shittiness and fat weak pussies by force!

    I'm now about to get on a plane to partake in Operation Moshtarak, hopefully i'll slot my fair share of exremists :) bearded paedos haha


  14. Seriously J.Ja - do you do ANYTHING ELSE besides post on here? It's really annoying to try and come have a talk about Jamie's ideas and have you post EVERY OTHER COMMENT.

  15. Dear Anonymous -

    I really don't see what your problem is. Am I stopping you from reading Jamie's stuff? No. Am I stopping you from posting comments here? No. Am I preventing anyone else from responding to you if you have a question? No.

    I work from home and I have my RSS reader set to pick up the comments as they come in, so yes, I tend to respond more frequently than other people might. Given the responses to everytime you (I'm going to assume that all of the anonymous complaints are from the same person) post one of your statements like this, I'd have to say that other people don't seem to mind my postings, and some other people are getting some value out of them.

    All I am doing is making a sensible, polite, and reasonable response to what someone else has said. If that bothers you so much, then maybe you should just not read the comments, or simply skip anything that starts with my name. Stop making yourself miserable by reading what I've written.

    If you want to have a discussion about these ideas, I highly suggest that you go visit the CnP message boards over at www.chaosandpain.com where the software is a bit better suited to a "discussion" format. We are currently working on importing all of Jamie's writing over there, and still making occassional tweaks to the software, so forgive us if it is not 100% yet. We're taking lots of feedback from folks to make it a good place for everyone. Jamie goes through the discussions there a lot and responds to folks, and I do too, depending on what it is.

    If you hate my postings so much (apparently, the mere fact that I post comments on Jamie's blog seems to be making you miserable), I suggest that you take the effort to put together your own message forum, get other people to join up and have discussions there, and feel free to ban me if I show up there. I don't hide behind the "anonymous" label, I always use my real name, so it will be really easy to identify me and ban me should I mistakenly sign up for your "J.Ja-free zone".


  16. I'm rarely on here, but I do agree with other posters that say you need to chill out a bit. And why is it always about you? That's the point actually ... it's not. It's about CNP, and Jamie and what he has to share.

    The site is way too messy to deal with (at this point). It's less about reading Jamie's info and more about people posting all over it. I'll stick with his blogs for now. And obviously, I try to avoid your comments ... though it's awfully hard since it's pretty much every other one at this point.

    Congrats on coming out of the closet.

  17. Anon #2 -

    Why is it "always about me"? I honestly don't know what you are talking about... I can only post what my experiences are, the information I have, and the things I've learned. I *enjoy* trying to help out others. If you see that as me trying to pump myself up or something... not sure what to tell you. Believe me, it's not an ego thing. If I can't share my personal thoughts and experiences with this thing, what do you want? "Wow, what an awesome article, keep up the good work!" type of posts? Where I tend to spend my time on the Internet, posts like mine are the norm, people use blogs at a starting point for a conversation, and it is perfectly acceptable to not have every post talk solely about the blog itself.

    I agree that the new site is messy, we've been working to clean it up, both in the design and the content mix. Getting the rest of Jamie's stuff in there (especially getting it organized better than it is here, so people can easily find what they want) will be a key to that. In terms of who answers what on the message boards there, right now the mix of people is a lot of folks who seem fairly inexperienced, and only a couple of people who are really familiar with the details of CnP, have read most or all of Jamie's posts, etc. The *only* way that mix is going to change is if other people get involved. In fact, I *welcome* that. I would love to spend a bit less time reading stuff there, and a bit more time on projects that actually make me money, but I know that if you want to see a seed become a plant, you have to give it some water.

    This is the end of my participation in this conversation or variants of it. If you want to continue to complain, that's fine. I'm going to keep doing my thing, and as the new site gets more participation, I'm going to be paying less and less attention to it, and continuing projects which I dropped to put it together. If you still feel the need to vent, feel free to cut me an email at j_james [at-sign-goes-here]]] mindspring [dot-goes-here] com. I see no reason to continue polluting this area with discussions regarding whether or not it is appropriate for me to discuss things in this area. The irony of it is mind boggling, in a "Major Major Major Major" kind of way.


  18. i agree with j.ja and really appreciate his comments since he is giving good advice and shares his experience.
    and when i´m posting some questions or what so ever in the comment section i do not only want advice from jamie but from everyone who can help me out with it.i think thats what the comments are for too.
    if you only want jamie to talk to you than you should maybe spam him with emails.


  19. Play nice, children. Though, it would seem my fellow 'anonymous' friend would be correct -- J.Ja needs to learn how to write with brevity or not at all LOL

  20. I typically refer to him as Mr. Dickens.

  21. Did you publish the book?

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