24 August 2009

**This World is Mine

A mere ten weeks after tricep surgery, I'm deadlifting 605 again. Want to know how?

It's not just because I rule. I mean, that's a rather major part of the equation, but most of it is busting my ass in the gym every day. Since my surgery, I've trained 6 days a week, squatting two to three times a week and deadlifting at least once. Three days a week I eat no carbs, and simply eat 5 pounds of baked chicken wings. Yes, 5 lbs of chicken wings. They're delicious. But as for deadlifting, I've been sticking to singles, doing them solid for about an hour, working up to a weight at which I fail, then backing off about 10 lbs and doing singles until I cannot, usually 15-20 sets. Then I go home, usually, after doing some ab wheel. The inclusion of the ab wheel is why I needed a belt like I needed cancer of the AIDS in this video. Sorry for the quality, but I had to do it on my cell phone.

15x1x90-95% 1RM
seems to get it done. Give it a shot.

A typical week might've looked like this:
Squat 10x1x95% 1RM
Reverse Grip Bench 10x1x95% 1RM
Weighted Pullups 10x3xheavy

Arm Medley
Ab Wheel

Deadlift 15x1x95% 1RM
Behind the Neck Push Press 5x5x8RM

Arm Medley
Ab Wheel

Front Squat 15x1x3RM
Bent Over Row 6x3x Super fucking heavy
Bench Press or Behind the Neck Push Press 10x3x5RM

Power Cleans/Snatches/Log till I die.

Rest, or do something light


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  1. How do you work your neck? And is there any reason besides aesthetics that you work calves?

  2. I bet you can't guess what muscle in your body is the #1 muscle that eliminates joint and back pains, anxiety and excessive fat.

    If this "hidden" super powerful primal muscle is healthy, we are healthy.