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27 February 2012

Apex Predator Diet, Part 2- Dieting For Fat Fucks

It occurred to me over the weekend that this is going to be one hell of a long series, so I've decided to break it up into its component diets.  Given that they've the furthest to go, I thought we'd start with our tubby compatriots- they need a head start shuffling towards whatever destination to which we send them, and ample breaks to catch their breath and shoot insulin and the like.

The Fat Fuck Approach
I've actually not had to use this, as I have about the same ability to ignore the sensation of my abdominal fat sitting on my waistband when seated as those overly pretty people on the Bachelor have for admitting that they're actual prostitutes.  As soon as I start feeling that sensation, I start dieting my fucking ass off.  Once lean, I freak out when I lose abdominal vascularity, much less my abs in general.  As such, I've had to extrapolate from the diet I used to jump start my fat loss once I noticed that my abs were going the way of the the Kardashian family's collective personal pride.
I think I hate her more than I actually should because she's got one of the best asses on Earth.

As with everything I do, this diet is hardly a hard and fast dietary regimen, but rather more like a broad outline with suggestions on what you can do with the finer points.  Thus, you should experiment with a couple of different approaches to determine what works best for you.  From there, you can carry what you've learned into the succeeding phases and have an even better handle on your diet than the cast of that ridiculous show Mike and Molly, who apparently have made a pact to eat into immobility in recent years.

The Rundown
  • Kick it off with a 10-14 day keto run (no Rampage for 10-14 days)
  • Protein-sparing modified fast at least one day a week
  • 5 days a week, one solid-food meal a day, with one of those days being a fairly low calorie meal 
  • low- but not no- carb one day a week, punctuated by a 3 hour cheat window that is at least moderately reasonable.  This is not, then, a full on Rampage day, but more of a moderated eating spree.
  • One day wherein you eat more than one solid-food no-carb meal a day
Seems fairly simple, right?  As I've said before, this is hardly brain surgery.  The point in this phase is to get you looking at least decently while keeping your lifts up and not completely hating life.  One of my main problems with the PSMF, as I've mentioned, is the fact that they leave you insanely hungry and can be a distraction from training.  As such, I would recommend (based on personal experience) throwing that day in between your Rampage day and your higher calorie day.  As I almost invariably have my cheat meal on Friday, that works out pretty nicely- keep the calories low on Saturday, drink a shitload of protein shakes (at least 6), and then grub on every meaty bit of deliciousness I can on Sunday.

If you're concerned about calories, you will moderate your caloric intake according to your individual metabolism.  I'm not talking about some bullshit, low-brow, Easy Bake Oven BMR calculation- you will find your sweet spot through experimentation, because you're a fucking mad scientist and only you can understand your own insanity.  Additionally, my conception of a workout is considerably different tan that of most, so it would be completely disingenuous for me to suggest that I could tell you what caloric intake would result in the most fatloss and muscular gain.  I can tell you that your body will tell you when it's had enough fatty meat.  My sweet spot seems to be between 1 and 3.5 lbs of meat in a sitting, depending on the type, my level of activity, and where I am in a week.

 Luckily for you, "studies of ketogenic diets have found that when subjects are told to limit carbohydrate intake but to consume "unlimited" quanitites of protein and fat, they automatically limit caloric intake and consume between 1400-2100 calories."  (Ketogenic Diet 101)  That's a very cool biological cruise control you've got built in, and I can say that though I generally go a bit higher than that (2000-3000 calories) in my evening meal, I definitely hit a point where I can go no further, and it's not from being stuffed- my body just taps out and says and says "fuck it, I'm done."  The key here, especially for you tubby motherfuckers, is to stop eating before you're full.  Luckily, meat on the bone slows your eating considerably (I personally tend to scarf down my food like a wild, starving dog), so you'll have a better sense of where you stand in terms of fullness than you would otherwise.
There is one unfortunate caveat for you people, however- years of overindulging have fucked you harder than a big-bootied white girl at a black fraternity and you can no longer fully trust your body's satiety signals.  Leptin is the hormone made by fat cells that causes your brain to listen to signals of satiety, but overweight people, having much greater fat stores, have higher leptin levels and become resistant to the signal.  As such, I would start toward the lower end of the caloric spectrum and increase as needed, using your level of energy in workouts as a guide. (Russell 22)  One nice thing about the structure of this diet is that it will help to moderate the other side of the hormonal overeating coin- ghrelin.  That's the hormone that tells your body you're hungry, and it's suppressed with high fat diets.  As such, you'll likely find you're hungriest on your Rampage day, since you won't be eating such high fat foods throughout the day.

Many of you, upon seeing some quick results, are going to come to the conclusion that you should skip your Rampage day to prolong your fat loss.  If you choose to do so, I would add in another high calorie day (but not consecutive with another), and would not recommend that you go more than two weeks without a cheat meal, both for sanity and your metabolism's sake.  The reason I start this phase with a 10-14 day keto run is that the fatter you are, the harder it is for your body to get into ketosis.  Basically, if you think of your glycogen stores as a water glass, you filled that fucker up years ago and kept dumping buckets of water on top of the full glass for years, while leaving it out in the rain.  In Seattle.  Your insulin receptors threw in the fucking towel years ago, while you shoving Little Debbie snack cakes down your piehole and washing it down with a Coke.  You're completely destroyed your body's ability to correctly recognize its own metabolic signals, so you're going to have to suffer a bit to undo the damage you've done.  Additionally, Dan Duchaine was a big fan of starting ketogenic phases with 10-14 day keto runs, and that makes good sense- fat people produce ketone bodies much more slowly than do lean people.(Russell 22)  Thus, I can drop into ketosis inside a day right now, but the 308 lber trying to drop to 242 is going to take the better part of the week, for the reasons I outlined earlier in this paragraph.

In regards to how much carbohydrate you should eat, which I'm sure many of you are wondering, you should shoot to keep your carbohydrates to 30 grams or less a day.  "Although up to 100 grams of carbohydrate will allow ketosis to develop, it would be rare to see ketones excreted in the urine at this level of intake."(Ketogenic Diet 104)  Because you've spent the last several years stuffing your face with all manner of bullshit, you might want to go ahead and forgo it for the time being so as to get your body back to a state where it can better tolerate carbs.  The nice thing about dieting is that the leaner you get and stay, the more leeway you end up having with it, and the more rapidly you can make physiological changes for the better.  Think of fatloss like a massive freight train- it's a bitch to get that motherfucker moving, but once it's up to speed, nothing short of a nuke is stopping that fucking thing from reaching its destination.

Is this phase going to be fun?  In spots.  Eating every meal with your hands is fucking awesome, in my opinion.  There's less cleanup, you get to use wet wipes, and gnawing on a bone is a hell of a good way to avoid biting your fingernails.  The days you're not eating real food, however, are going to fucking blow.  That's the price you pay for years of eating like dogshit, however, and if you want to be a beast, you're going to have to go hungry like one every now and again.
I'm sure you wrestling marks just came in your pants.  Triple H actually uses a moderate-fat ketogenic diet, as it happens.

Sample Week Of The Fat Fuck Approach

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday:
  • 5-6 protein shakes throughout the day (and one overnight, which I'd leave on the toilet and chug while peeing).  I usually had Monster Milk in the morning, and followed that with Muscle Infusion throughout the day.  If I did a morning workout, it was a short workout (20 mins) usually consisting of one arm deadlifts, and I usually did not have a pre-workout shake.  On two of these four days I typically substitute one shake at lunch with wings or other no-carb meat.
  • 1500-2500 calories worth of meat, preferably on the bone, for your evening meal.  If you're eating chicken, make sure you're eating the skin.
  • You might want to think about a Protein Sparing Modified Fast (nothing but shakes) on Monday as well, especially if you want to accelerate fatloss.
5-6 protein shakes with a less calorically dense dinner.  This is intended to rotate your calories and stimulate more fatloss.

Watered-down Rampage day.  Keep you carbs reasonable, and focus on getting lean proteins throughout the day.  To give you an idea of how I did this to into single digit bodyfat, most Rampage days consisted of 94% lean meat tacos on low carb shells.  For my cheat meals, I went bananas, but I'd suggest that while you definitely want to make sure you eat a considerable amount of carbs, you should keep your calories in check until you're starting to see decent progress.  This is for two reasons- you need to learn dietary discipline and because your body still has massive fat stores on which to draw, so massive cheats are unnecessary.  I'll cover the Rampage Day in depth in an upcoming post, but for now I'd say eat lean and low-to-moderate carb throughout the day and cap the day with a carbohydrate bonanza the likes of which you've likely not seen since you saw undergraduate college girls descend on a table of free bagels.  In terms of amounts, I'll agree with Dave Palumbo and say your initial Rampage day should be in the neighborhood of 400 grams of carbohydrates.  If you don't lose more weight the following week, reduce that number.  If you lost plenty, you can adjust it up.  For you guys, however, I'd suggest you go easy, since you've mangled your insulin sensitivity worse than that broad who got attacked by a chimp a couple of years ago.
This is what your metabolism looks like.  Well done.

Protein Sparing Modified Fast.  Nothing but shakes in water today.  Quite frankly, you're likely going to want to skip the gym today and just occupy yourself otherwise, but if you do plan on training, be prepared for it to suck, so don't plan to hit PRs.

Keto day, but eat two meals today- one smaller and one larger.  Make sure you train on this day- your lift will be awesome.

What You Will Need For This Diet

  • A good multi-vitamin.  I cannot bring myself to eat offal, so this is a necessity for me.  If you like eating liver and kidneys and sundry other items you see falling out of hapless victims in Hostel, feel free to skip the multi.  I'm back on the Animal Pak bandwagon, and I'm fairly certain you could cure cancer with it.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids.  I'm not paying eleventy billion dollars for grass-fed beef.  I've not got the money for that silliness, and likely nor have you.  Pop Omega 3s like candy and you're gold.
  • Some permutation of the ECA/ECY stack.  I don't give a fuck how you combine them- just do it.  Neanderthals were huge fans of ephedrine, and so should you be.(Doweiko 88)  I've written about why you should love it here.  I use Stimerex or Lipodrene.
  • A good blended protein.  I've used Matrix 5.0, Muscle Infusion, Monster Milk, and Pro Blend 55 to good effect.  Just make sure that the carbs in that fucker are LOW- that means no Muscle Milk, no Syntha 6, no weight gainers.

A Note About Women And This Diet
Assuming you're a woman or have ever met one, you're aware that women regard carbohydrates like the last life boat on the titanic and will maul you like a fucking honey badger if you get between them and their potatoes.  There's actually a psychochemical reason for this- women appear to either have chronically low seratonin and tryptophan levels or are just addicted to high levels of the two chemicals.  This is especially true around their period, at which time the production of both chemicals in the brain is suppressed.  Additionally, seratonin reduces anxiety, from which every chick I know suffers, and tryptophan is the amino-acid precursor to seratonin, so it contributes to anxiety suppression as well.  (Sayegh et all, Christie)

Guess what kinds of foods stimulate the production of those chemicals?  Carbohydrates.

Protein-rich foods (i.e. the foods women typically ignore for carbohydrate-laden foods) increase dopamine and norepinephrine, which means eating a lot of protein will make you more alert and energetic.  This may be why men are so ready with solutions to any woman's problems, and happy to share them until she plants a fucking fork in his eye for doing so.
Her craving for carbs was so great, she had to wrap her face in a dirty blanket to restrain herself.

The reason why I'm including this is because women need a priest qualified for an exorcism and a psychiatrist far more than they need this diet.  I'm not saying you necessarily can't do it, but it'll likely make you miserable for a couple of weeks.  Men with high estrogen levels and might have this problem too, but that's just speculation.  The original sound guy for the Grateful Dead is apparently 100% carnivorous and had this to say about chicks and keto diets:
"The female hormones seem cause a strong craving for carbs, as the female body isn't fertile without a layer of fat. This makes this diet very hard for women to follow. Traditionally the women are the gatherers of fruits and (starchy) roots, while the men are the hunters. This is shown today in the different ways men and women go about buying things. The gals "shop" which is a trip through the entire store or mall in search of things to buy. They may not actually buy (gather) anything. The guys on the other hand know what they are after, and then seek it out (hunts it down) and buys it, usually then taking it home right away."(Stanley)
If you do decide to try it, I did a quick google search to see which kinds of cheese might work for this diet, since it's my experience chicks will consider eating dogshit if it's covered in enough of the right kind of cheese.  I'll say right off I know fuckall about cheese and despise it.  Thus, I'm making recommendations on macronutrient ratios:

  • Gruyere Cheese- This seems to be about as close to beef ribs as you can get in a cheese.  If you want to sit down to a pound of this shit a day, have at it.  40g of protein and 42g of fat per cup with <1g carbs
  • Limburger Cheese- Damn near as good for you as Gruyere, provided you can tolerate the smell.
  • Goat Cheese, Hard Type
  • Brie Cheese
  • Edam Cheese
  • Monterrey Chesse
  • Muenster Cheese
  • Camembert Cheese

Up next, dieting for the Not Too Fucking Fat But Not Too Fucking Lean and the Rampage explained fully and completely.

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  1. just to clarify - these are all for cutting, right?

  2. They're to get you lean and keep you lean as you get stronger. I've been doing this for the better part of a year and keep setting new PRs, all while I've got veins sticking out on my abs.

  3. Looks interesting man. When i was in the military i stayed lean effortlessly but since leaving 2 years ago my beer and kebab binging has gotten the better of me haha. Will give this a shot. Seeing as i've never really dieted or used fat burners before this should be an interesting self-experiment.

  4. Just to confirm, when you mention starting out with a 10-14 day keto run is this just the standard 65% fatty meats all day type deal or do you mean the whole 5-6 shakes and one meal thing for a couple weeks?

    1. Run the regular week without the carb day for 10-14 days. The fatter you are, the longer you run it.

  5. Great post mate, especially the addition for the ladies. My wife lasts about 4 days low carb, and is then ready to kill someone for some ice cream, especially if its around shark week.
    Looking forwards to the finale soon.

    1. I'll sneak some other suggestions for killing cravings into the other posts. I generally don't get them, but I've got some tricks anyway.

  6. Owsley Stanley, the Deads sound man, and personal hero for about 3 years until I got clean, also claims that the low/no carb diet cured his cancer, saying that cancer cells feed off of carbs. I havent looked into the science of it but its pretty sweet if its true. Sometimes acid heads come up with some pretty sweet ideas (the double helix for example).

    1. He's the guy I cited at the end, goofball. I apparently fucked up his first name in the sources, though.

    2. Yeah I know, just didnt know if you were aware of the fact that he claims it cured cancer. Figured that tid-bit of info might be of interest to you.

    3. It's well known that sugar in any form (especially as a cabrohydrate that can provide glucose over an extended period of time) drastically increases the rate at which many cancerous cells multiply; its like octane for them.

      A friend of mine's co-worker has brain cancer, and he has been on a no-sugar diet for the past 8 months whilst waiting for surgery. It makes a big difference in stopping growth and shrinking the overal mass of a tumor.

      But curing cancer.....not a fucking chance.

    4. He never claimed it cured his cancer, only that it probably slowed its growth. He had an aggressive and usually fast growing cancer type and theorized that he may have been less lucky if it were not for his diet. He actually gave all the credit to modern medicine.

      It's all on here somewhere if you do enough reading, along with basically all of his theories on diet and health including some of his recipes.

  7. Been doing pretty close to this for 10 days now. Feeling great in the gym and out. Just going to tinker with diet now bit more.

    I'd recommend supplementing some Psyllium Husk to help with fiber. Really helped me out since could tell I needed some fiber after first few days just meat/protein shakes.

    Wasn't sure about supplementing calcium/magnesium also, thoughts?

  8. There's no need to pop n-3 pills like candy. Conventionally raised beef is not high in n-6, just low in n-3. Therefore, to balance the ratio, you just need a little n-3. Something like 4-5 grams of n-3 per day should be fine (check the label to see how much n-3 is actually in a one gram pill, by the way).

    Also, I'm not sure a daily multivitamin is necessary. As potent as Animal Pak is, I'm willing to bet you could get away with 1 pack every other day. There's no need for high doses of vitamins/minerals, except for vitamin D of course (unless you get a lot of sun). Especially when not consuming phytates from grains (which bind to some minerals). Additionally, I believe low carb diets require less micros than high carb diets to begin with.

    So save a little money in those regards.

    1. I went monhts without a multivitamin. Did take vit D though, you are right. I felt fine training nearly everyday without. I know many bodybuilders who diet but leave out multivits. I take that AST 32x multivit now though

  9. Paleo idiots in Ireland dont understand that all our fucking beef is grass fed! theres cows on every field you drive past lol

    1. Hahaha. What, you don't feed them their dead compatriots ground up with corn? Lucky motherfuckers.

    2. New Zealand is the same. Free Range Grass fed beef only..

  10. Found a source for beef ribs in the UK and I get 5kg for £15. Works out at roughly $2.35/lb (I think) which isn't so bad. Really meaty and fatty.

    Can't eat them every night but every few nights I eat over 1.5kg with a homemade spice rub and I love it. My lady friend has to stay away from me when I'm eating them as I'm "like a wild fucking animal".

  11. Local butcher, mate. When I want them I have to phone up ahead and he orders them and cuts them for me in the shop when I go to pick them up. Give your local butcher a ring and see if he can do similar.

  12. How well would the outlined actually work without the ECA/ECY stack?
    I weigh 185lbs, eat 3400-3700 calories with minimum 400g protein, at the moment.

    1. Any answer I gave you would be pure speculation. It'd work, but unless you have a heart problem I cannot imagine why you'd not use stimulants.

    2. I don't want to take ephedrine because of some fucking anti-doping organisation consider it doping - and I have a weightlifting meet coming up in a month.

      Do you know for how long it's traceable?

    3. 3-7 days, according to various sources.

  13. Jamie,
    Any thoughts on using homemade jerky as a substitute for the Protein shakes?

    1. That's the most ridiculously expensive but delicious idea ever. It might be simpler to infuse your protein shakes with gold flakes.

    2. Fortunately not for me, I usually have a decent supply of (free) venison to work with so it is just the investment of buying a food dehydrator and learning the correct process.

  14. You don't mention shakes on Sunday as Keto day and Friday as Rampage day. Are we still supposed to take 5-6 shakes on those 2 days along with whatever you recommend for those days?

    Also when you say 5-6 shakes, is 1 shake a scoop of the protein or 2 scoops? I mention this since each protein jug I have seen mentions 2 scoops as a serving.

    Thanks for this post though. I am a fat fuck and have a hard time not eating carbs. FUCK!!!

    1. Another one. Is Myofusion a good protein blend according to you? I can't find Muscle Infusion or Monster Milk anywhere in Toronto so settled for that.

    2. You always want to get a minimum of 6 meals a day (preferably more), so you make up the difference with shakes. As for the number of scoops, whatever gets to you 40-60 grams of protein a serving. I debunked the 220-30 g at a time myth ages ago in a post far, far away.

    3. I used to be a big fan of Myofusion. It's a good protein.

    4. Why "used" to be? I just bought some Muscle Pharm Combat Powder since it's a blend and it's about $10/lb.

    5. I got tired of the taste and discovered the others I mentioned.

    6. If you're in Canada, you can save a boat loaf of money by buying your whey at Costco. LeanFit Whey is ultra-filtered and cross-flow filtered as well as having an amazing label and being GMP certified. Basically, one of the best quality you can get and it's 4.4lbs for $30. I haven't found anything even close to being as affordable in Canada that's of equal quality. Only downside is that the taste isn't all that hot and its mixability is kind of shit.

      The two best blends, in my opinion, is MusclePharm Combat Powder and Gaspari Myofusion.

  15. I have read that Ephedra can cause false positives for Amphetamines in UA's. Do you know if this is true or just a myth?

    1. From Erowid:
      Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives

      Read more:
      Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, propylephedrine, phenylephrine, or desoxyephedrine
      (Nyquil, Contact, Sudafed, Allerest, Tavist-D, Dimetapp, etc)
      Phenegan-D, Robitussin Cold and Flu, Vicks Nyquil
      Over-the-counter diet aids with phenylpropanolamine (Dexatrim, Accutrim)
      Over-the-counter nasal sprays (Vicks inhaler, Afrin)
      Asthma medications (Marax, Bronkaid tablets, Primatine Tablets)
      Prescription medications (Adderall, Amfepramone, Cathne, Etafediabe, Morazone,
      ...phendimetrazine, phenmetrazine, benzphetamine, fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine,
      ...dexdenfluramine,Redux, mephentermine, Mesocarb, methoxyphenamine, phentermine,
      ... amineptine, Pholedrine, hydroymethamphetamine, Dexedrine, amifepramone, clobenzorex,
      ...fenproyorex, mefenorex, fenelylline, Didrex, dextroamphetamine, methphenidate, Ritalin,
      ...pemoline, Cylert, selegiline, Deprenyl, Eldepryl, Famprofazone)
      Kidney infection, kidney disease
      Liver disease, diabetes

      I, however, have taken many drug tests and am always taking ECA. I've never popped positive.

  16. Any tips on how to take a shit on this diet?

    I did it a couple years ago, great results, although taking a dump was like being raped from the inside.

    1. That sounds pretty ideal for me; I'm often trying to limit the number of shits I take a day.

    2. Sit on the toilet and push. What in the hell is wrong with you people? It's not like you're worried about getting enough fiber when you're on the see-food diet eating white bread and fried chicken.

    3. If that doesn't work, some of you may just want to jam your fingers up your own asses and just dig around in there until you loosen it up or grab it out.

    4. Aloe Vera juice, no carbs to speak of but among having a myriad of beneficial health aspects, it is a natural laxative.

  17. "Her craving for carbs was so great, she had to wrap her face in a dirty blanket to restrain herself."

  18. Jamie, Do you have any suggestions for a substitute for Ephedrine. In New Zealand all the fukking gang members have fuked it up for everyone else by making methamphetamine from cold medicines. Now importing it is worse than running your Grandma over for her inheritance. Thanks

    1. There should be fatburners with synephrine and the like. That'll do in a pinch.

  19. Does bronkaid work as for your ephedra fix? It's cheaper and you get a good dose of it per pill.

    1. Yeah, brokaid works as a source of ephedrine. I used the wallgreens version though because it was cheaper

  20. Is VPX Meltdown a good choice for a fat burner?

  21. Meh, you definitely lost me at the Stims/"Fat Burner" supps part. I'd rather not shovel all manner of dubious chemical bullshit into my body if I can avoid it.
    I was actually going ask why I felt like shit doing this diet the past few months, when everyone else seems to be feeling dandy and breaking PRs, guess I have my answer.
    Incidentally I've tweaked out that a few carbs (30g or something) before and after workouts is enough to keep me alive, and I'm still losing a little fat here and there over the past month. Basically I've gone full circle into a pretty standard atkins style diet, whatev.

    1. Every time you eat something, you "shovel all manner of dubious chemical bullshit into your body". If it worked for the Neanderthals, it'll work for me. I don't ever recall seeing a member of the Courage Crew kill an elephant with his bare hands. Or win a fight, for that matter.

    2. Haha. Every time you breathe you intake dubious chemicals.

    3. Yea I get it about "chemicals", you know what I mean keep it short: It's not a "Straight Edge" thing, I would just doubt the efficacy of a diet that includes fat burners as it's cornerstone. And if they ARE NOT a cornerstone, then I wouldn't be bothered with them anyway.

      I get that some people will do whatever to get that edge, like inject saline solution into their asses to make weight for a meet. I'm doing fine just keeping it simple for now.

    4. They're not a cornerstone- they just make life better in pretty much every way.

      I'm not entirely clear on the saline enema-ephedrine analogy, but I'm sure it'd make sense after six shots of tequila and a fall down a flight of stairs or something.

  22. Great Article, just two quick questions Jamie.

    1) How much water do you drink on a given day? Ball park idea.

    2)Whats the deal with diet sodas on a keto diet? Are they ok to use(diet coke etc) or are they a no go?

    1. Diet Coke was handed down to us by the gods and you'd be spitting in their faces not to indulge.

  23. Definitely go with the diet soda, although I think the soda Gods intended for us to drink Coke Zero rather than Diet Coke. I drink gallons each week when I'm cutting as an appetite suppressant since carbonation makes me feel full. I think that people think diet sodas are bad for fat loss because they are confusing water retention with lack of fat loss. I've experienced this personally and I ran an artificial sweetener study on rats, where water retention screwed up our results.
    I did a pretty thorough review of the literature, and I didn't see any reason why artificial sweeteners should effect fat loss or ketosis. Sucralose is actually packaged with some sugar as a bulking agent though,(in Splenda) so if you're drinking huge quantities of one of the few diet sodas with Splenda, that could conceivably be a problem.

  24. Wait... Jamie goes to hardcore shows?

    1. I would've thought this was common knowledge at this point.

    2. The Hatebreed-ification of the CnP logo should have tipped you off to that.

  25. Fucking trying to post for the third time, iPhone shit...

    Anyway, eating similarly, albeit less protein shakes and mor whole food (nuts, eggs, vegetable-and-meat soup, grass-fed butter, coconut oil)

    Question: half way through my workout I start smelling ammonia/acetone. Why the fuck do I have shit like that pumping through my veins?

  26. What's the deal with blended protein powders? What other ingredients are you looking for them to contain besides just protein? Can this diet be done with just straight whey isolate (lactose intolerant)?

  27. Jamie, I haven't seen any results in terms of fat loss and I have followed the diet to the letter for 4 weeks.

    My waistline is the same, I can barely see my abs in good light and it's fucking frustrating.

    I'm lifting how you say 10x3 on a couple of lifts per workout, with 30-60 second rest periods, and find the workouts tough but fun.

    Just wish I was seeing more results with the fat loss.

    Any ideas what's going on?

  28. Just to confirm:

    First 10-14 no Rampage but do we do the PSMF in there or is that after the initial 10-14 days?

    In the sample you have, you mentioned substituting chicken wings or other no carb meats on two of the four days. Does this include the first 10-14 days or is this again, after the initial 10-14 days?

    You mention a less caloric ally dense dinner on the other day, how much less would you recommend as a rough estimate?

    Does the choice of meat matter?

    Can something such as the shake I drink currently (kale, spinach, lemon, apple cider vinegar, protein powder, vitamin C powder and glutamine) still be included on the diet (mainly to keep up my nutrients and immune system)? I realize I will be taking a multi but I already take that in addition to this, so was just wondering.


  29. do shakes not spike insuline as well, meaning it wont improve insulin sensitivity or perhaps only slightly because youre not overly indulging in carbs ? im a bit confused