18 June 2018

Science Is A Liar Sometimes... And This Is Why 'Science-Based' Natty 'Experts' Are The Strength World's ISIS And Should Die Screaming

Stanislaus Zbyszko and his allegedly-impossible-for-a-natty-lifter 20.5" arms. 

No matter what the future brings, man's capacity to rise to the occasion will remain unaltered. His potential for tenacity and optimism continues, as always, to outfight, outpoint, and outlive any and all changes by his society."
- Richard Matheson, "Steel"

It will shock absolutely no one that I regard empirically-influenced training methods as worthless, but this is absolutely not the case.  I don't consider training methodology based on clinical studies to be worthless- I think that the vast majority of the people promoting those methods are charlatans and liars (with one prominent exception being Greg Nuckols), and their training methodologies are catastrophically detrimental to the strength training culture as a whole.  The people who promote those theories- and yes, they are theories, not fact, and are heavily flawed theories at that- are at best delusional, and at worst literal enemies of the strength training state who should die screaming and choking on their own blood.  They've sucked the heart and mind out of strength sports and replaced it with vapid adherence to milquetoast methods that produce dogshit results.

"This... is Aristotle. Thought to be the smartest man on the planet. He believed that the Earth was the center of the universe, and everybody believed him, because he was so smart. Until another smartest guy came around, Galileo, and he disproved that theory, making Aristotle and everybody else on Earth look like a... bitch. 'Course, Galileo then thought comets were an optical illusion, and there was no way that the moon could cause the ocean's tides. Everybody believed that because he was so smart. He was also wrong, making him and everyone else on Earth look like a bitch again. And then, best of all... Sir Isaac Newton gets born, and blows everybody's nips off with his big brains. 'Course, he also thought he could turn metal into gold, and died eating mercury, making him yet another stupid... bitch!"

My abject, virulent, and violent hatred for these pseudo-intellectual fuckwits will likely drive this article into a series, but as it stands, I am planning but one death stroke to their grotesque attempts to limit lifters and reduce them to the wildly pompous yet insanely unimpressive jitbags endlessly yammering about the supremacy of their methods online that they currently are.  In death ground you fight, and this fight will be brutal, bloody, and easy.  Anything you have read about your natural physical limit regarding muscle mass is not only a lie- it is a very specific and pointed effort to limit your growth by means of propaganda, though to what end I can only guess.  Perhaps its to excuse their own shortcomings, but more likely it's to limit yours so they don't look so pathetic by comparison.  Whatever their reasoning, they would disagree about as wholeheartedly with Matheson's sentiments as fifteen year old Redditors would with me about the utility and awesomeness of fetish porn in my articles.

We could all learn a thing or two from the morally superior and super-strong posters of Reddit.  As such, there will be no porn in this post.  Feel free to let Reddit know what you think of their opinions on the subject in the comments, or in r/weightroom over in that window to their parents' basements Reddit is.

I am aware that few of you share this sentiment- surely the dissembling shitbirds I am about to destroy are held aloft as veritable saints in your eyes.  Certainly, they don't curse or include porn in his articles.  They are paragons of virtue who haven't sunk into the moral morass in which I dwell.  As such, you believe that what they say must be more credible than my far better reasoned, well researched, and historically validated statements because mine are far too interesting, and theirs are stated in PG verbiage with the conviction of a saint speaking about Jesus the corpse god.   And because "systems of mass faith can persist only if their followers have a strong need to believe in the authoritative promises and remain ignorant of contradictory facts," you must invalidate my convincing yet unconventional arguments because your imaginary universe would come crashing down were you to consider alternative viewpoints (Huesemann 154).
"Systems of mass faith are also strengthened by invoking the authority of their leaders....  The authority of the pope is derived directly from St. Peter, and this authority is passed down through the church hierarchy to cardinals, bishops and priests.  In addition, for hundreds of years, the clergy conducted weekly masses in Latin, a language that was generally not understood by the public. This "language barrier" served as a tool for establishing authority and for keeping believers mystified, thereby limiting comprehension and avoiding critical analysis.  Similarly, scientists often appear on the media to authoritatively communicate their findings and promises, largely in a language not understandable to the scientifically illiterate which, unfortunately, is most of the public" (Huesemann 153). 
 "'People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something,' and this is often exploited by those in power.  The average person today is probably as credulous as the average person in the Middle Ages.  As Neil Postman writes, referring to comments made earlier by Georger Bernard Shaw, 'In the Middle Ages, people believed in the authority of their religion, no matter what.  Today, we believe in the authority of our science, no matter what.'  Such a high degree of gullibility is generally associated with an unwillingness or inability to be informed about all of the relevant acts in support of or in opposition to the particular belief system"  [Emphasis mine] (Huesemann 154).

In other words- don't be ashamed for buying into the bullshit.  Just wake the fuck up and pay attention to the facts that are about to be presented.

Before I launch headlong into the evisceration of the bullshit "science" behind the dripping pussydom of the "natty or not" shitbirds, "evidence based training" fuckwits, and basically every other pompous fucking know-nothing on the Internet, allow me to forestall the inevitable "those body fat percentages are vastly overestimated/wrong/bullshit/whatever the fuck Redditors love to say", take a big step back and literally fuck your own face if you've plans to start that shit.
"Body composition assessments vary in precision and in the target tissue of interest. The most common assessments are anthropometric and include weight, stature, abdominal circumference, and skinfold measurements. More complex methods include bioelectrical impedance, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, body density, and total body water estimates. There is no single universally recommended method for body composition assessment in the obese, but each modality has benefits and drawbacks" (Duren).
To put it in layman's terms for the less than astute, that means that for insanely muscular people, there is no single reliable test of bodyfat unless you're a corpse.  If you doubt me, feel free to read that study- it's in the "Sources" at the bottom of the page.

Leroy Colbert, rocking "impossible" 21" arms and an FFMI (fat free mass index) of 28.63.

If you google genetic limits for a natural lifter, you would immediately be confronted with a great deal of discussion over the FFMI of various lifters, using it to confirm or deny the "natty" status of various bodybuilders.  The FFMI is a scientific method used to support the unequivocally pseudoscientific chart by which lifters are determined to be steroid users or not.

Let me state that unequivocally- any person using this chart is a fucking liar, a charlatan, a thief, and a loser.  They should be stripped of whatever academic credentials they possess, have the shit kicked out of them, and should be left to roam the streets destitute and crippled.  Just as somatotyping, phrenology, and psychoanalysis are all examples of blatant and unrepentant pseudoscience, so is the use of FFMI to determine whether or not a lifter is natural.  I'd posit that due to the fact that these fuckers are charging people for advice that by virtue of the fact they've used this chart are wholly unqualified to give, they should be sued by anyone they've charged into lifelong poverty.

Bruno Sammartino, a man who rocked a 32.39 FFMI, 20" arms, and a 565 competition bench, all natty as fuck.

The manner in which the FFMI is calculated is explained all over the place and I've no issue with the math.  It is the interpretation with which I have a problem, and it's explained with this little chart:

FFMI Interpretation
18 – 19 = Average
20 – 21 = Above average
22 = Excellent
23 – 25 = Superior
26 – 27 = Considered suspicious but still attainable naturally
28 – 30 = Highly unlikely to be obtained naturally without steroid usage.

According to empirically based lifter and coach, Greg Nuckols, with whom I disagree on just about every conceivable topic and whom I'm lambasted for destroying the culture around lifting with the promotion of extremely dull training methods, this chart interpretation is based on a single, extremely flawed study from the 1990's.  That study concluded that 25 was the normalized limit for FFMI in natty bros, and although various natty coaches have raised the bar slightly, they still begin their shit talking at or around an FFMI of 28 (Kouri).

Chuck Sipes, rocking a 570lb bench and natty as fuck 19.5" arms (cold measurement) in stark defiance of "science."

Like with all of the "evidence based" bullshit out there, the incredibly lazy, Anglo-centric, and close minded motherfuckers conducting their surveys of what is possible for natural trainees to achieve ignored literally the entirety of human history outside of an incredibly small sample of individuals who won a single bodybuilding contest in the early 1900's.  This ignores the Indians, who have the longest running history of weight training in the world and who have produced some of the strongest humans outside of the modern era, the strongmen of the early 1900's, sumo wrestlers, and ACTUAL FUCKING SCIENTISTS.  I don't give a fuck who's "scientific model" you might be using, be it that shit-talking autist Lyle McDonald or Marc "I appear to have cancer" Perry- they're all based on lies, bullshit, and ignorance of physical culture history, world history, and Pubmed.

To wit, here is some historical evidence:

One of the greatest Yokuzuna, and certainly the most muscular of all time- Chiyonofuji Mitsugu.

Sumo is practically a religious event in Japan, and its traditions are deeply rooted in Shinto.  As such, steroid use is literal heresy and a violation of an honor code so strict it makes WADA seem like a pack of disinterested chemists rather than the psychotic Warhammer 40k style inquisitors and commissars they really are.  As such, we can take it as a virtual certainty that the Yokozuna are natty, and their FFMI are off the fucking charts.

If WADA's Inquisitors looked like Inquisitor Lilith, I might compete in the IPF... just for the whipping.

And before Reddit starts screeching bullshit about the bodyfat percentages, everyone should take note- the mean bodyfat percentages in one study was 26.1% (Kondo) and another source stated that among "the top sumo wrestlers the average BMI is 36.5 and the body fat percentage is 30%. Also, the sumo association issues a warning to wrestlers who have tested over 38 percent body fat. If they go above 38 percent body fat they are forced to lose weight or risk suspension (Neporent 107-108).  The reason they look so fat is their fat distribution- whereas most people have 77% of their fat stored viscerally (around the internal organs) and only 23% subcutaneously, sumo are the exact opposite- visceral fat is only 25% of their bodyfat and the rest is subcutaneous.  The reason for this fat distribution is partially genetic and partially diet and exercise, but in the end the effect is that sumo "wrestlers lay down subcutaneous fat that doesn’t inhibit muscle development and which can be more easily accessed for energy use" (Hooper).  Researchers credit this to the fact that sumo are heavily active and eat very little sugar, whereas Westerners are just a bunch of candy-grubbing slobs with malfunctioning endocrine systems (Matsuzawa).

Still think they're all fat?  Ulambayar Byambajav slamming the fuck out of a 420lb opponent.

That said, here are some prominent Yokozuna, their stats, their body fat percentage or an estimate, and their FFMIs:
Ulambayar Byambajav- 6'1" 365lbs. 15% BF (reported): FFMI- 41.02 
Chiyonofuji Mitsugu- 6' 260-280lbs.  BF 11%.  FFMI- 31.45
Kitanoumi Toshimitsu- 5′10″ 373lbs. Est fat 35%.  FFMI- 34.86

As I've written in the past, India has the longest history of strength training in the world.  I realize that would shock the aforementioned autist and his fellow idiots, but it's a fact.  As such, the Indians have a codified system of training that persists even today and has produced some of the greatest wrestlers (pehlwani) to walk the Earth.

Here are a couple of the greats:

Jatindra "Gobar" Charan Goho- 6'1" 290lbs. Est 20%. FFMI- 30.67
Dara Singh- 6'2" 280lbs. Est 15%. FFMI- 30.62 Est 18% FFMI- 29.54
Great Gama- 5'7" 250lbs. Est 20%. FFMI- 31.39 Est 25% FFMI- 29.43

The West hasn't simply churned out bodybuilders- we've got our fair share of beasts to match the Asians.  Here are a few of our monstrous natty bros:

Louis Cyr- 5'8.5" 291lbs.  Est 30% FFMI- 30.59
George Hackenschmidt- 5'9 218lbs.  Est 12% FFMI- 28.39
Stanislaus Zbyszko- 5'8" 230lbs.  Est 18% FFMI-  28.74
Chuck Sipes- 5'9.5" 220lbs.  Est 8% FFMI 29.52

Oh, and as for the bullshit limits on the measurements of natty bros?
"Looking at the stats of these 3 legendary naturals, several important points stand out. The first thing we notice is that even with slightly higher body fat percentages than modern natural bodybuilders, these champions could not push beyond the 18 inch arm barrier. The second thing we notice is that 25 inch quads were a championship-level norm" (Shaw).
Fucking nonsense.  Cyr's arms were 20-21.5", Hack's were 19" cold. Sipes' were 19.5" cold, and Zybszko's were 20.5".  Your guess is as good as mine as to why these pussies are setting your natural limits so insanely low, but one thing is for certain- it's absolutely not science.  Know why?  Because science says this:
If limitations exist in skeletal dimensions, fat-free mass (FFM) might have an upper limit. To explore the upper limit to FFM, 37 professional Japanese Sumo wrestlers, 14 highly trained bodybuilders, and 26 untrained men were investigated for body composition (fat mass and FFM) and cross-sectional areas (CSA) of limb muscles, by hydrodensitometry and ultrasound, respectively. Mean % fat of Sumo wrestlers, bodybuilders, and untrained subjects were, respectively, 26.1%, 10.9%, and 12.1%. Sumo wrestlers had a significantly greater FFM than bodybuilders, who had a greater FFM than the untrained men. Six of the wrestlers had more than 100 kg of FFM, including the largest one of 121.3 kg (stature: 186 cm, mass: 181 kg, %fat: 33.0%). The FFM/stature ratio of elite Sumo wrestlers averaged at 0.61 kg/cm, with the highest 0.66 kg/cm. It is suggested that a FFM/stature ratio of 0.7 kg/cm may be an upper limit in humans (Kondo).
This means Flex Lewis is a long way off from his natty genetic limit.

To clarify, that means that at 5'5', my natural limit for fat free mass is 254lbs.  Put that in your fucking pipe and smoke it, natty fuckers.  And if you didn't like that study because it involved too many non-Americans, how about this less exciting result?
"SM [skeletal mass] index may be a valuable indicator for determining skeletal muscle mass in athletes. A SM index of approximately 17 kg/m2 may serve as the potential upper limit in humans (Abe).
There is no perfect method of which I know to reconcile exactly skeletal mass and fat free mass, but the largest athlete in the study was listed as having 59.3kg SM and 120.2kg FFM.  As such, my maximum SM (17kg*1.68^2) of 47.98kg (105.6lbs) SM would correspond to around 97.25kg FFM (214lbs).  So where the pink bitch pickpockets masquerading as experts on your natural limits had my limit at 135lbs (an amount of lean mass that I exceeded as a junior in college with very little in the way of supplementation), scientists say my limit is between 80 and 120lbs more than that.

22 year old Christian Wilkins- 310lbs, 4.80 in the 40-yard dash, can bench press 225 pounds for 31 reps, and can broad jump 9 feet.

Compounding that, a small study done in 2017 on collegiate football players showed their highest recorded drug-tested FFMI reading as 31.7, which indicates that it is possible to hit such an FFMI while still under the legal age to drink in the US.  Given that male strength athletes seem to peak in their late 30s to early 40s, that leaves a tremendous amount of time during which that FFMI could be pushed far higher.  In short- the charts you know and love are complete and utter horseshit, the people bandying them about are a fucking joke, and if you run into one of them in public, spitting on them or shitting in their cereal would be completely appropriate.

"And what are the achievements of your fragile Imperium? It is a corpse rotting slowly from within while maggots writhe in its belly. It was built with the toil of heroes and giants, and now it is inhabited by frightened weaklings to whom the glories of those times are half-forgotten legends. I have forgotten nothing and my wisdom has expanded far beyond mere mortal frailties."

By now, you should be convinced that the natty limits drilled into your heads are pure bullshit, and setting a limit on your growth is counter-productive in any event.  With any luck, you will have been inspired by this to crack open your fridge and start emptying its contents into your stomach for the gains.  When you do, bear in mind the following:
  • You will gain mostly muscle on a dirty bulk if you are lean and have been for some time, whereas the fatties will gain mostly fat.  "In experiments of at least 3-weeks' duration, the weight gain of people with low bodyfat people comprises 60-70% lean tissues, whereas in the obese it is 30-40%" (Forbes).  Thus, it'd stand to reason to get lean and stay that way for a while before you dirty bulk like a motherfucker.
  • People who are naturally predisposed to endurance events will have a harder time gaining muscle than people naturally predisposed to strength and size, though the latter will gain more fat as well (Schuler).
  • Sumo wrestlers train twice a day, six days a week.  Drop that stupid fucking Smolov bullshit and actually challenge yourself while you're bulking.  Also, it might be useful when bulking to eat huge meals twice or there times a day- sumo only eat twice a day.
So there you have it- not only are the natural genetic limits to muscular growth insignificant for discussion anywhere, let alone a pack of fucking know-nothings on the Internet, the people propagating that bullshit should be drug out into the street and shot, and your genetic limit is so goddamned high that discussion on it is utterly pointless.  Therefore, a pox upon the children of the science-tastic shitbirds of the lifting world (with concessions to Nuckols for being sensible if hyper-conservative and promoting lifting a Soviet factory work rather than a good fucking time), and three cheers for our muscular futures- we've got a fuckload of eating and growing to do.

HAHAHAHA.  I couldn't help myself with the porn.

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  1. Huge bonus points for mentioning Chiyonfuji THE WOLF. I grew up in Japan and he was our favorite sumo wrestler

  2. Fuck yes! I think I’m doing it right. Lift everyday with whatever exercises I want to do along with chosen rep scheme and weight and then eat mostly 2-3 big meals a day.

  3. It was always amazing to me how the "science based" folks will disregard real world examples of their theories being wrong. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if people obsessed with assessing their natural limit are nowhere near even their lowball estimates of what is possible. Too much wondering about what can be done, but not enough doing it...

  4. Jamie your writing is like a bottle of fine wine or Raquel Welch. As time goes on it just gets better. Also, there was another sumo wrestler that was even more jacked than Byamba or Chiyonofuji. I think he was hawaiian and his "ring name" (or dohyo name) was Sentoryuu or something similar.

    1. Ah yeah- I didn't use him because he's an american, and likely didn't share the reverence for the sport the other sumo did, so people could place his nattiness into dispute.

    2. An thanks for the compliment man! I'm doing my best to fucking bring it!

  5. Ahaha when you first said there wouldn't be porn, I immediatly scrolled down to check, expecting at least some scat. Somehow the sumo guy holding his cock mid conversation was better... Great article anyways (I also enjoyed the Sipes rewrite)! Above all, I commend you on your patience, since you actually take considerable time and effort to disprove weak willed and intellectually dishonest retards. I could never muster up the energy. Might need some ECA.

    1. Thanks man! I really hemmed and hawed about making a comeback both in competition (and powerlifting had utterly destroyed my enjoyment of lifting) and writing (because of the issues you just named). Most days I feel like a guy standing on the beach, screaming at the ocean to stop making fucking waves, but now that I've just gone weapons free and really taken out all of the stops, I am enjoying the shit out of writing again as well. Which goes to my point- the degree to which you enjoy what you do is the number one predictor of performance.

  6. So why do you use steroids then? I'm not against it, just saying that if your genetic potentiel might be 254 lbs of lean mass you could try and be as muscular as you want with just food. Maybe to get there faster?

    1. Personally all I've always fucking heard since I started training 5 Years ago is you can't gain more than this or that naturally, then you have to take steroids to get over that natural limit. Then they'll say you can't eat as much without getting fat or you can't train as much without overtraining.

      That shit stayed in the back of my mind for way too much time. Now I try to not put any limits in my mind and just fucking do it. If you train too much, then eat too much haha. I don't take measurements, but I just realized my arms are now as big as my head and I'm just getting started.

    2. Because I enjoy the way they make me feel and and enable me to be less than 100% perfect at all times to continue to make progress. I really haven't gained much in the way of appreciable strength gains from them.

    3. Yeah makes sense, to feel great... I mean when I'm older I think I'll probably get on TRT, high dose as much as possible, to keep feeling young.

  7. http://asjsm.com/en/articles/61763.html

    You forgot this new papper
    "This powerlifter had large values of fat-free mass (138.6 kg)" at 1.84 (This is my height, so I am extremely embarrased to weight around 70 FFM)

    1. How do they know he is "drug free"?
      I think this cuts both ways. There is one group accusing all and sundry of lying about drug use, another group claiming this and that magnificent specimen is "drug free". The article creates the impression certain huge men did so without steroids. Where is the proof?

    2. And I would doubt that the sumo wrestlers are steroid free too, regardless of whatever venerable tradition. I am not preaching natty defeatism or insurmountable limits, just defending real science. Science is great, it pisses all over the alternative which essentially boils down to religion.
      Science reveals truth better than any alternative.
      The article does not make any case against science. In fact it supports science on multiple occasions.

    3. I wasn't actually aware of that one, but I was mostly sticking with presteroid-era people to avoid the inevitable natty-or-not horseshit. To that point, Steve is calling bullshit on literally everything, demanding proof of something that is improvable, because what he's demanding cannot be proven.

      Steve, I'm certain a sumo would pull your head off for impugning their honor. And this article shows that the lifting world is so far ahead of science there is no real point to discussing it- I simply used science against the people who worship it.

    4. Steve,
      You only contribute with whinning and opinions to your “science” discussion

    5. I am not really bashing the article.I thought it actually defended science in the main.
      I doubt many reading this will have in depth knowledge of sumo but I quickly came across accusations of roid use in that game. Example...http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/30065-steroids-in-sumo-one-man-has-it-figured-out/
      "Well on the issue of steroids, let's cut through the old crapcake here, shall we? They're all on it. We are talking about a combat sport which

      1. Heavily relies on strength and mass

      2. Has exhaustive training routines

      3. Leads to countless injuries and

      4. Has no downtime.

      5. With no testing

      6. Where ranking is EVERYTHING

      If there EVER was a sport which led to steroid abuse, that is sumo. Come on people."

      Another...."Not only is the life expectancy of sumo wrestlers 10 years less than the average population, they also suffer higher incidences of kidney and liver problems. Wrestlers are also subject to hormonal imbalances, signaled by serious weight problems and voice changes. While much of this may be the result of the unusual diet and harsh training, many of the same symptoms are also present in steroid abusers.

      This brings us back to the reason that drug testing was finally introduced this year. Back in 2003, the head of the Japan Sumo Association proposed that all wrestlers be screened for drugs during their medical check-ups in February and October. The issue came up because politicians had begun criticizing the sport’s growing dependency on steroids, which led to vastly increased weights and injuries.

      One of the driving forces for increased steroid use may have been the need for Japanese wrestlers to “bulk up” to face waves of tough competition from abroad, first from Hawaii, then Mongolia and now Eastern Europe. How ironic, then, that when drug screening was introduced, the tests were not aimed at steroid users but instead at marijuana smokers. Marijuana is a comparatively mild and harmless drug, especially in light of the serious long-term health problems faced by most sumo wrestlers."


      That research took me about five minutes.

      As for "Master" next time you go to hospital or the doctor, tell them not to use science, the body is magic.

    6. I now clearly see why Jamie almost only used pre storoid era samples,
      I never said something against science
      Nor magic
      It just that you started the discussion saying
      “I doubt the power lifter is drug free” without any fucking proof
      And this is the oposite of science that you praised
      Thanks for the research about sumos

    7. Hold on there my friend. Science has to be based on doubting assertions. If you read the study it states the powerlifter was drugfree. That is what I doubted. I did not say the powerlifter had to be a roider, he can bench over half his bodyweight. I said, hold on, how can you be sure roids are not involved? That is what I consider doubt and I consider that to be essential to the scientific perspective.
      I do not doubt 330lb benches, 500lb squats and 600lb deadlifts are possible drug free. I don't doubt that at all because I have been there. But you can doubt that I have been there.

  8. The title - strength sports aren't violent...

    The article really only deals with one tiny fragment of the issue - potential lean mass gains. It does not say much if anything about methodology.
    Is just do it as you feel superior to programming?
    Are all the programmes out there no more than pretty arrangements with no real advantage to making up as you go along, only doing the movements you enjoy (or least dislike)?

    1. dude ive gained more than 20g in my first year of training. Yeah its not all muscle but who gives a shit? I look tenfold better than i did before. Also Vince Gironda would agree with me on this. You do not need lean mass. Gaining muscle with fat is ok!

    2. 20kg not grams

    3. That's just a banner- it's not the title. Strength sports have traditionally been filled with violent people- modern strength sports are filled with boring pussies.

      This wasn't about methodology- the principle tenet of evidence based natty lifting is false. The methods to achieve their goals are pointless to discuss because their goals are insanely low.

      And effort is far more important than execution. Those programs are mostly bullshit in a fancy package.

    4. I think the principle tenet of natty lifting is to get bigger and stronger without roids. All the stuff about clearly discernible limits and the like is very possibly not grounded in reality and I do not dispute it.
      I dont mind an honest roider.
      The post about gaining muscle and fat - I think that is the way to do it, the leangains method, trying to gain mass without fat or even at the same time as fat loss I think is a poor strategy but steroids make it easier.
      there are two issues here - maximum lean body mass - i.e how big can you get at a low body fat. Jamie says this is not really known and I can accept that. The leangainds method - attempting to gain muscle without fat gain, which if not absolutely impossible for non steroid users past the beginner stages, is a very slow method as it jettisons your best weapon - hypercalorific diet.

      I am not asking anyone to prove so and so is or is not on roids - I am saying the assertion either way is pointless.

      I said "it cuts both ways".

    5. I'm starting to like Steve (no homo)...

    6. It's OK to be homo Sally, but I reject sexism as a prop for the ruling class...

    7. sally is a piece of shit orbiter with noting to her personality or thoughts besides the ownage of a vagina.

  9. Isn't sumo based on Shinto and not Tao? It would surprise me if so, I don't think the Chinese would have such an influence on the Japanese. Or maybe I'm getting shit confused.

    What a timely article. I had seen a bunch of these and started thinking I should temper my expectations to be more along the lines of these calculators and shit. Fuck that. Great article "In Any Event" Lewis!

    1. Just listened to the most recent q and a podcast which was great. You got real excited to talk about occult shit. I would be stoked on a podcast or series of articles on the Chaos and Pain guide to the occult! Already buying the wisdom of eosphoros, but am interested in more. Been wanting to more ever since you mentioned chaos magic in another article.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Good shit, as always. Very glad to see the blog(and casts) back up and gunning. Steve, I am garnering some respect for you, sir. Articulated, sensible points and counters.

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  14. I guess I never really believed the idea of a natural limit.. the human body is a purpetual adaptation machine.. it can't tell the difference from gym lifting like a caveman.. or fighting off sabertooth tigers and wrestling Mammoths day in and day out.. everyone wants a viable reason to not try harder than they think they can.. to say "oh so and so is juicing so I'll never get that strong or large." Is a cop out.. you're right you won't get as strong or as large as so and so.. but not just because they juice.. because you'd accept any reason some payrolled douche in a lab coat found a possibility of.. and if you wanna take all the science based Natty stuff to heart just remember that in studies there are always outliers.. got any proof you aren't one of those outliers?

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