06 August 2012

Chaos And Bang Your Earballs Number Whofuckingknows

We had Jim Steel (s&c coach for University of Pennsylvania) on for this episode, and because of his love for hipstertech, the podcast was pretty much a total failure.  There are some gems in it, however, should you choose to rape your eardrums with Jim's robot voice and give it a listen.

Download here.

Lastly, I don't give a fuck if you people like thick chicks or not- this broad is the bomb diggity, yo.  She looks like a thick Tiffany Amber Thiessen, for fuck's sake, and is the broad I mention to Paul at the end of the show.
Kelly Scarlett.

Coming up- a blog on the mental aspects of dieting, another squatting blog, possibly the Tom Hardy blog, and perhaps the post-meet report for the USPA Nationals if I end up feeling like writing it and you people feel like reading it.  Basically, it's Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day only with lifting added.
Veronika Rose, because thick is good and thick with piercings and an inverted crucifix tat is better.


  1. Looking forward to the mental aspects of dieting blog. And yeah, thick is fucking good.

  2. Whoever doesn't love the thickness of a chick's legs muffling their ears are Tuckers in my book.

  3. I'd be interested in reading your meet report.

  4. Don't worry...your pal Dima Klokov feels far worse than you do about his lifting of weights...or lack thereof.

  5. We'd be interested in reading pretty much anything you write, since it's usually high quality.

    +1 for special interest in the meet report and the Tom Hardy post.

  6. wheres this chick in the agil pic?

    the program used was garbage btw. but Jim sounds like he knows his shit.

    1. need to doa video interview with Gillian Mouncey she can talk about crossfit for ever long and demonstrate some shit (dont tell her that her mike is on mute).

  7. A definite vote for the tom hardy post and meet report

  8. I daresay it's going to be difficult finding material for the Tom Hardy article, as every interview with him regarding training seems to be awash with a hefty amount of bullshit. I checked out an article for his preparation for Warrior, and if his trainer was to be believed, Hardy built his traps and shoulders with no more than neck bridges and pushups.

    Makes you wonder why we waste our time with shrugs.

  9. Regarding Tom Hardy's workouts, on the "Bronson" dvd, there's a bonus feature that has an interview with his trainer and some exercise demonstrations. It's basic body weight stuff, from what I can remember.

  10. Am I the only one who thought that Hardy looked like shit in 'The Dark Knight Rises'?