27 September 2011

Baddest Motherfuckers Ever #25- Danny "The Ginger Badass" Bonaduce

How many people do you know who are former child mega-stars, bang Playboy models, have fought pro mma fighters and boxers, are best friends with A.C. Slater, has trained at the Incredible Hulk's house, wrestled professionally, is a restaurateur, gym owner, and radio disc jockey, and who smashed someone's face in at an awards show without getting arrested, all while being pretty well fucking jacked for no reason?  Let me answer that for you- one.  Danny "The Ginger Badass" Bonaduce.
Not bad for a 52 year old who was fat as shit at 43.

I realize that half of you are about to shit your pants over the fact that Bonaduce's not a strength athlete, but that half of my audience can go ahead and fuck themselves, as Bonaduce is the real deal.  In addition to being progressively more awesome as he gets older, I can virtually guarantee that not only does the Ginger Badass look better than you naked, he more than likely would whip your ass silly and then fuck it just for shits and giggles, because that's the kind of guy he is.  Still need convincing?
For the uninitiated among you, the guy who just broke that poofter's face is also one of the most accomplished fictional bass players of all time, as Bonaduce was the bass player in the Partridge Family.  After that show got canned, young Bonaduce went on a decades-long coke and crack bender, beat the living shit out of a transsexual prostitute and landed himself in rehab.  As is common, Bonaduce got fat after kicking his coke habit and becoming a morning show dj.  Unlike most morning show guys, Bonaduce was shamed into getting in shape after he was signed to work with none other than Mr. A.C. Slater of "Saved By the Bell" fame.
... clearly, not afraid to fuck someone up or fuck someone in front of a live audience.

Soon after he resolved to get his ass in shape, Bonaduce went fucking bananas lifting twice a day.  He dropped 50 lbs of bodyweight and got jacked at the same time, hitting the gym twice a day and doing a ridiculous amount of cardio.  As Dr. Atkins once stated, to become fat as shit you've done "something 'unbalanced'.  To get yourself back to sleek, lithe, firm and fantastic, you honestly can't do a balanced approach." (John)  The Ginger Badass must've taken this shit to heart, because in his own words,
"I'm obsessed with lifting and getting more cut up. I have a gym at work, at home and here. [Bonaduce is part owner of Groove Fitness in Hollywood.] I train from 3:30-4:30 a.m. every day. Then I meet my trainer at 11 a.m. almost every morning. And I often run home from work, which is 8 miles."(M&F)
Tireless in his pursuit of getting ever more ripped, Bonaduce has tried every goddamned thing under the sun- he's lifted with Lou Ferrigno many times, trained with the aforementioned prettyboy Mario Lopez, sparred with Chuck Liddell and Sugar Ray Leonard, and even does "Wii Zumba, the Michael Jackson dance game, and Dance Dance Revolution for cardio."(BB.com)  Amusingly, Bonaduce's been knocked out by the latter three people I mentioned in sparring, and had the shit kicked out of him on the radio by Tito Ortiz as a goof.

As if that shit wasn't enough, Bonaduce upped the insanity by fighting other celebs in charity boxing matches, and is undefeated in his ass-whippings of the Reverend Bob Levy, fellow child stars Donny Osmond and Barry Williams, and fought attorney Robert Shapiro and former baseball star Jose Canseco to draws.  Thereafter he dipped his toe into the muddy puddle of pro wrestling, where he's 1-1 against former child star Christopher Knight and actual pro wrestler Eric Young (who has 6 inches and 75 lbs on the the Ginger Badass).  Awesome?  I'd say so.  He also benches over double his bodyweight (though he never trains legs), which is a feat few of the people who're undoubtedly going to talk shit on this blog can match.
Did I mention he's the grand world champion of assholes, smokes like a fucking chimney, holds three black belts, and has banged a chick so hot you'd probably suffer first degree burns if you stood next to her?  Check this shit out:
Q Seems like you're also obsessed with smoking. Any plans to quit?
A No. I've quit so many other things! I have a stair-stepper at home with an ashtray welded to it, and my gym has a smoking section.

Q So it's safe to say you're not working out for your health?
A I have the desire to appear healthy. I want somebody to go, "Nice ass," not "Nice lungs." I have mirrors everywhere in my house, and I walk around with no shirt on constantly. I keep resistance bands in my car, and if I'm going into a situation in which I haven't met the people, I'll take the heaviest band out, lay my car seat back, put my feet up on the dashboard and curl until the veins pop up. If someone came out and saw it I'd explain, "I have this cool vein and I wanted all the secretaries to see it."
Bonaduce's ex.  Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, in your golden, fleece diapers, with your curled-up, fat, balled-up little fists pawin' at the air...

If you're curious as to how he pulled it off, Bonaduce trains six days a week, rotating through rep ranges and workout structures as he sees fit.  "Some weeks it's push-pull, some weeks it's max reps, some weeks its max weight, and always cardio and abs." (BB.com)  He's also a big fan of training opposing muscle groups together, and does cardio everyday, as he's obsessed with never getting fat again.  Not a bad obsession, frankly.  His diet's pretty standard fare (save for the power bar) and generally looks like this:

Gold Standard Whey Protein drink
Power Bar
Skinless Chicken Breast or Fish, serving size no bigger than my hand
Another Healthy Snack
Lean Chicken or Tuna Steak and once or twice a week, a big fat juicy hunk of Red Meat

All meals supplemented with the appropriate amount of carbs/protein ratio, rice, brussel sprouts, etc., in addition to amino acids and whatever thermogenics on which he can lay hands.  (BB.com)
In short, if a former crackhead child star can go from 43% bodyfat to 3%, bang a gang of hot bitches, and compete in a shitload of combat sports after the age of 45, anyone can do it.  The key, it seems, is to be complete fucking insane.

Get insane.

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  1. two posts... in a week!? oh oh, someone is fucking working a lot in the blog haha, great!

  2. Man, I've been listening to him on WYSP out of Philly for a few years now. It sucks that he just went off the air and they switched to sports talk radio. Great post though!

  3. It still hasn't sunk in that WYSP is down. But when I come home on break, turn the channel to 94.1, and hear some asshole talking about pro sports (which fucking suck) instead of hearing metal, I'm gonna take a bunch of Xanax and then kill myself anyway. You all have about a month more to get to know me. Then it's goodbye. GODDAMN IT, THERE'S NO MORE METALLICA THURSDAY NIGHTS ANYMORE! FUCK.

  4. Lol from my point of view the most fucked up people on earth are child soldiers and child actors.

    But a fun choice for a Baddest Mofo...

  5. Great article. He looks freakin awesome at his age!

    Jamie, I want your personal opinion before I start a self-experiment. I fucking love the Zercher Squat. It's by far my most favorite lift. I'm planning to do the Zercher Squat everyday, but changing the height daily.

    Following idea:
    Workout 1: Ass To Grass Zercher
    Workout 2: Parallel Zercher
    Workout 3: Slightly above parallel Zercher
    Workout 4: 1/2 Zercher
    Workout 5: 1/4 Zercher
    Workout 6: Zercher lockout and hold
    Workout 7: Start at ATG again

    It seems kinda stupid to try it if I imagine how my underarms look after one week. Should I erase this stupid idea out of my head or shall I give it a shot?

  6. Give it a shot- you can always buy some cheap knee sleeves to protect your forearms later in the week.

    WYSP went from shit to suck to awesome and then back to suck, but Bonaduce was certainly better than Preston and fuckface, or whatever they're called.

  7. What the hell am I supposed to listen to now while I drive my parents' minivan at dangerous speeds? MMR? (Though with them, at least I won't have to deal with the fucking 15 minutes commercial breaks that WYSP was doing)

    And who listens to talk radio anyway?

  8. Portable Sirius. That way, you can take Howard Stern with you everywhere you go.

  9. Grabs0n- I worked up to a 315 classic Zercher lift (deadlift to knees, then Zercher off the knees) just by doing Zercher lifts to max with ridiculous frequency for about 2 months, i.e. 4-6 times in a week. Your arms will adapt to holding the bar in that position, just like you stop getting bruising from front/back squats after a while. As for burnout, doing a lot of Zercher lifts left me fresher than every other lift.

  10. http://ditillo2.blogspot.com/2008/08/how-bruce-randall-trained-randall-rader.html

    a goodmorning with 700lb, baddass (?)

  11. http://www.efukt.com/20923_Gangbanged,_Then_Tears_Of_Joy.html

  12. So sad that 94.1 is gone.. 93.3 is all I have now. Sickening.

  13. That clip was awesome, but I can't help but feel it was a missed opportunity for a running sit out power bomb off of the edge of the stage.

  14. Love these posts. Jamie, for laughs, can you also spin some articles maybe along the theme of "Biggest Pudknockers" in the Gym/Strength/Fitness subculture? I have a candidate for you that is raising my levels of ire and hate and it's this Zyzz character. He's become the icon for this new generation's "I want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club" crowd, and fucking up gyms in my area by packing them with Zyzz wannabe haircut wearing wankers.

  15. @Rudy- Yeah, he could've stood to take out Alexis Arquette while he was at it.

    @brains- I've no fucking idea who you're referring to, but I do plan on blogging about diets and internet "gurus" who suck. Link it up and I'll get that fucker in there.

  16. Zyzz is a 4chan /fit/ board "phenomenon" who propagated the idea of "aesthetics" and trolled a ton of people. Then he died from steroids and it's a "tragedy".

    The quotation marks may seem excessive, but the guy's a major douche.

  17. You guys realize the guy died two months before you started bitching about him here, right?

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