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13 May 2011

Some Nonsense Happened With Blogger- UPDATED

Thanks to the guys who sent me the text and pics from my Captain Kirk Post.

As a token of my appreciation, more tits.
Incidentally, Nuts Magazine fucking rules.  


  1. I tried using the wayback machine, and the classic web archive to view an older version of the front page to try see the article, but no luck.

  2. You mean the article on Captain Kirk? It's still showing up on my google reader. I'll email you the content.

  3. Exactly what George said, here's a link to a doc file:

  4. They are in the midst of restoring recent posts so it should come back, mine did.

  5. As an aside, you should really look at storing your articles somewhere.

  6. Tits work in the downtime.

  7. This post is better than most of your crap.

  8. Jamie,
    If you were doing sets of 5, how many sets would you do? It seems like a lot of the bad asses use sets of 5 to get brutally strong

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