02 June 2010

Baddest Motherfuckers Ever #15- Ricky Bruch

So, I was thinking- today, I'm going to wrap my knees, do some weighted lying leg raises, then jump up screaming, smash a fucking light out of the ceiling, throw some random gym detritus across the weight room, and then run screaming out the room like I won the Olympics while getting a blowjob from Jenna Jameson.

Alas, that shit is PLAYED, my friends, because Ricky Bruch, a madman who just might be Benny Podda's long lost twin, has already done it.  On camera.
I realize that such actions sound like the work of a champion of douchebaggery, but it's not so- it's the work of Swedes, and being that they descended from Vikings, produce the hottest fucking women on the planet, and they're famous for their meatballs, the can do whatever the fuck they want, whenever the fuck they want.

Ricky Bruch, for those of you who do not know, was an Olympic bronze medalist in the discus who still holds the Swedish NATIONAL record after he set it 20 years ago, and his record is still 8th in the world in 2010.  He was also, as you can see from the above video, a fucking lunatic in the gym.  He trained harder than anyone at the time, and this was the beginning of the lunatic 80s filled with Benny Poddas, Mike Quinns, and other maniacal, screaming assholes who spent 6 hours a day in the gym throwing weights around like they were children's toys.
A lot of accusations have flown around about steroids, etc, most of which are likely true.  He did, though, allegedly take hundreds of vitamins a day after quitting gear.  According to an interview I used google to translate from Swedish (which is one odd fucking language), he "keep[s] on testing the herbal preparations as alternatives to the use of hormones. There are mixtures of herbal medicines used by primitive people the world over. [He] actually rang up soccer player Roger Milla, when [he] saw the well grown players from Cameroon and Nigeria and it turned out that they all eat yohmbe bark. Systematically, [he has] since tried various mixtures [suggested by] elite athletes."  His wacky herbal formulas include reindeer antler, which he seemed to think improved his sperm count, as well as ultra-megadoses of vitamins and minerals.(1)
Not bad for a guy that essentially did only Olympic weightlifting exercises.  Who says you need high reps to get ripped?

Other important feats:
  • starred in a soft-core comedy-porn "Agent 69 Jensen i Skyttens tegn
  • he fast curled 160 kg (at least by my estimation) from the hang.  Video here
  • massive fan of the Behind the Neck Push Press, and fucking STRONG at it. 
  • big fan of high box squats with absurd amounts of weight (same vid as above).
  • avid proponent of low reps.
  • allegedly hijacked a small plane. 
  • appeared to double 220 kg in the bench (I'm estimating from pics)
  • was apparently prevented from competing in the Olympics in the 80s, in spite of the fact that he had set an unofficial world record in the discus, for political reasons- he apparently slapped the Swedish track and field coach in the head... in public.   
What did the 5 fingers say to the face?  SLAP!! 

For those of you who care, this gigantic fucking neo-Viking stood 6'6" and weighed a svelte 309 in competition.  He was clearly not a man with whom you'd fuck.  According to Ricky, "Before major competitions, I was an artist who has the product ready in your head long in advance. I directed all I could do from the day of the race and back to the day that was - instead of vice versa! So when I threw 70.26 meters at the Stockholm Stadium, I knew in advance how much each and every cast would be, with some options, depending on winds. The Evening Post article had been completed the night before I threw!"

That, my friends, is fucking hardcore.  After being denied the opportunity to compete in the '84 Olympics because of his Viking tedencies (although he would have apparently won by 5m with his Swedish championship throw), Ricky turned fully into Bennie Podda's twin, and moved way the fuck away from everyone.  Eschewing the public eye, which was impressive, given that in the 1970s he was half of Sweden's sports news, he turned to more rugged pursuits.  In an interview, he stated that "I have also been one of the world's toughest survival courses because I want to see what I can do. It is well to do with how I always did my best at sports, who would be the best in the world need to cross borders that I didn't know I could handle!"   

To recap, he's a modern day Viking who lifted weights until blood sprayed out of his face, banged a bunch of sluts, did porn, set a world record in the discus, wrote some poetry, directed some movies, hijacked a fucking plane to the middle of nowhere,  lifted more weights, took several hundred pills a day, and then became a fucking mountain man after slapping the fuck out of his team coach, all while rocking a beard that would make Paul Bunyan look like Paul Reubens.

Fucking metal. I know what you're thinking- another fucking criminal lunatic as a baddest motherfucker.  Well, Hunter S. Thompson must've had it fucking right, then, when he wrote:

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.

Now, go pick up something exceedingly fucking heavy.

1. http://www.natverkstan.net/presens/html/tidigarenr_html/ricky.html


  1. Yes! Glad he made an appearance, though you'd never had discovered him if it weren't for my recommendation on the forum awhile back, wouldn't ya have? WOULDN'T YA?!

    Though there's plenty here I sure as shit had no idea about.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Swedish world record? :) Anyways good to learn a bit more about this guy, have seen a few of his videos that were posted on 70sbig (surely the anti-CnP of physical training) but little or no biography.

  4. This is a nice break, as every other post is implicitly title: Baddest Motherfucker Ever: Jamie Chaos McDouche.

    P.S. You're as much of a Viking as other internet nerds are Jedis.

  5. Fuck the weights I wanna just highjack a fucking plane, play a part in a porno and then bang some more sluts! HAHA I tend to scream like that as well but, not in that way maybe thats the secret to being a bad ass mofo! HAHA

  6. Do you find it hard to cover up the fact that you're gay? Is that why you sprinkle in the occasional hot chick pic for every 100 or so man fag pics?

  7. Hahaha. Says the guys who reads my blog religiously and posts about me regularly. Dude, if you want me to fuck you, you could try asking nicely.


    I've been fucking waiting for that one. God damn.

  9. Attn: Rant... after viewing your blog and your attempts to bash others as being skinny and weak I'm left puzzled.

    You sir seem to be ridiculously underpowered yourself...


    Hang Power Snatch 3 sets of 5 with 95 pounds or 43 kilos.
    Hang Power Clean to Push Press 3 sets of 5 with 115 pounds or 52 kilos.
    Clean Deadlift & Shrug 3 sets of 5 with 185 pounds or 84 kilos.
    Front Squat 3 sets of 5 with 95 pounds or 43 kilos.
    Overhead Squat 3 sets of 5 with 45 pounds or 20 kilos.

    Jesus christ... go back to swinging your kettleball pussy.

  10. Bahahahaha Rant you got owned fag! A sub 100lb front squat for reps? Wooo look out everyone, you're about to get your ass kicked by stephen hawking, sans wheelchair but still as lame.

  11. WOW I am actually stronger than someone holy shit! HAHAHA This Rant guy sure sounds like an asshole! HAHA

  12. Why are all of you obsessed with each others numbers? Shouldn't you worry about your own? And while we're at it - maybe worry about your own sexuality problems, cause I'm fairly certain Jamie's pretty secure in his own.

  13. You D-bags are all alike. I am phasing into this and starting very light. My PRs in PL all raw and drug free at 198 were 550 squat, 410 bench and 605 dead. These are respectable lifts. I did not get owned by any of you faggots living on your mother's back porch. I come here to mock C&P. You all come for the twink photos.

  14. Aww, you took the quiz, didn't you, Rant. It's ok. We all knew ...

  15. You've trained enough to get your lifts up to that level and yet you're starting 'light' doing 95lbs front squats? Haha i call bullshit.

  16. Oh, just wait for it. Rant's gonna Al Bundy up on us and tell us tales of yesteryear...

  17. Rant let me guess all those pr's were done on a smith machine right? Haha

  18. Jamie, do you have any history on the BTN push press? Is it indeed a Scandanavian/Euro Strongman lift? Or something that percolated in from discus/shotputters? Be curious to get some BTN lore.

  19. Have I miscounted or is he BTN rack-jerking 7 FUCKING PLATES in that video? 300kg?!

  20. Rant: dumbest mofo on the goddamn net. You are one of those guys that clog up gyms and living space.

  21. Jamie, and update from Indonesia where I now reside, where all the plates are in kilograms. 140 kg is apparently greater than my ability to behind the neck push press. Made it up slightly above my skull and then ungraciously dropped it on my head. Good thing I know a few chiropractors.

  22. Awesome. When do bill kazmaier and konstantinovs make the list?

  23. C&P,

    When are you going to actually commit to the platform and put your money where you asshole is? You sure talk big shit about being hardcore but from what I can gather you're just a gym rat without the stones to compete. I have competed in dozens of venues and my next venture will be Oly lifting. Last time I asked you what your lifts were all I got was a bunch of weird shit like your best front squat and all these other non comp lifts.

  24. Wow Rant, you really do get more retarded and ignorant with each post. Where has Jamie said he wants to be a full time powerlifter? And if you had taken the time to read the blog thoroughly you would have realised that he did compete some years ago and won the best raw lifter in the world for his weight in that fed. Not to mention looking through the numerous videos on here it is clear that he as strong as says, in my eyes a 'gym rat' is one of the dime a dozen fags who frequent gyms and never really make any progress or are worth a shit physique or strength wise, clearly Jamie is the opposite of this. You must be some weak, fat fuck who competes to prove how awesome he is when in fact no one could give a shit. Plus i'm pretty sure his best lifts in the main 3 fat out total yours and are all done raw. So either quit your bitching or post some phots or videos to prove how badass you seem to think you are. Retard.

  25. Fuck this shit.

    Rant, I'll stomp a mudhole in you and walk you dry. You suck at life. You're an alcoholic. HAHAHA! You got beat by a substance. Why don't you wear a t-shirt that says "A chick beat me up"? Because, really, your cutesy little blog about your alcoholism cracked me the fuck up. You're an adult male an you parade around talking shit. Post a picture of yourself, fuckface. Guarantee you don't look any better than the crossfitters you make fun of. Sure as shit you don't have a decent musculature.

    You're an attention whore and a troublemaker. You don't like Jamie or what we say on here? Then don't read it, tough guy. Just because you put "institute" in your domain doesn't mean you're smart. You're actually pretty damn stupid.

    I don't even drink...but I'm gonna throw down a couple just for you there, chief. I'm the weakest fucker I know...AND MY POUNDAGES ARE MORE THAN YOURS.

  26. Rant... ever popular. I've competed a number of times in the last two years, at local shit, for fun. Given as how I lift for fun, pulling 615 at a local meet, raw, at 180 is a pretty good time. I intend to compete again soon, and I'll post the results.

  27. Yo Rant,

    U obviously dont know shit if ur h8ing on ChAos and PAIN! If you dont like this blog, dont read it. Simple as that. Also, why dont you post a picture of yourself? I have an entire Youtube channel dedicated to me being the Asian Chaos and Pain. http://www.youtube.com/user/YoCard You dont even have a picture of yourself on your lousy blog, let alone a Youtube Channel with an awesome soundtrack.

    In sum: quit h8ing b4 CNP and Asian CNP have to regul8.

    Peace I'm out

  28. Dracoy, you're not much better, idiot. Try typing with a semblance of intelligence. Aren't Asians supposed to be smart? Honestly, cloaking a shill like you did makes you as pathetic as Rant. Don't you have some butt clenchers to go do at the gym or something so you can post on your youtube channel?

    It's unfortunate that as damaging as the A-bomb was, it didn't wipe out the family members that contributed to your gene pool. Fuckin' slant.

  29. Dude, he's from Taiwan.

  30. Dracoy. Quite being a fucking retard, you're embarassing non-retarded asians everywhere. Including myself. So shut the fuck up and begin typing complete words. Then you can qualify as a semi-intelligent human being.

  31. Yo Boni,

    You can h8 all you want, bcause while ur h8ing on me, Im probably drinking a martini at some swank hotel while ur mom is giving me fuck eyes from across the bar.

    Bam. Effortlessly. Completely. Pwnd.


  32. LOL at all the 13 year olds defending C&P. This is between C&P and Rant. 615 is decent. I pulled 605 raw and drug free at the age of 40. You forgot to mention drug free C&P. Or maybe that was intentional.

  33. This blog is one unending junior high towel snapping session. Whose the biggest badass? I like tits. Skinny guys suck. Grrrrrrrrrrr!! LOL at this blog.

  34. Rant: At first, I took you seriously. I read your blog. Interesting. No pictures, no video, etc. for all we know, you could be confined to a wheel chair.
    Calling out Jamie on his lifts is ridiculous. You seem to be too old to do that, and yet....
    Here is some advice I'd like to respectfully give you: If you want to get aggravated, go put on the news. Terrorists, oil spills, abducted children, etc.
    Then come back and tell us that it's really worth getting upset over what Jamie benches, front squats, etc.

  35. Anonymous,

    I did what you sugessted, you know put on the news, yet I am still "upset" about C&P not manning up in a meet and talking all sorts of trash on his blog like he's all that and a bag of chips.

    What grade are you in by the way?

  36. Rant, do you or do you not take part in this "junior high towel snapping session" ... and return endlessly to escalate it? (Oh, I'm sorry - that means "To increase in intensity". I know you're vocabulary & intelligence is very limited.)

    You're lame rants seem to deal with just about everything but what you DO like - and you yourself call your own training "BORING"! You take issue with women that train too much, Crossfit, Kettlebells, Bumper Plates, people that serve in the military, and someone you deemed as a whore (with no explanation -- a picture of a big-boobed girl laughing?)

    At the very least - Jamie's opinions usually have a reason. He hates something and then qualifies it. Your 'blog' is devoid of all character, quality, humor, point and life. I hope you have something else that takes up your time besides attempting to suckle CnP's teat 24/7.

  37. O.K., we must be getting punked. This guy can't really be serious. Rant, you have nothing else to do but attempt to start an internet blog war??
    Congratulations on being the first to question Jamie's lifts, even though he posts the videos.
    Suddenly, Dracoy is looking like a valid contributor around here, in comparison.

  38. rant, I looked at your blog. Did you intend to make it that boring?

  39. Rant-
    1) I've never stated anything whatsoever to the effect that I am the greatest lifter of all time, or whatever colloquialism from 1991 you decided to resurrect for the purpose of appearing to have a personality you choose.
    2) My only federated competition was drug free. The last was not drug tested.
    3) There is nothing whatsoever between you and I. For us to have "something" between us, there'd have to be motive. Yours is impotence, a general lack of respect shown to you by everyone, and far too much yoga. I couldn't give a fuck less about you or your asinine and illogical opinions.

  40. I'm surprised Jamie even bothered LOL

  41. Rant-your mommy knows you're an anal sadist?


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